Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Political flu

A serious epidemic of politicians has come to light, with every country having several hundred people infected. It has been decided that they should all be quarantined for a minimum of five years, during which time the earth's problems are expected to be entirely solved. It is believed that all earth's problems have been created by a disease to which politicians are susceptible. (Corruptus politicanus: A serious disease affecting one on fifteen thousand people in England). It is these mentally-infected people who control the military and secret services which are also known to suffer from a variant of the same disease, displayed by their particularly warped and mischievous symptoms. Let's just try to follow the latest demonstration of insanity, due to corruptus politicanus. Fact A new way of detecting flu was being tested in Mexico by the USAF, and suddenly, totally by surprise, the scientists detected a type of flu that has never been detected before - the deadly H1N1. The process used to detect this type of flu must have been rapidly disseminated to hospitals around the world, otherwise it would be impossible to collect any data at all. There is no way could the doctors have known about H1N1 before March of this year, because the so-called first case has been traced to a little boy in Mexico who spent 3 days in bed in March, and then felt OK. Of the original 80 people who are said to have been affected by swine flu, only one had a mucous sample available - the same 5 year old boy. whose mucous was collected by a new doctor. When interviewed about swine flu, she just laughed. In fact there are no sensible statistics for influenza. It is such a common illness that most people treat themselves, and never become a statistic. Also they very rarely, if ever, die from influenza when self treating. A couple of days in bed, and all's well. It's usually the hospital cases that die. However if we were to just try to guestimate the numbers of people who catch flu, every day, we can see that 80 folk in Mexico is more like a fart in the ocean than an epidemic. But this has become an excuse to continue to use this unproven test, and surprise surprise, flu patients turn up all over the world. A few ways to beat this epidemic: 1)Turn off the TV. You've had quite enough bullshit for one lifetime. 2)Cancel the newspapers. The cost of toilet tissue is more affordable, and far more comfortable. 3)Stay away from hospitals, doctors, and anyone who insists on watching TV 4)Find a beautiful spot somewhere away from the cities, where there is fresh clean water, and some fertile land. 5)Build a simple house, and a simple life, devoid of political pleas for support. 6)Invite a few friends to create their own community with you, with their own rules, but don't call the village Mai Lai. 7)Stay out of the places where people might be infected by a politician's imagination, or with TVitus 8)Contact me after 2012, when your permaculture farm has flourished, and your house is powered by free energy. 

