Saturday, 31 August 2013

Potential of World War commencing in Syria

This is probably the best analysis you can see regarding the potential
of World War commencing in Syria.
We are at one of the most crucial moments for mankind in the last fifty years. 
I give huge thanks to Peter Myers for his analysis of the Syrian situation, as follows:
American attack on Syria based on Israeli Intelligence. Chomsky, Trots, Anarchists & Greens mostly back rebels

This bulletin is available for download as a WORD file from

I have switched to .doc so that the bold formatting will show up.

(1) Experts not convinced; Why would Assad invite UN inspectors, then use chemical weapons the very day they arrive?
(2) US media claim Intercepted Phone Call as evidence about Chemical Weapons
(3) John Whitbeck: intelligence for attack on Syria was provided by Mossad
(4) WSJ touts "Israeli intelligence indicating movement of Syrian chemical weapons"
(5) US claims about Syria Chemical Weapons are based on intelligence supplied by Mossad
(6) UN only mandated to determine IF chemical weapons were used, not WHO used them
(7) Russian ambassador to UN: two rockets carrying toxic chemicals were fired from Douma, controlled by Syrian "rebels"
(8) Assad claims a strong link between Israel and Syria rebels
(9) Anger in Middle East over Israeli airstrike on Syria (May)
(10) Israeli submarine responsible for July attack on Syrian arms depot - report
(11) Israel is Fighting a Regional War in Syria
(12) Joseph Lieberman calls for US to intervene in Syria as it did in Libya
(13) Greek Orthodox Archbishop: Syria rebels serve Israeli project to control the Middle East
(14) Authoritarian regimes (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) sponsor Democracy in Syria??
(15) EU votes to allow arms shipments to Syrian rebels
(16) Tyler Durden: Syria grand plan (from Wikileaks); US Training Rebels since 2011
(17) Zbigniew Brzezinski condemns Syria war plan
(18) UN debate stalls US attack on Syria
(19) UK parliament votes against PM's war plan, mindful of Iraq WMD deception
(20) Gangster State US/UK — Paul Craig Roberts
(21) Chomsky says US & Israel not backing Syria rebels; Left critics should be ignored
(22) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns Assad
(23) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US): Left must support Syria rebels
(24) Socialist Worker (Trotskyist, US) condemns US threatened military assault
(25) Socialist Alliance (Trot, Australia) rejects US assault but supports rebels against Assad "tyranny"
(26) Socialist Alternative (Trot, Australia): US & Israel are not supporting Syria rebels
(27) Red Pepper (Trotskyist / Anarchist, UK) backs Syrian rebels
(28) Australian Greens says more Syria sanctions needed (2012)
(29) European Greens motion condemns "violent and indiscriminate attacks by the Syrian regime"
(30) European Greens: No military intervention in Syria before UN mission reports its findings
(31) WSWS Trots: Syria chemical attack is pretext for US military assault
(32) WSWS Trots: Syrian rebels used chemical weapons
(33) Russian Missile Plan Chills Chances for Syrian No-Fly Zone
-- Peter Myers
381 Goodwood Rd
Childers Qld 4660
ph. in Australia 07 41170125
ph. from overseas: +61 7 41170125
Skype Name: petermyersaus - or search for peter gerard myers

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Are you slowing your child's transition?

Transition is the term given to the current evolvement of planet earth
as she progresses out of The Modern Era, and into The Era of Love, and includes human transition as the species releases its fear and learns how to love, in line with Mother Earth. 

There are still some people who question that a transition is taking place and of course they are entitled to stick to  their own opinion, but this non-transitional opinion also influences their children. Those people still hoping for things to stay the same, or better still hoping for the old days to return, could read back over the last couple of years blogs, and somewhere I hope you will find an approach to the topic that helps you to clear up any doubts about things changing. Please don't encourage your children to believe that everything will remain the same as it is today.
We all heard the stories of "The End Of The World" that the skeptics liked to talk about, and we even saw it in Hollywood productions, but the end of the world idea was no more than a figment of some close-minded individuals imagination.
A brief study of science shows that the predicted planetary alignment last December did actually take place. Also, by knowing that all-there-is is one single multifaceted organism,  we can easily be able to put two and two together to surmise that such a significant change in vibrational forces will eventually have some effects on our material existence. Additionally, by knowing that all change commences undetected in the spiritual world and gradually filters downwards to the material world where we can weigh and measure it, we could be looking for signs of the change, as opposed to considering the changes we do see as some sort of deranged side show.

This transition is obvious to so many people that amazement occurs when they come across a  group of unaware people. Unaware people tend to stick together, to support each other's unawareness.

We hope this series helps our readers to latch on to the transition idea, and gives some help through times that are likely to be troublesome to many, especially if they are unaware of what is happening.

