Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Signs of an approaching upset

by David West
Most people outside America are marvelling at just how much the American people allow themselves to be manipulated.

Following in the footsteps of a peanut farmer,  a Hollywood movie actor, and a failed business man, they now have a leader who isn't even an American. And the amazing thing is, the Americans actually believe that these people have powerful minds, and will truly represent their interests.

That's fine if you are a peanut farmer, an actor, a drunk or a Muslim Kenyan, but most people do not fit into those categories. And where did these 'leaders' gain the expertise to lead in excess of three hundred and eight million people.

    Year             Date              Population     
    1790     August 2, 1790       3,929,326     
    1890     June 2,    1890      62,947,714     
    1990     April 1,   1990      48,709,873     
    2010     April 1,   2010    308,745,538
    (or so they say. We don't get the real truth for 72 years)

Seems like Obama's job is just about one hundred times harder than Washington's. Is Obama a hundred times the man that Washington was?

If you have read this far, you are probably thoroughly indoctrinated in institutional thinking. It is a mind control system that has been taught by parents, teachers, employers and governments for so long that very few can see through the veils of delusion. They do not realise that they are living in a paradigm, and that there are other paradigms available.

Trust yourself.
Once we have controlled the extraneous piffle that indoctrination causes to rush through our minds every minute, we make space for something else. A faint voice in the backgroud that has spoken unheeded since birth, can now be heard. This is our higher self speaking.

We begin to listen during our peaceful times and realise that all we hear is good advice. However, we often proceed to ignore it, only to hear the same advice again and again in the future like a looping tape-recorder .

Over time, we learn to trust this voice more and more, and we call upon it for an answer whenever we feel we need help. We find that the voice even knows where we left our car keys.

It is a huge step of faith to begin to trust the voice completely, as all those around us will have no understanding of what motivates us. They have no idea what it is to be like when completely self-motivated, every waking minute of the day.

They often ignore their voice, because they do not wish to hear something that might be politically borderline, though this is highly likely in a period when politics has been way over the line for several centuries.

The voice of the higher self might be suggesting a change or cessation of habits that are totally engrained in the lower self. The voice will often suggest practical alternatives that are quite pleasant when experienced. And yet we still ignore the advice.
The voice will never suggest something that involves violence, or revenge, or interfering with other people or animals, except to help them when they ask.

We have reached a situation in earth cycles where there are more desperate people than there has ever been before. Wherever these people turn they receive insufficient help. So they are now turning inwards, and listening to their own higher self. Millions are becoming more confident every day. They will never allow anyone else to govern them again. They have matured, and are now complexly capable of allowing their higher self to govern them, and need no other form of government or representation. They will turn further away from government and cease supporting its insane and expensive ways.

These people know who they are, and they know they no longer need a government. But they feel that everyone else still needs a government, and so the governments remain.
When support for government ceases, there will be no government, and we will able to lead a happy life in accordance with our higher self, without undue interference. Self-government is the answer to each of our problems

So goodbye to governments and all that sail in them. Goodbye to the one percent and all your remaining slaves. Goodbye to war, starvation, and suffering, and all that created them.

Welcome to the era of cooperation and love