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Rate of Transition is Accelerating

The rate of transition is accelerating

I have taken a risk in sending this blog to everyone on my mailing lists, for the first time ever. If it offends you, please disregard. Definitely no offence is intended.

This mail is due to the urgency which you may already be sensing.
The transition period is now under-way, and reasonably understood by most readers, but if anyone needs further clarification, please see earlier articles in the Blog.

Take our lead from nature

The rate of transition is accelerating, and will continue to do so for quite a few weeks before any slow down becomes noticeable.
During this period, many will fail to understand what is happening, and chaos may ensue.
However, we can be of assistance by keeping a level head, as long as we have some kind of understanding. I will be as brief as possible, and say that we should take our lead from nature, and the further we move from nature then the further we move from achieving our transition.

Nature is changing

As we know, nature is changing, as indicated by the recent weather extremes. This is the sign that we must change too, unless we wish to remain in a desolate world with all the interest gone.

Since the new era vibrations became predominant to those able to sense them, we can help everyone by forwarding this mail. Those who have not been primed for news of this nature might find some help from our associated website "Self Actualisation", or for those poor folk stuck behind The Great Firewall which blocks all things Google, there is now a second version of Self Actualisation here.

Politicians Panicking

We can witness the politicians and ruling elite jumping around in a frenzy like dogs after the last piece of bone as their secrets become strewn out for all to see. They have probably been fore-warned that their time is over. Top down governments belong to the past era. Many things will change completely, as we move from the vibrations of fear to the vibrations of love.

Cooperation beats Competition

Many who have a transitional problem will receive help from those around them and who understand what is happening. This might be you, so please read on. As we release our fear, our desire to help others grows, enabling all those in need to release their fear, and themselves then to help others, as soon as the old era filters and barriers and control mechanisms are dis-assembled. When cooperation replaces competition, wondrous things happen

Weather Change

Of course, when we see the weather change it is natural to expect everything to change, and that includes our own body. Aches and pains of an unusual nature can almost be predicted, and the solutions will have to be self medicated in some way, because the institutional medical system has no idea what is happening, and will work hard to keep you the way you used to be - unenlightened.

Body pains

Some inexplicable body pains may occur. Whatever you do PLEASE DO NOT vaccinate or TAKE any unnecessary PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.
Many prescription drugs have unnatural content which produces a short term benefit with a long term problem. We are trying to rid ourselves of problems, so there is no point in risking further debilitation which will prevent our transition taking place. Things designed for the old era are not necessarily effective in the new era, and should be avoided.

It helps to understand that not only will the mind change, but the body will also,
and any unexplained body pains currently being received are likely to be the same as growing pains. Do not risk a misdiagnosis followed by surgery as so many millions of people do. Beats me how they can ever get a diagnosis right if they know nothing about how the body receives its energy, through the chakras. Still, I suppose it keeps the surgeons busy and wealthy. If you don't know what I am talking about, you can start here, and read about Anodea Judith's work

Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Sunshine and Love. 

First we could make our pain-relieving task easier by arranging the five essentials for life to the very best of our abilities, diet, exercise, sleep, sunshine and love.

More Later

I will further explain diet and exercise here, and leave the others for a later blog to avoid space and time limitations

1 Diet

Our diet should consist mainly of fruit, up to as much as fifty percent in volume. And a wide variety of fruit is recommended. Local seasonal organic fruit is best.

The next most important element of the diet is vegetables, preferably green leaved vegetables because we need the chlorophyll. Home grown is the only way to guarantee no unhelpful pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

And finally nuts and seeds - a wide variety, and lots of them. We can grind them up, toast them, put them in smoothies, sprinkle them on salads and in curries, each a few handfuls as a snack, but we should try to get some nuts every day. They contain the right proteins and unsaturated fats, but especially the trace elements that are essential to maintaining a healthy body. This alone may resolve many ailments. Don't forget to drink lots of water, so that your body can easily wash out any rotten stuff.

If you want to get into detail about diet and other aspects of yoga for health and helping others, please visit the Kundalini Yoga site.

2 Exercise


Exercise outdoors for health We can help ourselves by seeking out natural remedies, but first, by being our own nurse. We cannot delegate our heath to another person, and no other person has any idea what our chakras are doing, least of all any qualified doctor. Most MDs are little more than drug pushers who still deny the existence of chakras, or that the spirit creates the body. Yeah! And the world really is flat. So we need to understand what all the aches and pains and twinges and itches from our body really mean. Unfortunately, if we cling to the western scientific way of thinking, we will never find out. But if consider introducing some Eastern philosophy into our way of thinking, we will soon see the sense in it. For example, most people haven't the slightest clue what yoga is about except maybe to lose some weight. And yoga is only one of hundreds of practices that will teach us about our own body in a far more understandable fashion than  the nurses manual, because we can feel and experience it  ourselves. And we don't have to argue or even discuss it with anyone if we don't want to, as long as we don't mind putting Snowden's mates and Wikileaks out of work.

We don't even have to buy membership and get in the car to go there, unless we are in some way attracted to the staff at the gym. 
We can do our own yoga or tai-chi practice without anyone else being present, and without any special equipment. We don't even need to be inside, and of course exercise outside is better. The further the better,  away from those daily mind and body stunting vibrations that most folk spend their lives saturated in. Their is something special about Tai Chi or Yoga at the top of a mountain, or by a waterfall. Even if you are unable to do this kind of exercise, it is actually possible for someone else to do it for you. There is an organisation called Sunshine House that now has quite a few trained experts in Thai Yoga Massage, which originates from the Buddhist temples. The practitioners use their own heart and mind as their special equipment, and you can learn to do this too. See the Self-Actualisation web site for an overview of self-actualised thought and practice.

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