Monday, 18 July 2016

28 Pages of 911

911 28 pages
The 28 pages of 9/11
If you are interested in "The 28 Pages" of the 9/11 commission report recently released, then Huffington Post points you to them and gives their take.
I'll give mine.
This 28 page release is specifically designed to avoid people from discovering that 9/11 was an inside job.
However, while many people don't like the thought that they might have been hoaxed by an official government report, then even more are accepting the fact that  their government isn't completely honest, and also beginning to realise that they may have been hoaxed on many other topics too.
Once the world accepts the inevitable, and realises that the concept of planes on 9/11 was one of the most brilliant efforts of mind-control this world has ever seen, then more people will wake up.
How could you make the world believe that four non-existent planes have been hijacked and flown into important buildings, and these important buildings have been demolished to coincide with the arrival of this theoretical plane attack.
It took an enormous amount of effort, including actors to play witnesses on TV interviews, invention of passenger lists, depositing bits of old planes in various places, hiding facts about stock exchange deals hours before the incidents, and covering every loophole except one, and that has since been covered.
But in the meantime in 2003, researchers were able to access the American Government BTS website, where it clearly showed that these planes did not take off. And even further evidence of the hoax was presented as the BTS website was changed as soon as the news was presented. Even Wayback Machine was changed!
Take a look, and if you are not already aware that the US government hoaxed the world, then this might be your first chance to find out. By the way, this is real - we are not talking about a movie

Clear evidence that the events of 9/11 did not take place as stated by the government report, which is in fact a hoax. No planes, no passengers, no hijackings, no Arabs.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer - 91 years old

If you are not yet aware that the Rothschild Family controls  your government's Central Bank and world finances then this is VERY important information for you.
If you are not yet aware that aliens are and have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and collaborating with humans, then this is VERY important information for you.
If you still believe that 9/11 was perpetrated by Muslims,
then this is VERY important information for you.

words here of Paul Hellyer, now 91 years old,  confirm my research over
the last twenty five years, and reveals the "greatest mass deception in

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Potential of World War commencing in Syria

This is probably the best analysis you can see regarding the potential
of World War commencing in Syria.
We are at one of the most crucial moments for mankind in the last fifty years. 
I give huge thanks to Peter Myers for his analysis of the Syrian situation, as follows:
American attack on Syria based on Israeli Intelligence. Chomsky, Trots, Anarchists & Greens mostly back rebels

This bulletin is available for download as a WORD file from

I have switched to .doc so that the bold formatting will show up.

(1) Experts not convinced; Why would Assad invite UN inspectors, then use chemical weapons the very day they arrive?
(2) US media claim Intercepted Phone Call as evidence about Chemical Weapons
(3) John Whitbeck: intelligence for attack on Syria was provided by Mossad
(4) WSJ touts "Israeli intelligence indicating movement of Syrian chemical weapons"
(5) US claims about Syria Chemical Weapons are based on intelligence supplied by Mossad
(6) UN only mandated to determine IF chemical weapons were used, not WHO used them
(7) Russian ambassador to UN: two rockets carrying toxic chemicals were fired from Douma, controlled by Syrian "rebels"
(8) Assad claims a strong link between Israel and Syria rebels
(9) Anger in Middle East over Israeli airstrike on Syria (May)
(10) Israeli submarine responsible for July attack on Syrian arms depot - report
(11) Israel is Fighting a Regional War in Syria
(12) Joseph Lieberman calls for US to intervene in Syria as it did in Libya
(13) Greek Orthodox Archbishop: Syria rebels serve Israeli project to control the Middle East
(14) Authoritarian regimes (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) sponsor Democracy in Syria??
(15) EU votes to allow arms shipments to Syrian rebels
(16) Tyler Durden: Syria grand plan (from Wikileaks); US Training Rebels since 2011
(17) Zbigniew Brzezinski condemns Syria war plan
(18) UN debate stalls US attack on Syria
(19) UK parliament votes against PM's war plan, mindful of Iraq WMD deception
(20) Gangster State US/UK — Paul Craig Roberts
(21) Chomsky says US & Israel not backing Syria rebels; Left critics should be ignored
(22) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns Assad
(23) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US): Left must support Syria rebels
(24) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns US threatened military assault
(25) Socialist Alliance (Trot, Australia) rejects US assault but supports rebels against Assad "tyranny"
(26) Socialist Alternative (Trot, Australia): US & Israel are not supporting Syria rebels
(27) Red Pepper (Trotskyist / Anarchist, UK) backs Syrian rebels
(28) Australian Greens says more Syria sanctions needed (2012)
(29) European Greens motion condemns "violent and indiscriminate attacks by the Syrian regime"
(30) European Greens: No military intervention in Syria before UN mission reports its findings
(31) WSWS Trots: Syria chemical attack is pretext for US military assault
(32) WSWS Trots: Syrian rebels used chemical weapons
(33) Russian Missile Plan Chills Chances for Syrian No-Fly Zone
-- Peter Myers
381 Goodwood Rd
Childers Qld 4660
ph. in Australia 07 41170125
ph. from overseas: +61 7 41170125
Skype Name: petermyersaus - or search for peter gerard myers

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are you slowing your child's transition?