If we cast our mind forwards to the future, when our children are say twelve years older than now, there is a strong probability that everyone and everything will have adopted a completely different understanding of reality in the same way that occurred when knowledge that the earth was not flat became publicly known, and as a result, all-there-was will no longer be of any benefit. By trying to cling to the past, and talking and teaching the past, we are stunting not only our own evolution, but also that of our children. Try to think what a pleasure life will be when the governments have gone, the banks have gone, and the stupidity that they drag around with them has gone too, and we have reorganized into local self-sufficient units.

Words like corruption, elite, conspiracy theorist, and Illuminati will be abandoned. The old style history classes will not be required because very few will remain interested in how it used to be.

The absolute awe of the new here-and-now will overcome any desire or need to study other people's ideas, so schools as we know them will be abandoned too. Science must also take on a different role and will concentrate on  finding out how "all-there-is" uses nature to do what she does. In fact all productive research will be based on finding out how nature does what she does. Scientists will understand that nature is so much more powerful than man, and so will cease doing experiments which attempt to thwart nature and instead they will be doing experiments which seek to help and be in line with nature. Soon, even scientist will understand unconditional love. Life is just so much easier when everyone is going with the flow of nature, instead of the flow of politics and money.

Man and his child will understand unconditional love quite soon.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Transitional Love

When we speak of love in the transitional sense, we are not speaking of the romantic love that appears in novels and on TV,

We are speaking of unconditional love.

When I first came across this Buddhist concept, I, a heterosexual man, could not conceive how I could ever love a man as much as a woman, but I had completely the wrong idea.
Unconditional love is brought about by being in love with "All There Is", or the biggest thing we can conceive of.

Once that occurs, then we know that everything we experience is a part of all there is, which we love. So we are more able to overcome the normal ups and downs of the lower dimensional living of those who have not yet transited.

More people every day are getting the idea that "Love they neighbour" really is a great idea. It does work, and it produces a far superior form of living to one controlled by hierarchical man-made arrangements, such as governments.

If governments were able to display unconditional love, the world's problems would end immediately. But a government is too insentient t
o muster love, and is therefore now outdated, because it cannot take part in the transition to the era of Love.

Look out for our next article on transition, "Are you slowing your child's transition?"
  I recently met a long-lost spiritual friend, and her first words to me were"Isn't it peculiar being in this world, but not of this world." She had transitioned years ago, and found the world as depicted in the TV/Newspaper world a mystery that she visited once in a while.

But Mike Adams of Natural News has gone further by stating that the majority of the general public is insane. Readers who have followed this blog for a while will know that is is very likely true, but certainly true of those we appear to elect as leaders.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How sunshine assists transition

Let's start with a fun video.
Bring me sunshine, bring me love.
A Morecambe and Wise Show finale.

Continuing with the five necessary elements of life, today's topic is sunshine. Our final topic in this series will be Love. 


The kind of light found in full daylight helps endurance and strengthens immunity. Photobiologists say " the full-spectrum light of Sunlight  is required for both physical and mental health, muscle strength, civilized behavior, energy and learning".

Sunlight is essential for all living organisms. The book Nuclear Evolution - The Rainbow Body, written in 1972 by Christopher Hills shows scientifically how sunlight vibrations are absorbed by the body and directed by the mitochondria into the seven major chakras, the energy centres that drive material life.


Some people have never had the opportunity to learn about the chakras, as this knowledge is unfortunately not taught by the medical schools or high schools. Chakras do exist, they can be measured scientifically, or even with a simple pendulum. The omission of the relevance of chakras from our knowledge of life is the foundation of many errors of thought in both medicine and spiritual understanding. Many people accept that acupuncture is a valid treatment. It is based on manipulating the meridians that emanate from the chakras. Psychic healers manipulate the chakras to improve health. For more info on chakras, see:

But we don't need to be a scientist or a doctor to be aware of the benefits of sunlight. Our mood is always better when the sun is shining. Most of our fun occurs when the sun is shining. Clothes aired in sunlight always feel and smell better than machine dried clothes.

Scott M. Auerbach, a theoretical chemist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers a more detailed answer:

"Light from the sun excites electrons in the atoms which constitute the brick wall. How does that electronic energy get converted to heat, you ask. The key is 'radiationless transitions.' Here's how it works: the atoms of the brick are perpetually vibrating (Hermes Principle 3). Some of those atoms vibrate sufficiently vigorously that their vibrational energy is roughly equal to the electronic energy (photons) absorbed from the sun--in essence, they are in resonance with the solar energy. Those atoms then make a quantum transition from 'electronically excited' to 'vibrationally excited,' meaning that the energy causes the whole atom to move. We feel that motion as "heat." The atoms which make the jump to vibrational excitation soon collide into neighboring atoms, dissipating their vibrational energy throughout the entire brick, making the brick hot throughout."

