Saturday, 1 January 2011

Secret activity

Once a secret activity is publicised, and the reason for the activity revealed, then the activity ceases.

Once the public becomes even vaguely aware of how much secret activity there is, they will begin to realise that we are living our lives under the total control of a bunch of complete outsiders.

They create the total environment in which we live.
They determine where the wars will be fought.
They determine what will not be taught in universities.
They control all the money of all the governments (except maybe four??)
They control all entertainment and sport
They control all medicine.
They control most thought.

For details of the above, see Evolution to Enlightenment

They also control the weather, with the use of HAARP-like machines, and chemtrails, both highly secret activities.

Once the general public becomes aware of all this, then they might be ready to Hear about the entities who visit and who stay on this planet.

Everything everyone thought they knew will be tossed into the weeds, as it was for some of us some time ago.

This is just what the world is waiting for.

The world is waiting for you to stop supporting the outsiders who are controlling this planet.