Monday, 27 April 2009

Flying pigs

In an article in The Times Online, just over a year ago (March 21st, 2007). Richard Lloyd Parry told us: "The Japanese government has warned doctors that Tamiflu, the drug being stockpiled around the world as a defence against a bird flu pandemic, should not be prescribed to teenagers for fear that it can lead to bizarre and self-destructive behaviour." "At least 18 Japanese children taking Tamiflu have died as a result of irrational behaviour." So what is happening in USA. Here's an example: "The government said it will release 25 percent of its stockpiles of the flu-fighting drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. Texas governor Rick Perry had previously requested 37,430 doses of Tamiflu be sent to his state from the Strategic National Stockpile." Presumably Mr Perry intends these vaccines to be used, and I would guess that a likely place to administer these concoctions would be in the schools. Can you imagine 37,430 teenagers in Texas with "bizarre and self-destructive behaviour"? No this is not a spoof. This is an accurate example of what the buffoons in charge have in store for us. The USA is not the only country lining Rumsfeld's pockets with Tamiflu profits (via Gilead Sciences) - all G8 countries have stockpiled Tamiflu. So we could be talking worldwide about millions of teenagers acting with "bizarre and self-destructive behaviour." But let's be realistic. Not all of the Tamiflu vaccinations would be given to teenagers. Some older folks would receive Tamiflu too, and everybody knows that "irrational behaviour" ends at age 20! This ironic conduct by the dark side is probably just about as stupid as the buffoons can get prior to the general citizenry wake up to the fact that they have been had. Surely they will wake up soon. They will wake up to discover that: Everybody gets flu, but very few die. The whole theory of vaccination is a complete hoax. Vaccination weakens the immune system when it needs to be strengthened. It is too much coincidence that a drug designed (but which failed) to combat avian flu could be one of only two drugs said to be effective against the latest hoax. And what of the other "flu inhibitor". Relenza is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, a British company, chaired by Sir Christopher Gent of whom Wikipedia says "Gent was one of four members of the compensation committee of the board at Lehman Brothers that authorized the payout for its failed CEO, Dick Fuld, considered in 2008 to be the most overpaid CEO with receiving $ 34 m in 2007 and $ 40.5 m in 2006." Yes, another of the companies working for the dark side. I believe there could be a significant benefit from this "pig flu over the cuckoo's nest" scenario. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature will realise exactly what is happening, and this realisation will be the start of a colossal wake-up, the flood tides of which the dark side will not be able to restrain. This could be the significant event that has been predicted to happen soon enough before 2012 to give time for the new culture to settle in, and all the rough edges to be worn off. It must be obvious to most people that the 'modern' culture is on the wrong path, if signalled by nothing other than the well-understood environmental destruction. On the other path, we have many treats waiting for us. Permaculture, to produce more healthy, more nutritious food at lower cost; the commercialisation of already-existing free energy devices, to provide us with free electricity - the revelation of thousands of previously well-held secrets - along with the freedom and happiness that truth and honesty, food and free energy provide. A world of love instead of a world of money. Yes, these flying pigs could be just the answer we have been waiting for.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Your friends need you!