Excessive sunlight

We know that excessive sunlight causes problems, but insufficient causes even greater problems. Viruses and infectious organisms like E.coli do not do thrive when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun.

Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?  ~Maurice Freehill

Try doing an Aum session at sunrise, and see how much your life improves.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Transitional Sleep Helps Self-Actualisation

The best tool for self-actualisation and enlightenment is sleep.
I began to study sleep when I was living and teaching on campus in a Chinese High School a few years ago. Many students were very sleepy in class, so I looked at their schedule. 
6.00 am  First call over the school speakers for breakfast
7.20        First class - 40 minute periods  - with break fifteen minutes break
Lunch time - 2 hours,  most students catnapped. 
 5.20 pm Break for meal and play
 7.20      3.5 hours of 40 minute periods - with break fifteen minutes
10,20     Classes end - and homework begins.

The dorm lights stayed on until 1 am, meaning that a maximum of five hours sleep per night was available. In my opinion, that is torture - enforcing young teenagers to have a maximum of five hours nightly sleep is just cruel, as well as totally failing to achieve objectives. 

 The first three studies I read suggested that nine hours sleep was more appropriate for a teenager. Chinese culture has a serious weakness in failing to understand sleep.
Allowing ourselves to sleep properly is the first step in loving ourselves. Research on Internet indicates that adults should have nightly sleep of about eight uninterrupted hours  in a totally darkened room. Some say that having the head pointing towards the magnetic pole is also beneficial.
My mother's culture was based on: "One hours sleep before midnight is as good as two after." My own experience bears that out. I always perform better after a proper night's sleep - I suppose it's obvious to all of us.The time of going to sleep is even more important than the length of sleep. Our body clocks, or circadian rhythms, are related to the rising and setting of the sun, so our sleep should be also.
During deep sleep (which commences about ninety minutes into the sleep period), the demands on our body and mind to act and react gradually reduce to zero. We are able to relax, and cease the generation of vibrations and electronic impulses which activate motion by mind to muscle activity. Once we enter the deep sleep stage, and our nerve ends have ceased tingling, and the mind is completely unconscious, then both the mind and body are able to accept the vibrations of the all encompassing ecosphere, enabling alignment and healing to occur and the storage of energy for a fresh and active start to the next day.
All day we expend energy, and if we do not amass sufficient energy during the night, our performance will be less than optimum during the day. If we continue to accumulate a negative energy balance our health will be detrimentally affected.
The best deep sleep is obtainable in a quiet room, completely dark and as silent as possible, with the exception of the sounds of nature. If we are disturbed at regular intervals, and do not get sufficient deep sleep, then the nightly healing process remains incomplete, and our performance and health suffer.

The transition process requires more energy than our old daily routine, so we should make a more concerted effort to improve our energy storage and production.

If you have followed this blog, you will have already improved your diet, exercise, and now sleep. The next blog will be about the last two essential elements for a satisfying life -  sunshine and love.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Rate of Transition is Accelerating

The rate of transition is accelerating

I have taken a risk in sending this blog to everyone on my mailing lists, for the first time ever. If it offends you, please disregard. Definitely no offence is intended.

This mail is due to the urgency which you may already be sensing.
The transition period is now under-way, and reasonably understood by most readers, but if anyone needs further clarification, please see earlier articles in the Blog.

Take our lead from nature

The rate of transition is accelerating, and will continue to do so for quite a few weeks before any slow down becomes noticeable.
During this period, many will fail to understand what is happening, and chaos may ensue.
However, we can be of assistance by keeping a level head, as long as we have some kind of understanding. I will be as brief as possible, and say that we should take our lead from nature, and the further we move from nature then the further we move from achieving our transition.

Nature is changing

As we know, nature is changing, as indicated by the recent weather extremes. This is the sign that we must change too, unless we wish to remain in a desolate world with all the interest gone.

Since the new era vibrations became predominant to those able to sense them, we can help everyone by forwarding this mail. Those who have not been primed for news of this nature might find some help from our associated website "Self Actualisation", or for those poor folk stuck behind The Great Firewall which blocks all things Google, there is now a second version of Self Actualisation here.

Politicians Panicking

We can witness the politicians and ruling elite jumping around in a frenzy like dogs after the last piece of bone as their secrets become strewn out for all to see. They have probably been fore-warned that their time is over. Top down governments belong to the past era. Many things will change completely, as we move from the vibrations of fear to the vibrations of love.

