Thursday, 2 October 2008

Weggie's World.

Weggie's World (with translations for Americans) (Lesson One - unconditional love!!!!!)
Weggie was always a popular guy - everybody knew Weggie. But nobody understood Weggie. I remember his leaving party from England, the night before he left for ever. He had arranged for an hour's extra private drinking time for his friends, after hours. He was famous for how much he could drink, and how fast he could drink a pint while standing on his head. He came from a family of clowns. When the bell had been rung, and the clock chimed ten thirty, the pub manager came to Weggie and said "Can you tell me who's staying?". Weggie cast a long slow glance around the huge room, eyeing every person, and then he said: "All of them!". A clear demonstration of unconditional love! ==================================================
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