Many of us do not realise that we are at war, and because many don't realise, we are losing. So many people are for some reason unable to accept that they have been led down the garden path. They insist on living in denial about the huge conspiracy that continues to control our lives - as soon as they see the word conspiracy, they switch off. Well now it's time to stay switched on. Our enemies are doing everything to maintain secrecy, so that we have to do some research and thinking before we learn anything. The reason for denial was that we were unable to make the huge changes to the belief system that become necessary once we discovered that we had been living on false foundations. However, when we took a huge stride back, and looked at the logic, we found it easier to accept. Few people refute that, during the times of Queen Victoria, Britain held most of the power in the world, and that Queen Victoria was a major element of that power. No monarch since Queen Victoria has featured quite so prominently. This is because of a decision taken on the death of Queen Victoria. The Aristocrats jointly agreed on the new plan, which was that overt colonialism should be replaced by covert colonialsm. A committee, called the Committee of Three Hundred, was set up to create a merger of business and government interests, and to continue with colonialism to its ultimate conclusion, one world power. This Committee has control of most of the world's money, through government banks, and control of the major industries that use the world's resources. Their major income comes through the control of the $400 billion per year illicit drug distribution industry, and the even larger legal drug industry. Not to mention the oil industry, South Africa's diamonds and gold, and many other aspects of commerce. You might already be saying "Oh! Another bloody conspiracy theory". If you are, then you are proving that the theory is fact. The intensity of insidious mind control techniques practised by The Illuminati/Committee of 300 means that full understanding and defensive techniques are required to avoid them. If you are not in possession of these techniques, and live amongst general society, then the chances are that you are no longer in control of your own mind, although of course you would never believe it. Here's a list of methods which The Illuminati try to use to control our mind, or to prevent it operating efficiently: Government Education processes TV, especially TV news Large circulation newspapers and magazines Internet, especially disinformation Mobile phones - vibrational frequencies Micro wave ovens - vibrational frequencies of food consumed Computer emissions HAARP transmissions Food, water and vaccinations Suppression of any alternative ideas Music and sport Polluted air and there are no doubt many others Here's an example of suppression Testatiker, or Swiss ML convertor Developed by Paul Baumann of the Methernitha movement during the seventies, this free energy device is a marvel that has been in operation for more than twenty years, supplying free electricity to the small self-sufficient Christian community, with no input except the surrounding atmosphere. For another example, try finding Permaculture, or chakra, in standard institutional dictionaries. So now we can see just how easy it is for our mind to be manipulated, especially if we are unaware. So, what do these conspirators plan for us? A One World Government and one-unit monetary system under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population. There will be no middle class, only rulers and servants. Only one religion will be allowed and that will be in the form of a One World Government Church, which has been in existence since 1920 as we shall see. Satanism, Luciferianism and Witchcraft shall he recognized as legitimate One World Government curricula with no private or church schools. All Christian churches have already been subverted and Christianity will be a thing of the past in the One World Government. To induce a state where there is no individual freedom or any concept of liberty surviving, there shall be no such thing as republicanism, sovereignty or rights residing with the people. National pride and racial identity shall be stamped out and in the transition phase it shall be subject to the severest penalties to even mention one's racial origin. Each person shall be fully indoctrinated that he or she is a creature of the One World Government with an identification number clearly marked on their person so as to be readily accessible, which identifying number shall be in the master file of the NATO computer in Brussels, Belgium, subject to instant retrieval by any agency of the One World Government at any time. Marriage shall be outlawed and there shall be no family life as we know it. Free sex shall be mandatory. Pornography shall be promoted and be compulsory showing in every theater of cinema, including homosexual and lesbian pornography. The economic system shall be based upon the ruling oligar-ethical class allowing just enough foods and services to be produced to keep the mass slave labor camps going. Industry is to be totally destroyed along with nuclear powered energy systems. Euthanasia for the terminally ill and the aged shall be compulsory. At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. All essential and non-essential pharmaceutical products, doctors, dentists and health care workers will be registered in the central computer data bank and no medicine or medical care will he prescribed without express permission of regional controllers responsible for each city, town and village. No central bank save the Bank of International Settlement and the World Bank shall be allowed to operate. There shall be no cash or coinage in the hands of the non-elite. Rival factions and groups such as Arabs and Jews and African tribes shall have differences magnified and allowed the wage wars of extermination against each other under the eyes of NATO and U.N. observers. All information services and print media shall be under the control of the One World Government. The voluminous all-pervading and enormous social psychiatry apparatus put in place by the Tavistock Institute and its huge web of related capabilities has been under the control of one single entity, and that entity is still in control as we enter 1992. That single entity, the conspirators' hierarchy, is called THE COMMITTEE OF 300. It is a power structure and a power center that operates far beyond the reach of any single world leader or any government, including the United States govern-ment and its Presidents--as the late John F. Kennedy found out. The Kennedy murder was an operation of the Committee of 300............. This is what is happening right now, with the financial crisis being a part of the plan. We can defeat these monsters if we hang together. If you are not yet sure, please find some time for some serious research. Don't believe me - you must convince yourself, and it's not easy. But continuing in denial is a huge gamble. Advanced knowledge and preparation is far more expedient. I'm still horrified daily by new discoveries, after over ten years of research.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Loss of Ego

The loss of ego means ceasing to make calculated decisions, with all decision making delegated to the higher self, resulting in higher quality decisions. But it really is a huge letting go. Do we really trust our higher self to make better decisions than our ego. Seems like a stupid question, but it perfectly describes our daily behaviour. We spend much of our time planning for the future, or living in the past, and very little time living in the now. Once we start to live in the now, we completely let go of our past guilt, and our future fears, knowing that our true, non-egotistical self is being well taken care of. Our problem all along has been a lack of confidence, combined with an excess of one-sided training. We have never trusted ourselves enough to just allow things to happen. We have always wanted to be an active part of the happening. We have been trained to make full use of or mind and body. But we have not been trained to make full use of our spirit. So in activating our body and mind to such extremes, we have completely buried the subtle vibrations of the spirit. If only we are able to discover some way to just stop.............. Once we have learned sufficient humility to realise that the body/mind combination is significantly inferior to the body/mind/spirit complex, then we begin to listen to the voice of the spirit. It is the still small voice that berates us when we screw up, and congratulates us when we do well. If we were able to listen to that still small voice all the time, instead of the sound of the MP3/TV/local gossip combination, then we would have a far more satisfying life. I know I do - when I remember!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Who are they?