Cooperation beats Competition

Many who have a transitional problem will receive help from those around them and who understand what is happening. This might be you, so please read on. As we release our fear, our desire to help others grows, enabling all those in need to release their fear, and themselves then to help others, as soon as the old era filters and barriers and control mechanisms are dis-assembled. When cooperation replaces competition, wondrous things happen

Weather Change

Of course, when we see the weather change it is natural to expect everything to change, and that includes our own body. Aches and pains of an unusual nature can almost be predicted, and the solutions will have to be self medicated in some way, because the institutional medical system has no idea what is happening, and will work hard to keep you the way you used to be - unenlightened.

Body pains

Some inexplicable body pains may occur. Whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT vaccinate or TAKE any unnecessary PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
Many prescription drugs have unnatural content which produces a short term benefit with a long term problem. We are trying to rid ourselves of problems, so there is no point in risking further debilitation which will prevent our transition taking place. Things designed for the old era are not necessarily effective in the new era, and should be avoided.

It helps to understand that not only will the mind change, but the body will also,
and any unexplained body pains currently being received are likely to be the same as growing pains. Do not risk a misdiagnosis followed by surgery as so many millions of people do. Beats me how they can ever get a diagnosis right if they know nothing about how the body receives its energy, through the chakras. Still, I suppose it keeps the surgeons busy and wealthy. If you don't know what I am talking about, you can start here, and read about Anodea Judith's work

Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sunshine and Love. 

First we could make our pain-relieving task easier by arranging the five essentials for life to the very best of our abilities, diet, exercise, sleep, sunshine and love.

More Later

I will further explain diet and exercise here, and leave the others for a later blog to avoid space and time limitations

1 Diet

Our diet should consist mainly of fruit, up to as much as fifty percent in volume. And a wide variety of fruit is recommended. Local seasonal organic fruit is best.

The next most important element of the diet is vegetables, preferably green leaved vegetables because we need the chlorophyll. Home grown is the only way to guarantee no unhelpful pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

And finally nuts and seeds - a wide variety, and lots of them. We can grind them up, toast them, put them in smoothies, sprinkle them on salads and in curries, each a few handfuls as a snack, but we should try to get some nuts every day. They contain the right proteins and unsaturated fats, but especially the trace elements that are essential to maintaining a healthy body. This alone may resolve many ailments. Don't forget to drink lots of water, so that your body can easily wash out any rotten stuff.

If you want to get into detail about diet and other aspects of yoga for health and helping others, please visit the Kundalini Yoga site.

2 Exercise


Exercise outdoors for health We can help ourselves by seeking out natural remedies, but first, by being our own nurse. We cannot delegate our heath to another person, and no other person has any idea what our chakras are doing, least of all any qualified doctor. Most MDs are little more than drug pushers who still deny the existence of chakras, or that the spirit creates the body. Yeah! And the world really is flat. So we need to understand what all the aches and pains and twinges and itches from our body really mean. Unfortunately, if we cling to the western scientific way of thinking, we will never find out. But if consider introducing some Eastern philosophy into our way of thinking, we will soon see the sense in it. For example, most people haven't the slightest clue what yoga is about except maybe to lose some weight. And yoga is only one of hundreds of practices that will teach us about our own body in a far more understandable fashion than  the nurses manual, because we can feel and experience it  ourselves. And we don't have to argue or even discuss it with anyone if we don't want to, as long as we don't mind putting Snowden's mates and Wikileaks out of work.

We don't even have to buy membership and get in the car to go there, unless we are in some way attracted to the staff at the gym. 
We can do our own yoga or tai-chi practice without anyone else being present, and without any special equipment. We don't even need to be inside, and of course exercise outside is better. The further the better,  away from those daily mind and body stunting vibrations that most folk spend their lives saturated in. Their is something special about Tai Chi or Yoga at the top of a mountain, or by a waterfall. Even if you are unable to do this kind of exercise, it is actually possible for someone else to do it for you. There is an organisation called Sunshine House that now has quite a few trained experts in Thai Yoga Massage, which originates from the Buddhist temples. The practitioners use their own heart and mind as their special equipment, and you can learn to do this too. See the Self-Actualisation web site for an overview of self-actualised thought and practice.

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This same topic is explored in another interesting way here 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Did you hear the one about the fish and the ladders? You will Google

This will help YOU.

When we were kids we learned about snakes and ladders, but now there is a joke passing around Asia about the fish and the ladders.

The governments of Laos, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma are telling this joke about fish climbing ladders, and so many people think it is so funny that they have made a huge bet on witnessing this amazing feat. They have bet almost all of the  South East Asian ecology and the lives of the humans, fauna and flora that are dependent on it, against many thousands of fish climbing ladders.

