Monday, 20 April 2009

The Loss of Ego

The loss of ego means ceasing to make calculated decisions, with all decision making delegated to the higher self, resulting in higher quality decisions. But it really is a huge letting go. Do we really trust our higher self to make better decisions than our ego. Seems like a stupid question, but it perfectly describes our daily behaviour. We spend much of our time planning for the future, or living in the past, and very little time living in the now. Once we start to live in the now, we completely let go of our past guilt, and our future fears, knowing that our true, non-egotistical self is being well taken care of. Our problem all along has been a lack of confidence, combined with an excess of one-sided training. We have never trusted ourselves enough to just allow things to happen. We have always wanted to be an active part of the happening. We have been trained to make full use of or mind and body. But we have not been trained to make full use of our spirit. So in activating our body and mind to such extremes, we have completely buried the subtle vibrations of the spirit. If only we are able to discover some way to just stop.............. Once we have learned sufficient humility to realise that the body/mind combination is significantly inferior to the body/mind/spirit complex, then we begin to listen to the voice of the spirit. It is the still small voice that berates us when we screw up, and congratulates us when we do well. If we were able to listen to that still small voice all the time, instead of the sound of the MP3/TV/local gossip combination, then we would have a far more satisfying life. I know I do - when I remember!
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