Who are they? They go under a variety of names, designed to confuse the casual reasearcher, and most of the general public. They are amazingly tenuous in achieving their objectives. Many of them are very famous people. They have set the standards for human culture for well over two hundred years. They have decided what will be included in our education curricula, which diseases we should cure and create, what taxes are paid, the prices of oil and gold, what should be secret and what should be public, and what we believe. They already control our lives almost completely, but most people are not prepared to accept or admit it - which accelerates their rate of success. The intensity of pervasive advertising requires the very strongest of will power to ignore it, and most of the public have not had the opportunity to develop this power. Who are we There are several popular groups on this planet, with the most popular being the most controlled. But for every few hundred that have fallen completely for the illusion, then a few have gained the ability to see through it, or through some of the seven veils. The first veil is red and indicates survival. We have all danced through that one. The second veil is called social, and refers to the relationships between ourselves and our friends and acquaintances. The third veil remains closed for many, as it is the veil of the intellect. Logical reasoning and clear thought are the hallmarks of this veil. The fourth veil is related to love. But this isn't the romantic or sexual "girl meets boy or equivalent" love depicted in today's entertainment arena. This is a love of life. The fifth veil is dedicated to a special thought or thing. We become devoted to this thing and we dedicate our lives to this thought or thing. The sixth veil brings us intuition. We probably gain some psychic abilities such as telepathy, or clairvoyance. And the seventh veil brings us face to face with god - for a brief moment. We have a sudden and immediate understanding of so much more. And we will never forget that 'they' are The Committee! but we are much more!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

"The Limits of my Mind"

I came across this short essay, and thought you might be interested. Its called "The Limits of my Mind" Some people are cleverer than me, and some are less clever, but everyone has limits to their mind - my mind is not infinite. The boundary between my mind and my spirit is unclear, with my subconscious having the task of clarifying, and being the translator and negotiator between my mind and my spirit. If I can dig into my sub-conscious, and clear out the pathways that lead towards my spirit, then I can have an infinite mind. Learning this would undoubtedly be a better form of education than sitting on my arse in a classroom with stacks of other kids looking at boring books, and listening to boring people drone on all day. This was in fact not the form of education that was given to our greatest ever teachers. In those days, interested people would gather on some mountain or other, to listen to a wise man speak. A bit like today's rock concerts really! And we all know that a rock concert is far more fun than school. I wonder why it is that these brain-dead adults insist that we all go through this ridiculously pointless torture. The things that we learn at school that are of any benefit to life could easily be learned at home. And while being at home, we would learn far more about life than we would ever learn in fifty years of school. Schools were originally designed to prepare children for adulthood, but now they are used to prepare adults to behave like children. The ridiculous things that the stupid teachers do without ever thinking or noticing the dozen or so signs that the students are showing are worse than visitors to a zoo. Here is the curriculum for teachers next few minutes of speed learning. Teachers. People who can't do, so they teach. Military. A handful of demented people who like playing war games. Terrorists. Secret service in disguise. Medicine. A way of killing you early. Cancer cures have been available for well over 20 years - vaccination is a complete hoax. Schools. A healthy teenager should never be sat on his arse all day - who's running this world? Sport. A way of making sure I don't do much speed learning. Food. A way of delegating the pleasures of food-growing and preparation to some puffs and clowns on the tele. Entertainment. A way of guaranteeing that my spirit and my body never meet. Going to work. Proof that slavery never ended. Reality. Something that other people are unaware off. That's enough speed learning for today. Back to school/work tomorrow! It seems to me that most of the people who relish the idea of making my life's decisions for me, don't consider me very much in their thinking. It is for this reason that I have decided to make my decisions myself and I hereby resign my nationality, and all memberships of any organisations that want to run my life. Up yours!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Secrets, computer security and character traits.