A bet on fish climbing ladders

 In order to prove this bet on fish climbing ladders, they need to construct the ladder. And obviously there must be water at both the top and the bottom of the ladder, so some sort of dam is needed. And coincidentally, this will allow the pro-ladder group to add to  the pot a bet that electricity can be generated from fish climbing ladders.

This is the present situation with the logic of our governments and NGOs that support them. They are not even prepared to give one minute of their time to investigate the possibility that dozens of hydro electric dams may be obsolete before they become operative. 3000mw of dams have been built in the last ten years, and another 3000mw are currently under construction. According to Wikimedia "
An additional 134 projects are planned for the lower Mekong, which will effectively exhaust the river’s hydropower generating capacity. (Does that mean the water stops flowing?) The single most significant impact – both now and in the future – on the use of water and its management in the Mekong Region is hydropower. Meanwhile, drought is common.

Three Gorges Dam

The poor fish look like having to climb several ladders in one journey. Another possible  factor in the bet is that there have been some suggestions that the huge Three Gorges Dam in the Upper Mekong Basin may not be as safe as hoped. If and when that breaks, there is a possibility that other dams may be destroyed, yet the engineers continue as if nothing was known about this. They prefer to listen to the people with the money that has a hero on every note - the world's greatest ever one man contribution towards human extinction! 

I suppose too many jobs with rich pickings are at stake for any sense to be demonstrated. The demand for electricity is increasing in these rapidly developing countries, and the current "best solution" involves the huge gamble described above.

Gag Order

Personally I would think it's a far better bet that the Patents Office in America will be forced to release the gag order on 6000+ patents  relating to the production of energy in a far less destructive manner.

This kind of upside-down logic is applied by every government of every nation, one way or another. Did we really give them the right to do that to our planet? If we did, we must be very stupid people.

"Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule." Friederich Nietzsche "
Please do not forward to disinterested parties.

If you need confirmation of any of this stuff, I give lessons on "How to Google" at 3.30 pm.every second Tuesday afternoon, and I hereby confirm the promoting of Google from noun to verb, as in "You will Google".

Who knows maybe the fish ladders will work, but that's not really the point, is it?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bilderbergers on the farm 2013 - satire

Satirical humour for a change.
A report on The Bilderberger meeting which concluded recently somewhere on a farm .

The provisional offerings for accommodation on the farm were The Chicken Shack, or one of the many outlying buildings and stables, which were categorized under "Shack and Or".

The Chicken Shack is by far the largest building, as the farm's main business is rearing fat chicken's for underweight Americans. Of the early responders, most selected The Chicken Shack as their accommodation, because although the feathers and poop were expected to cause some slight inconvenience, there would be a great opportunity to promulgate in-the-shack ideas during continuous discussion.

The few who had opted for alternative accommodation had all ticked the box which said "Living outside the Shack beats being pooped and feathered amongst a bunch of people who can only think in a Shack." When interviewed, the alternative's spokesman said "Learning about nature is more important than being with a bunch of rich businessmen and politicians who wouldn't recognise nature if they lived in it".

Apparently the first item on The Chicken Shack agenda is:
 "1 - The weirdos who are staying elsewhere". 
There has been a suggestion that these weirdos may be of a nature that may at a future time possibly succumb to or report on terrorism. That's the only place that nature was hinted at in the total Bilderberger Shack 2013 agenda!

Meanwhile the outside-the-Shack participants watched birds and animals, and some even ventured into growing plants. Important discoveries were made, such as plants that actually do flourish even without chemical fertiliser and pesticide, and humans and animals that actually can survive without vaccination. Next year they plan an experiment to see if teeth will stay in the mouth without fluoride in the water.

Meanwhile inside the Shack, the members were congratulating themselves on how much money they were receiving in grants, donations and fees from The Cancer Business. They had set up a block on the web pages that told people just how unlikely the cut/burn/poison approach was to help, and had completely banned those pages which provided information on the hundreds of natural cancer cures.

The Shackers discussed the follow-on projects from Bluebeam, which is where they will provide a sky-filling holograph of aliens and their spaceships, and this lead to a discussion on just how successfully the starvation program had been in limiting people's career opportunities, and how they could make starvation available to more people. However there was a problem with forty percent of food produced already being dumped in the oceans or left to rot, as any increase might get noticed.

They also congratulated themselves on their education control program which had worked so well that the number of people able to think was now down below ten percent, though some opposition was being found from new-fangled enlightenment program was helping a small group of people to overcome the mind-control, simply by changing their level of consciousness.

A suggestion that maybe people were more than just a body was soundly rejected, as nothing other than a body was known to science. 

Most of the Shack participants thought that reincarnation meant buying another wife.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Objectives Explained to Avoid Trauma

I would like to explain my objectives.

I have been fortunate to have gradually adopted a different way of thinking  over almost twenty years now. Of course I changed only because I found serious flaws in the previous way of thinking, which I will call "standard UK thought".

