Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Public School Superiority Attitude

I received an email with the above subject line. Please read, and then leave your comments. Peace be with you "Let's take a closer look at who they are. They were all born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They have never been to the same schools as us. They are shareholders in places where we work. They speak with a different 'affected' accent. They often appear in the newspapers and on TV. They often have double-barrelled names. They have a lineage and blood line that they can follow back for thousands of years. These are the people who have given us everything we know. They are the ones who wrote the history books, to show their point of view. They are the ones who have suppressed knowledge for personal gain. You know who I am talking about. As George Carlin said "There's a big club - and we ain't in it". They are fewer in number than we are, but they directly control the vast proportion of the land's resources and facilities. They receive far greater payments than we do, but they pay far less tax. It is time for our voice to be heard. We have given in to these public school bullies for far too long. They claim to represent us, yet they don't even speak the same language. We have given away far too much power, for far too long, to far too few. When the ideas of governments were being formed, the population of each nation state was significantly smaller than today. The increase in representatives has not kept pace with the increase in population. We have now reached the point where representation is hardly recognisable, so it is time to rethink. But this time, WE are going to be involved in the rethinking - WE are not going to leave all the thinking to THEM - because THEY have demonstrated a serious inability to think straight. We must somehow be able to communicate with each other so that we can create and disseminate a plan. Return this message to the person who sent it to you, with any suggestions as to how we can create a situation whereby WE cease to be subordinate to THEM. I'll start the ball rolling, by saying that we have some examples from Greece very recently, demonstrating that there are probably many more of us than there are of them. We do have safety in numbers, even though they have all the guns. I'll start by providing two possibly extreme examples that might lead to a rapid victory, in what we must all now admit is an all-out war, notwithstanding our desire for universal peace. Example 1 We could set a date in the near future, after which all participating activists around the world cease to pay taxes of any kind. Even if only a small percentage of US participates, the financial tsunami will upset all of the enemies' plans. And the second example might be considered even more adventurous. We must hold a truly democratic world election, and choose our own world leaders." (I'm voting for those who propose an on-going policy of less government.) We can accumulate comments on this blog. Someone has to be first.