When computers were first built, they were so difficult to get started that no-one was ever concerned about data being stolen. No two computers were completely compatible, so there was no telephone communication between computers and most computers were so slow that a skilful abacus operator could almost beat them. Then as operating systems became more standard, and mass computing began under Windows, there came a problem within the computer industry of companies stealing each other's software. This was the first call for computer security beyond the use of passwords. Now look what we have today. A huge percentage of the world's computing effort is involved with computer security. Why is any of it necessary? What are all these secrets that everybody wants to keep? The simple answer is fear. It starts with the governments, who at some time or other started some kind of secret service, and now it is so huge, and so secret, that it is completely out of control. There are so many branches hiding true information and producing false information, that no-one in the world knows what is true, and what is false. So we have a world full of people, most of whom have a belief system based on the imagination of some computer geek in Langley. It's high time that something was done to put this right. In today's so called civilised world, we shouldn't be squabbling over the last vestiges of the earth's resources, we should be far more united and compassionate than that. We should smooth over these huge barriers between countries, and slowly allow all the border control requirements to subside, and allow the world population to complete is natural migrations. The reasons for one kind of people being in one particular place at one particular time are far beyond the understanding of man, with or without computers and their security. I wonder when it was that computers became deified. Probably quite soon after money. The best thing that can possibly be done with all this stimulus money that the IMF has so miraculously produced from nowhere, is to provide for a comfortable retirement for all secret service operatives, world wide. Then there would be no secrets, and then we wouldn't all have to spend half our lives trying to remember the name of the last dog but two, because we once used it as a password. But here we have an excellent opportunity for a lesson. If we find that there is some information in our computer that we do not want others to know about, then our first question should be "Why don't I want anybody to know about it?". If it's dirty pictures, it's far less obtrusive than last century's piles of Penthouses under every teenagers bed, so why not share them. If it's information about someone else, then aren't you perpetrating what you are afraid of. If it's information about you, then do you feel guilty or embarrassed. Please answer your own questions honestly, and you will soon find the next character trait that needs working on.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Living in real time

When we begin to live in real time, we will often appear to be crazy to those who are still living in dreamland, and actually are crazy. Of course, in real time, time itself has far less significance than it does in dreamland. Vibrations become far more significant than time. We are far more aware of what we feel like.. As the joke in our family used to run - Mother: "I feel like a cup of tea" - Father: "You don't look like one". Of course if we are going with the flow, which is what we are all trying to do, then we need to be aware of several things. The first thing we need to know is which way the flow goes, and the second thing to know is which way we are facing - it might be necessary to turn around. But having got those two fundamentals right, we still have more to do. As we lazily float along in our paradisic world, with time to smell the roses and experience everything that is happening around us, there are various obstacles that seem to be attracted to our position. The floating log that might capsize the boat, the overhanging branch that will be dangerous if we don't keep our heads down, the weather forecast, the lack of food storage, and a wide variety of fears and creations. All creations. Creations of our own mind. We really do underestimate our own magical personalities. We've all heard stories about "You make your own life" but few of us have considered the deepest meaning of that. When we consider what a life is, we realise that it is a series of decisions, with linking actions. We make decisions hundreds of time per day. What shall I have for dinner, who can I call now, What shall I wear - non-stop decisions. If any one decision goes one way instead of the other, then a portion of our life will have a different experience. As a result, we are never the same person again. Every single decision is literally vital. How much sugar in my coffee, shall I play with the kids, I must get some peace and quiet, I'm hungry, what time is it? It never stops. We never stop building our lives. If we want a better life, it is very easy. All we have to do is to make better decisions. And to do that all we have to do is to become better informed. Being better informed makes for better decisions. The better our decisions, the better our life becomes. So we have to gain several steps in increased ability. 1 - the ability to make decisions. 2 - the ability to critically observe the results of our decisions, in order that we may improve our decision making. (Most people are stuck on this bit). We decide to do something, and something unexpected happens, and we never relate the two, so we never learn. We have to gain the ability to observe the results of our decisions. And that is not easy, and learning this grows into a very self-critical and self-advancing process. Just to learn to regularly ask ourselves: "Is what I am about to do or say kind and helpful? Is this being done out of love?" and then making our decision, we will invariably find that our lives takes a turn for the better. It's only natural for it to do so.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