In fact, standard UK thought is not really that different to standard US or any other westernised country thought when we consider the colossal gap between standard thought and rectified thought.

My problem is that I suffered some amount of trauma when I realised that I had been thinking wrongly for so many years, and I know that most of my friends still have to go through this trauma if they are ever to maintain full mental and spiritual health on this ever evolving planet.

As soon as one of the basic differences in thought  is pointed out to us, we realise it is true. Yet we still manage to live our lives by sliding around this truth, which is that we are tripartite beings - mind, body and spirit, commencing with spirit! Spirit is not generally recognised by science, academia or government, and this is the root of the flawed thinking. We all know some kind of spirit exists (team spirit, high spirits etc.) and we have all received the message from our ancient prophets and messengers, yet somehow we fail to utilise this knowledge in the foundations of our personal belief system.

However, when we begin to seriously consider the ramifications of this truth, we bring up all sorts of emotions that are difficult for us to handle. What I am trying to do is to ease my friends through the trauma before it really sets in.

If I was to have discovered  simultaneously ALL the differences  that have become apparent to me over the last twenty years (since I left UK) , I feel sure I would have truly lost it. I was very lucky to be in the right places at the right times, and now I understand completely why this was so. It is so for everyone, because there is no other place or time that we can be present in any one moment.

If I was to summarise the effect of each of my discoveries, I would say that each one became a factor in connecting more dots, until eventually all the dots become connected in a tight network of infinite thought. Because of this, it becomes very easy to see when something doesn't fit into the network, or matrix, making shortfall or erroneous thinking become obvious.

Anther summary would be to say that the people whom the mainstream consider to be way-out-there are mostly the people who know already. And these 'extremists'  know that they are all connected to each other, irrelevant of race, creed, politics or religion. They also know that they are connected to all others, and that the others don't know yet. When the others reorganise their personal matrix so that it fits in with the total matrix, then they will know. A different and more refined form of knowing becomes available.

Please consider the information below before rejection. It is taken from my web sites.
I include a hundred-year-old quote from one of my favourite authors, Yogi Ramacharaka, otherwise known as William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932).

Kind regards


What is Enlightenment?

Explanation of enlightenment or self actualisation

by David West

The movement of a soul's centre from the personal view to the world view.

"All who have experienced this illumination, even in a faint degree, recognize the like experience in the tale, song, or preaching of another, though centuries may roll between them. It is the song of the Soul,which when once heard is never forgotten. Though it be sounded by the crude instrument of the semi-barbarous races or the finished instrument of the talented musician of to-day, its strains are plainly recognized. From Old Egypt comes the song - from India in all ages  - from Ancient Greece and Rome  - from the early Christian saint - from the Quaker Friend - from the Catholic monasteries  - from the Mohammedan mosque - from the Chinese philosopher - from the legends of the American Indian hero-prophet - it is always the same strain, and it is swelling louder and louder, as many more are taking it up and adding their voices or the sounds of their instruments to the grand chorus." (Yogi Ramacharaka - William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932))

The above words were written over 100 years ago, during an earlier age of enlightenment, when eastern philosophy was being discovered by western philosophers, and much new thought was being created in both hemispheres.
As communication was beginning to open up through ships and roads, canals and rail, it became possible for thinkers to discover other like-minded people - who appeared to be adhering to some unwritten and unuttered new concept upon which they all agreed. They had known this concept all along, but had never consciously examined it due to other ideas which got in the way. Like many things, we know ABOUT them, but the true meaning never really sinks in on all levels until we experience the concept personally. Once that has occurred, we wonder at the futility of everyone's daily activity, like a beehive organised by a psychotic queen bee, with each bee thinking he's only the bees' knees.
We have been fed much trivia and many untruths since the day of our current incarnation, and our task is to find our way through the untruths. Once we do, we may feel disappointed at the way that we and our associates had been hoaxed so often, and we remain disappointed that our colleagues are still hoaxed. But then we realise that is the way it has to be, because that is the way it is.

Twas Meant To Be.
Enlightenment requires no learning as it is within all of us - what is required is that we utterly dispose of all dogma, stigma and belief in unproven ideas. Man's mind is incapable of reaching total truth.

And something from recent times

The following article was in Sunday Family Humour's first attempt at a serious Newsweek in 2010.

High level British Secret Service operative

James Casbalt was a high level British Secret Service operative,
and reveals some of the inner workings.

He refers to places and phone numbers in the UK
which can be used to verify the story.

".....This begs the question, are these creatures some kind of strange human-animal hybrid or other military genetic creations that were carried on from the Nazi genetic manipulation work? Or, are they extra-terrestrial beings from different planets and star systems? The simple answer is both. My colleagues and I have witnessed and communicated with these beings up close and personal.

