Monday, 27 April 2009

Flying pigs

In an article in The Times Online, just over a year ago (March 21st, 2007). Richard Lloyd Parry told us: "The Japanese government has warned doctors that Tamiflu, the drug being stockpiled around the world as a defence against a bird flu pandemic, should not be prescribed to teenagers for fear that it can lead to bizarre and self-destructive behaviour." "At least 18 Japanese children taking Tamiflu have died as a result of irrational behaviour." So what is happening in USA. Here's an example: "The government said it will release 25 percent of its stockpiles of the flu-fighting drugs Tamiflu and Relenza. Texas governor Rick Perry had previously requested 37,430 doses of Tamiflu be sent to his state from the Strategic National Stockpile." Presumably Mr Perry intends these vaccines to be used, and I would guess that a likely place to administer these concoctions would be in the schools. Can you imagine 37,430 teenagers in Texas with "bizarre and self-destructive behaviour"? No this is not a spoof. This is an accurate example of what the buffoons in charge have in store for us. The USA is not the only country lining Rumsfeld's pockets with Tamiflu profits (via Gilead Sciences) - all G8 countries have stockpiled Tamiflu. So we could be talking worldwide about millions of teenagers acting with "bizarre and self-destructive behaviour." But let's be realistic. Not all of the Tamiflu vaccinations would be given to teenagers. Some older folks would receive Tamiflu too, and everybody knows that "irrational behaviour" ends at age 20! This ironic conduct by the dark side is probably just about as stupid as the buffoons can get prior to the general citizenry wake up to the fact that they have been had. Surely they will wake up soon. They will wake up to discover that: Everybody gets flu, but very few die. The whole theory of vaccination is a complete hoax. Vaccination weakens the immune system when it needs to be strengthened. It is too much coincidence that a drug designed (but which failed) to combat avian flu could be one of only two drugs said to be effective against the latest hoax. And what of the other "flu inhibitor". Relenza is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, a British company, chaired by Sir Christopher Gent of whom Wikipedia says "Gent was one of four members of the compensation committee of the board at Lehman Brothers that authorized the payout for its failed CEO, Dick Fuld, considered in 2008 to be the most overpaid CEO with receiving $ 34 m in 2007 and $ 40.5 m in 2006." Yes, another of the companies working for the dark side. I believe there could be a significant benefit from this "pig flu over the cuckoo's nest" scenario. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature will realise exactly what is happening, and this realisation will be the start of a colossal wake-up, the flood tides of which the dark side will not be able to restrain. This could be the significant event that has been predicted to happen soon enough before 2012 to give time for the new culture to settle in, and all the rough edges to be worn off. It must be obvious to most people that the 'modern' culture is on the wrong path, if signalled by nothing other than the well-understood environmental destruction. On the other path, we have many treats waiting for us. Permaculture, to produce more healthy, more nutritious food at lower cost; the commercialisation of already-existing free energy devices, to provide us with free electricity - the revelation of thousands of previously well-held secrets - along with the freedom and happiness that truth and honesty, food and free energy provide. A world of love instead of a world of money. Yes, these flying pigs could be just the answer we have been waiting for.
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