This is taken from someone else's blog She says it so much more eloquently than I could.
Sunday, 05 April 2009

It's happening daily now, almost hourly-rampant eruptions of violence throughout the so-called developed world. As civilization unravels, the uncivilized behavior of humans is becoming viral, and the culture of empire is quite simply going mad as its values, assumptions, and reasons for existing are evaporating with dizzying speed. For those who are and have been collapse-aware for some time, it is important not only to make sense of the epidemic violence, but to incorporate skillful responses to it.

First, I believe we need to deeply discern what is actually happening psychologically. The current outbreaks of violence are about more than unemployment and financial stressors. Yes, job loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, homelessness, and loss of health care are breaking people and communities in pieces. Yet something even more fundamental is seething beneath the surface--something of which these losses are symptomatic.

Underlying the chaos is the reality of civilization's dissolution. But what does that actually mean?

For one thing, it means that civilization has been inherently infantilizing. It teaches its members that their reason for existing on earth is to consume-that they have absolutely no other meaning or purpose but to produce money in order to spend it and thereby incessantly oil the machinery of maniacal, unrestrained growth. A world view of this kind can only result in a culture that has virtually no inner life-a culture in which one's reason for being lies entirely outside of oneself. We're not talking compassion or altruism here as in mindfulness of the well being of others. That results only from a highly developed inner life that understands that consuming is a miniscule aspect of life based on fundamental survival needs and that is willing to put even survival needs on the back burner in order to support other members of the earth community.

Empire, which I use synonymously with civilization, is all about keeping the focus external to oneself for the purpose of enhancing the well being of a few dominant individuals in a strictly prescribed hierarchical system which encompasses all of the culture's institutions. From birth, citizens of empire are taught to serve that system by way of education, career choices, work, marriage, family, home ownership, political participation, and religion. When citizens reach a certain age, they are thrown away by the culture because they no longer have value in perpetuating the system but now require service from the system. Until that time, throughout adult life, one's primary identity is that of a producer who willingly focuses above all else on working, consuming, and paying taxes. Any other role the producer has-parent, spouse, volunteer-must be secondary to the role of worker/consumer/taxpayer. Naturally, to maintain the level of growth the ruling elite of the culture believe is necessary, a certain level of production/consumption is required. I hasten to add that as I use the word "producer", I'm not referring to producing anything sustainable, but rather the production of whatever is of value to the system which that system compensates in the form of money which then, by way of the system, becomes debt.

Citizens of empire are taught that the total abdication of inner life on behalf of decades of servitude to the needs of the external hierarchical machine is not only normal and natural, but their fundamental duty as human beings. In other words, traversing any other path than this one is synonymous with "failure", "ingratitude", "slothfulness", even "treason." Nowhere is this more exquisitely depicted, in my opinion, than in the recent film "Revolutionary Road" by actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo De Caprio.

Moreover, citizens are constantly rewarded for refusing to question these assumptions. To question would be to demonstrate disturbing symptoms of adulthood. Empire needs infantile servility in order to perpetuate itself indefinitely.

The psyches, then, of empire's citizens are ill-equipped to deal with variation from the system's proscribed roles or functions. Empire, like a "good" parent, gives one everything one "needs" in return for production-until it doesn't, and when it doesn't, the citizen has no recourse emotionally because he/she has lived in psychological symbiosis with empire since birth. Does this sound like the relationship between an abuse victim and the abuser?

"I've been used!", cries the abused, having believed that to keep quiet and play by the rules would be better than breaking silence. But we have only to ask the currently unemployed, homeless, foreclosed upon, and bankrupt how well credit scores and paying their bills on time served them.