For a greater understanding of the ET situation on this planet, it is
important to understand that the upper levels of the German Nazi
government, the US government, and the British government were not only aware of ETs at the time of the Second World War, but were actively working alongside them - this had been going even before the Second World War in the 1930's.

Friday, 31 May 2013


Project Camelot does it again.
Erin Rothschild
A Rothschild speaks out
What a revelation!
This lady speaks out about a life as one of the Rothschild's, and you will find much of it unbelievable, unless you are already aware of the power held by this family. This might be the wake up call that many have been waiting for.

Many who witness this video will probably want to press their belief system reset button, because all the research that has been reported but considered to be "out there", and more, is confirmed here. One certainly must begin to fear for her safety.

How is a Rothschild made?
Apparently they live in a different dimension.
They hold foetuses in suspension until needed.
They turn test tube babies into Rothschild's in Area 51.
Her first minder and "grandfather" was Josef Mengele.Neither  she nor her father have ever seen their birth certificates. They have been regressed to a foetal age several times.They are time travellers.
She is 50% ET. 

She was in the Pentagon and the White House at age 4.
She was raped by a group of high-ups in the Pentagon at age 4.

She has forgiven the Rothschild's for all the torturing. She acknowledges being half reptilian.
She has seen ritual sacrifices of children inside the Vatican. She says The Vatican is the worst place in the world. 

She says that Obama serves the "service-to-self" (see 'The Law of One') reptilians well, but that most reptilians are service-to-others, and are kind to all. 

There are more kind ETs than unkind ETs. She is aware of the Anunnaki and Nibiru. MJ12, Majestic twelve, has twelve members because there are twelve basic alien races.

She was programmed as a dual personality by the Monarch system, and became promiscuous with military men. She says the Nazi influence is heavy in the Rothschild family (Fourth Reich).


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Believers and Disbelievers

belivers and disbelievers conspiracy theory alert

Most people have now heard of 
The Conspiracy.

Some people have studied deeply, and others have followed mainstream thinking. The term  Conspiracy Theorist is like a red flag to some, proving that Edgar J. Hoover was right-on-the-ball when he said: "The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists".

Believers and Disbelievers

Belief or disbelief  in the conspiracy  is a fundamental building block in our belief system - "we have trust in our governments and institutions".

 If we are to believe there is a conspiracy, then we have to change our belief system, and that's where the world's problem is sourced right now. Not whether there is a conspiracy or not, but "Do you know yet that there is a conspiracy". When there are enough people who know, then The Conspiracy will be publicly revealed, and having been so well researched by tens of thousands of believers and disbelievers already, then most remaining people would likely agree. 

 Change our belief system

Just a small amount of proper research is likely to reveal the indisputable fact - that there is a group of wealthy families who have a controlling influence in almost everything except nature, and they are even trying to control that!

But therein lies the problem in order to accept conspiracy as a known and well understood fact (à la mode 1984), we have to change our belief system.

Frightening experience

For those trying to change their belief system for the first time, it can be a frightening experience, especially if no help or signposts are available.

But we both know that some day we must improve ourselves some way or another, and that day is here now, because it's the only real day there is - all other days are mere fantasy.

 Improvement must be done

 Improvement must be done, so why not start with a serious thought and comment about this article. Is there any intelligence out there, or is the battle lost already and all the keyboards been smashed by the rich familys' bully boys? Come on guys (and especially gals), be real. If you find this stuff vaguely interesting, please tell us all  what you think in a comment below.

Composing comments

If you are worried about typing on-line, then type it first into your email compose page (it's so much more convenient and familiar than writing in boxes - that's how I write these blogs). You can adjust it  until you are happy with it, then copy and paste into the box below and make a final check before posting. (No formatting available - sorry).

I sure would love to hear from you

Kindest regards


Thursday, 9 May 2013

2013 - Transition to the Natural Way

The incessant war drums from Washington are telling us that peace
is not on the agenda. The rhetoric says different but actions speak louder when they are bombs.

Year 2012 marked the end of the modern era, and the start of the maturity to the Natural Way of life. Now in 2013, we are already in transition.  

Conception of the Natural Way occurred thousands of years ago, and has been taught and preached to almost everyone. Not all lessons fell on stony ground, and there is now a very substantial number of people who refuse to be counted in the imperialist statistics. The propaganda would call them misfits, because they are people who know that it is insane to try to fit into today's sheep-like society unless they are pedigree woolly thinkers, with all the pedigree certificates to prove it.