Transition is the term given to the current evolvement of planet earth
as she progresses out of The Modern Era, and into The Era of Love, and includes human transition as the species releases its fear and learns how to love, in line with Mother Earth. 

There are still some people who question that a transition is taking place and of course they are entitled to stick to  their own opinion, but this non-transitional opinion also influences their children. Those people still hoping for things to stay the same, or better still hoping for the old days to return, could read back over the last couple of years blogs, and somewhere I hope you will find an approach to the topic that helps you to clear up any doubts about things changing. Please don't encourage your children to believe that everything will remain the same as it is today.
We all heard the stories of "The End Of The World" that the skeptics liked to talk about, and we even saw it in Hollywood productions, but the end of the world idea was no more than a figment of some close-minded individuals imagination.
A brief study of science shows that the predicted planetary alignment last December did actually take place. Also, by knowing that all-there-is is one single multifaceted organism,  we can easily be able to put two and two together to surmise that such a significant change in vibrational forces will eventually have some effects on our material existence. Additionally, by knowing that all change commences undetected in the spiritual world and gradually filters downwards to the material world where we can weigh and measure it, we could be looking for signs of the change, as opposed to considering the changes we do see as some sort of deranged side show.

This transition is obvious to so many people that amazement occurs when they come across a  group of unaware people. Unaware people tend to stick together, to support each other's unawareness.

We hope this series helps our readers to latch on to the transition idea, and gives some help through times that are likely to be troublesome to many, especially if they are unaware of what is happening.

If we cast our mind forwards to the future, when our children are say twelve years older than now, there is a strong probability that everyone and everything will have adopted a completely different understanding of reality in the same way that occurred when knowledge that the earth was not flat became publicly known, and as a result, all-there-was will no longer be of any benefit. By trying to cling to the past, and talking and teaching the past, we are stunting not only our own evolution, but also that of our children. Try to think what a pleasure life will be when the governments have gone, the banks have gone, and the stupidity that they drag around with them has gone too, and we have reorganized into local self-sufficient units.

Words like corruption, elite, conspiracy theorist, and Illuminati will be abandoned. The old style history classes will not be required because very few will remain interested in how it used to be.

The absolute awe of the new here-and-now will overcome any desire or need to study other people's ideas, so schools as we know them will be abandoned too. Science must also take on a different role and will concentrate on  finding out how "all-there-is" uses nature to do what she does. In fact all productive research will be based on finding out how nature does what she does. Scientists will understand that nature is so much more powerful than man, and so will cease doing experiments which attempt to thwart nature and instead they will be doing experiments which seek to help and be in line with nature. Soon, even scientist will understand unconditional love. Life is just so much easier when everyone is going with the flow of nature, instead of the flow of politics and money.

Man and his child will understand unconditional love quite soon.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Transitional Love

When we speak of love in the transitional sense, we are not speaking of the romantic love that appears in novels and on TV,

We are speaking of unconditional love.

When I first came across this Buddhist concept, I, a heterosexual man, could not conceive how I could ever love a man as much as a woman, but I had completely the wrong idea.
Unconditional love is brought about by being in love with "All There Is", or the biggest thing we can conceive of.

Once that occurs, then we know that everything we experience is a part of all there is, which we love. So we are more able to overcome the normal ups and downs of the lower dimensional living of those who have not yet transited.

More people every day are getting the idea that "Love they neighbour" really is a great idea. It does work, and it produces a far superior form of living to one controlled by hierarchical man-made arrangements, such as governments.

If governments were able to display unconditional love, the world's problems would end immediately. But a government is too insentient t
o muster love, and is therefore now outdated, because it cannot take part in the transition to the era of Love.

Look out for our next article on transition, "Are you slowing your child's transition?"
  I recently met a long-lost spiritual friend, and her first words to me were"Isn't it peculiar being in this world, but not of this world." She had transitioned years ago, and found the world as depicted in the TV/Newspaper world a mystery that she visited once in a while.

But Mike Adams of Natural News has gone further by stating that the majority of the general public is insane. Readers who have followed this blog for a while will know that is is very likely true, but certainly true of those we appear to elect as leaders.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How sunshine assists transition

Let's start with a fun video.
Bring me sunshine, bring me love.
A Morecambe and Wise Show finale.

Continuing with the five necessary elements of life, today's topic is sunshine. Our final topic in this series will be Love. 