So now it becomes clearer to us what is happening in the psyches of millions of individuals who are losing their roles in the imperial system-and in the psyches of those who are not. The entire culture is under unprecedented stress, except perhaps for those old enough to have lived through the Great Depression. On some level, many of them "grew up" and stopped being infants during their ordeal. The 1930s in America was an enormous initiation which they moved through and became wiser and more authentically adult for having done so. This is not to say that every person now alive who lived through the Great Depression is a paragon of wizened maturity, but rather to notice that their survival of it has informed their behavior and attitudes since and actually equipped many of them to face the current crisis more skillfully than younger generations.

As for those in the present moment who have jobs, homes, and healthcare, they realize on some level how precarious their position is. They have these things now, but it's only a matter of time until they may not. And consciously or unconsciously, this is creating gargantuan levels of stress among "more fortunate" Americans.

But none of this is likely to be new information for those reading this article, and you may be wondering much more about the second half of the title than the first. Before addressing that, however, I believe that it's important to understand that the current epidemic of violence is likely to become far more severe and widespread. Understanding why it's happening is crucial, but if you have a beating heart, you have to be concerned about when and where it's going to erupt next. You also need to understand that as the violence exacerbates, more individuals and groups will be perceived as scapegoats. Currently, in France, CEO's are being taken hostage as they are experienced as the primary culprits of that nation's economic crisis. In the United States, we are likely to see as we did in Binghamton, New York this past week, the targeting of immigrant groups-even by other immigrants, or just intensifying family or random violence.

Some collapse-aware individuals have chosen to purchase weapons for protection. In a culture gone mad, it's debatable how much protection firearms can actually offer, but if it feels right to do so, in my opinion, one should respect that and act accordingly.

Dialog at this point is still an enormously important option, especially as we interact with folks who've been telling us for years that we are lunatics for preparing for collapse. In fact, the timing couldn't be better for these kinds of conversations, but we need to maintain an innocent, open attitude, not one of "I told you so", as much as some part of us might wish project it.

Equally vital and life-supporting is our involvement in community efforts such as Transition Town and relocalization groups which offer us the opportunity to take local action, develop deep connections, and delight in the healing energy of validation and support from our peers. I believe that as cultural violence spreads in reaction to the trauma of collapse, these groups will be forced to strategize methods for looking out for each other's well being. Dmitry Orlov has a great deal to say about this in Re-Inventing Collapse which I highly recommend reading.

Shamelessly, I must recommend my book Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse which is not primarily a book of information, but contains at the end of nearly every chapter, experiential exercises that both individuals and groups can engage in and which could be very useful in alleviating stress and promoting understanding.

I wrote Sacred Demise specifically to offer the kind of introspection in the face of collapse that is going to be crucial for all of us in order to navigate it emotionally and spiritually. Empire has stolen so much of the inner world from us, and in order to make sense of the turbulent unraveling, we must reclaim our interiority. John Michael Greer brilliantly titled his recent review of my book, "Facing Decline, Facing Ourselves." In truth, we cannot face one without facing the other, for only both in tandem will allow us to navigate the madness.

G20 cause and effect.

The primary decision of the G20 meeting in London was to provide the IMF with an additional 1.1 trillion dollars. And where will they get it from - right - they will just print it. So the net effect of this surprisingly stupid decision will be to significantly devalue the currency of each of the G20 countries. That is except China, who will not need to issue new currency, because of its magnificent reserves. So other currencies will be devalued, but the Chinese currency will remain stable. This would seem to make the Chinese Yuan a serious contender for the position of reserve currency, now that the dollar has proved to be so unreliable. With an obvious expected relative increase in yuan value, right now would be a good time to declare the yuan as an intermediate currency, while all the necessary work is done to organise a new master basket currency. I for one would feel much happier with my investment being backed by yuan than I would be for an investment backed by dollars. All we need to do is to ask China which name they prefer - yuan, remimbi, RMB. or kwai?