Woolly thinking results from being told what to do for so long that we are unable to think for ourselves  - the poor Chinese people being perfect role models. When these woolly thinkers realise that there is an alternative Natural Way, consisting of less arrogant and more honest people who genuinely deserve respect, then they might begin to listen. Even though their blockages prevent them from absorbing detail, they are approaching their last chance to feel the New Vibes, and amend their ways according to revised thinking.

The Natural Way has no conspiracy, or secrecy, cover-ups, dishonesty or evil that comes with it. The Natural Way is not centred around money, which plays little part in Natural Way lifestyles. The Natural Way presents true knowledge, with professors and teachers free to follow what they know is best, instead of politically-correct agendas. Medical people will revert to healing instead of profit making. Taxation and associated corruption will cease, and dishonesty will be a thing of the past. The only thing that prevents this from occurring is those faithless people who think the current way is is the only way. But many of them are now awakening to the fact that their government has no interest in them at all except as a taxpayer - a wage slave.

The Natural Way has no slavery, no commuting to offices, and in fact no need to do any thing at all except provide a reasonable share of food production and housing.The rest of the time will be free to follow whatever desires occur with whatever resources can be mustered in a friendly way .

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Happy Travelling - A Journey of the Mind

Stuck in a time window
Stuck in a time window
Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a time window or time warp?. Where everything stays the same and nothing changes. Same thing every day, as if time is standing still. 

Scientifically we know that not even the rocks and mountains stand still or stay the same, so we know  a period of sameness usually indicates the calm before the storm.

We might be bored, or just feeling there is nothing worthwhile to do, but this feeling and lack of pressure gives us space and time for preparation. What is coming up is a life change, and when we look back it will appear as if an unimaginably different person has been reincarnated into the same body. The changes will be almost complete.

I believe it's all about karma, our own and other people's. I interpret karma as a kind of magnetic direction finder. Karma is the creator of events. It might sometimes appear that an event such as a music concert has been created by humans, but it was their karma that caused them to create the event, and your karma that caused you to be there.

So if your karma has created a space for you, and given you the time to be bored, then that can be considered as a kind of progression. You have progressed to another cross-roads, and will soon have a choice of roads.

I like to use to these periods to clear out all those things that have been left hanging over, and get everything up to date. This makes for easier travelling when everything begins to change. We might not be going anywhere with our body, but if we are prepared for a journey of the mind, we will relieve ourselves of much stress and trauma.

Happy travelling

(before the net comes down)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Three distinct groups of people on the planet

There are three distinct groups of people on the planet.

1) The 2 or 3% of people who control almost all of the rest.
2) The 2 or 3% of people who understand what group 1 is doing.
3) The Rest of the people.

In my mailing list of 400 or so, there are none from group 1 and maybe 12 from group 2, which conforms to the expected 3%.

The objectives of my efforts are to help some of the Rest to become part of Group 2.

If you are are in Group 2 already, you are probably wondering what can be done about the tyranny.

Here's an answer

Weapons to Use in the Face of Tyranny

(with thanks to Trufax)
There are conceptual weapons which can be used in defense of the human population in the face of tyranny. Those weapons include:




















Power is an ability of using energy and force to create and/or destroy.

Used with little, false or no knowledge of the true nature of things and being ignorant of purposes and plans of organization inherent in all life, one without knowledge who uses power creates destruction. This is observable in the highest echelons of planetary government in the "old civilization".

Balancing and far outweighing the small percentage (2% or 3%) of people who have the "power without knowledge" insanity, are the millions of people on Earth who have knowledge of life, the truth of what it takes to survive, the duty and loyalty of their family and friends, and the trust

that others will exchange, work and play in a fair and honest, friendly fashion as they do themselves. These millions (who the 'controllers' call 'useless eaters) are the source of all the good things and survival components of the civilization.

Then why is the "old civilization" in such poor condition? Because the Power that the insane 2 or 3 percent are using IS CONTINUALLY BEING GIVEN TO THEM BY THE REST OF THE PLANET. It is in the form of financial energy, controlling force (by obeying those who suppress or destroy freedom and initiative) and confidence (by electing those who take the fun out of life's games to get and keep more power for themselves).

This power is given away and the insane actions are not halted by the 97% of the world's population because they:

1. Believed that there was no alternative.

2. Were not organized.

3. Do not recognize that they are the largest Power source on the Planet.

4. Do not recognize they are the Source of ALL the suppressive power being used against them.
5. Do not realize that they can take the power away from the suppressive at any time by JUST NOT GIVING IT TO THEM.

It is an observable fact that part of the power given to the 2 or 3 percent was used to carefully mis-educate the 97% into not having the knowledge of the above five items. An example is when the controlled media is repeatedly used to voice the "belief" that there is no alternative.
For some degree of alien game-playing insight, consult Matrix III

Volume One, pages 488 through 538-A. Compare the two and reflect on this.

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