The kind of light found in full daylight helps endurance and strengthens immunity. Photobiologists say " the full-spectrum light of Sunlight  is required for both physical and mental health, muscle strength, civilized behavior, energy and learning".

Sunlight is essential for all living organisms. The book Nuclear Evolution - The Rainbow Body, written in 1972 by Christopher Hills shows scientifically how sunlight vibrations are absorbed by the body and directed by the mitochondria into the seven major chakras, the energy centres that drive material life.


Some people have never had the opportunity to learn about the chakras, as this knowledge is unfortunately not taught by the medical schools or high schools. Chakras do exist, they can be measured scientifically, or even with a simple pendulum. The omission of the relevance of chakras from our knowledge of life is the foundation of many errors of thought in both medicine and spiritual understanding. Many people accept that acupuncture is a valid treatment. It is based on manipulating the meridians that emanate from the chakras. Psychic healers manipulate the chakras to improve health. For more info on chakras, see:

But we don't need to be a scientist or a doctor to be aware of the benefits of sunlight. Our mood is always better when the sun is shining. Most of our fun occurs when the sun is shining. Clothes aired in sunlight always feel and smell better than machine dried clothes.

Scott M. Auerbach, a theoretical chemist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers a more detailed answer:

"Light from the sun excites electrons in the atoms which constitute the brick wall. How does that electronic energy get converted to heat, you ask. The key is 'radiationless transitions.' Here's how it works: the atoms of the brick are perpetually vibrating (Hermes Principle 3). Some of those atoms vibrate sufficiently vigorously that their vibrational energy is roughly equal to the electronic energy (photons) absorbed from the sun--in essence, they are in resonance with the solar energy. Those atoms then make a quantum transition from 'electronically excited' to 'vibrationally excited,' meaning that the energy causes the whole atom to move. We feel that motion as "heat." The atoms which make the jump to vibrational excitation soon collide into neighboring atoms, dissipating their vibrational energy throughout the entire brick, making the brick hot throughout."

Excessive sunlight

We know that excessive sunlight causes problems, but insufficient causes even greater problems. Viruses and infectious organisms like E.coli do not do thrive when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun.

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?  ~Maurice Freehill

Try doing an Aum session at sunrise, and see how much your life improves.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Transitional Sleep Helps Self-Actualisation

The best tool for self-actualisation and enlightenment is sleep.
I began to study sleep when I was living and teaching on campus in a Chinese High School a few years ago. Many students were very sleepy in class, so I looked at their schedule. 
6.00 am  First call over the school speakers for breakfast
7.20        First class - 40 minute periods  - with break fifteen minutes break
Lunch time - 2 hours,  most students catnapped. 
 5.20 pm Break for meal and play
 7.20      3.5 hours of 40 minute periods - with break fifteen minutes
10,20     Classes end - and homework begins.

The dorm lights stayed on until 1 am, meaning that a maximum of five hours sleep per night was available. In my opinion, that is torture - enforcing young teenagers to have a maximum of five hours nightly sleep is just cruel, as well as totally failing to achieve objectives. 

 The first three studies I read suggested that nine hours sleep was more appropriate for a teenager. Chinese culture has a serious weakness in failing to understand sleep.
Allowing ourselves to sleep properly is the first step in loving ourselves. Research on Internet indicates that adults should have nightly sleep of about eight uninterrupted hours  in a totally darkened room. Some say that having the head pointing towards the magnetic pole is also beneficial.
My mother's culture was based on: "One hours sleep before midnight is as good as two after." My own experience bears that out. I always perform better after a proper night's sleep - I suppose it's obvious to all of us.The time of going to sleep is even more important than the length of sleep. Our body clocks, or circadian rhythms, are related to the rising and setting of the sun, so our sleep should be also.
During deep sleep (which commences about ninety minutes into the sleep period), the demands on our body and mind to act and react gradually reduce to zero. We are able to relax, and cease the generation of vibrations and electronic impulses which activate motion by mind to muscle activity. Once we enter the deep sleep stage, and our nerve ends have ceased tingling, and the mind is completely unconscious, then both the mind and body are able to accept the vibrations of the all encompassing ecosphere, enabling alignment and healing to occur and the storage of energy for a fresh and active start to the next day.
All day we expend energy, and if we do not amass sufficient energy during the night, our performance will be less than optimum during the day. If we continue to accumulate a negative energy balance our health will be detrimentally affected.
The best deep sleep is obtainable in a quiet room, completely dark and as silent as possible, with the exception of the sounds of nature. If we are disturbed at regular intervals, and do not get sufficient deep sleep, then the nightly healing process remains incomplete, and our performance and health suffer.

The transition process requires more energy than our old daily routine, so we should make a more concerted effort to improve our energy storage and production.

If you have followed this blog, you will have already improved your diet, exercise, and now sleep. The next blog will be about the last two essential elements for a satisfying life -  sunshine and love.