Thursday, 18 August 2011

Consciences rising

When one addresses one's conscience, one becomes aware of consciousness. We become the watcher, distinguishing humans from animals.

The more we watch our own thoughts, then the more we analyse them, and as a result we raise our own consciences and
level of consciousness.

We come to realise that all of our emotions, and hence actions, are based in either fear or love, the only two true emotions. We know from various scientific measurements, from tribal prophecy, and from the feelings within our own hearts that our Earth is going through a painful period of change.

This is manifest in humans by producing two groups.

We have one group, which includes all nationalities and races, which believes that the most important thing in life is freedom, and we have another group, also including a percentage of everyone, which believes that humans need to be controlled.

The latter group has held sway over the planet for many centuries by using slavery, wars, police, prisons, courts and laws to control people.

The two groups are totally unable to interrelate because they come from different consciousness levels, which to all intents and purposes means different planets.

On analysis, we can determine that the freedom loving group is of a higher level of vibration or consciousness than the lower prison loving group, and as a result, all those who are able to raise their consciousness levels become freedom lovers. Dependent on their personality, and the levels of imposed control from the other group, they may become freedom fighters, or they may remain pacifist. Without the prison groups presence, they all become pacifist, whereas the prison loving group can never foresee a pacifist planet. This latter group also believes not only that earth is the only planet with life amongst the billions of known planets, but also that man is the most intelligent form of consciousness ever reached..

However, of worthy note is the fact that any change in belief system will be to one of a higher consciousness. So we see that the overall collective consciousness of all humans, fauna and flora is constantly rising resulting in the extinction of lower consciousness beings, and the introduction of higher consciousness species, like man for example.

Man continues to evolve by creating different levels of consciousness, all of which are always rising.

The consciousness of the world has already risen above levels of even just one hundred years ago, and is moving towards the prophesied new earth, with the eventual extinction of the lower consciousness prison-loving people and a prevalence of  the higher consciousness freedom loving people.

This is what many have described as heaven, and is available here on earth once freedom is available to all.

This freedom is available now, even before the inevitable dismantling of the prison-loving government institutions.

All that is necessary is to realise that the end of government is inevitable.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

If I was the earth

I am Earth
If I was the earth, even though I am more than extremely patient, I am sure I would be feeling some irritation from the beligerently destructive human infestation.
I would have two choices, and they would not include The New World Order's invitation to reduce the irritation to half a billion.
My choice is to either eradicate the irritating society entirely, or to educate it in some way to be a little more civilised, and to better understand the oneness of life.

What do you reckon the earth thinks?

Please reply in comments below.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

2011 - Year of Beneficial Transition

2011 - the transition year
The incessant war drums from Washington telling us that peace is not on the agenda. The rhetoric says different but actions speak louder when they are bombs.

Year 2011 marks the end of the modern era, and is quite likely to see both the death of the old imperialist regime, and the maturity of the Natural Way of life.

Conception of the Natural Way occurred thousands of years ago, and has been taught and preached to almost everyone. Not all of those lessons fell on stony ground, and there is now a very substantial number of people who refuse to be counted in the imperialist statistics. The propaganda would call them misfits, because they are people who know that it is insane to try to fit into today's sheep-like society unless you are a pedigree woolly thinker, with all the pedigree certificates to prove it.

Woolly thinking results from being told what to do for so long that we are unable to think for ourselves  - the poor Chinese people being perfect role models. When these woolly thinkers realise that there is an alternative Natural Way, consisting of less arrogant and more honest people who genuinely deserve respect, then they might begin to listen. Even though their blockages prevent them from absorbing detail, they are approaching their last chance to feel the New Vibes, and amend their ways according to revised thinking.

The Natural Way has no conspiracy, or secrecy, cover-ups, or the dishonesty and evil that comes with it. The Natural Way is not centred around money, which plays little part in Natural Way lifestyles. The Natural Way presents true knowledge, with professors and teachers free to follow what they know is best, instead of politically-correct agendas. Medical people will revert to healing instead of profit making. Taxation and associated corruption will cease, and dishonesty will be a thing of the past. The only thing that prevents this from occurring is those faithless people who think this is the only way. But many of them are now awakening to the fact that their government has no interest in them at all except as a taxpayer - a wage slave.

The Natural Way has no slavery, no commuting to offices, and in fact no need to do any thing at all except provide a reasonable share of about in food production and housing.The rest of the time will be free to follow whatever desires occur with whatever resources can be mustered in a friendly way - because unfriendliness will result in stone-wall responses, or at best a suggestion of some introspection.