Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Who are they?

Who are they? They go under a variety of names, designed to confuse the casual reasearcher, and most of the general public. They are amazingly tenuous in achieving their objectives. Many of them are very famous people. They have set the standards for human culture for well over two hundred years. They have decided what will be included in our education curricula, which diseases we should cure and create, what taxes are paid, the prices of oil and gold, what should be secret and what should be public, and what we believe. They already control our lives almost completely, but most people are not prepared to accept or admit it - which accelerates their rate of success. The intensity of pervasive advertising requires the very strongest of will power to ignore it, and most of the public have not had the opportunity to develop this power. Who are we There are several popular groups on this planet, with the most popular being the most controlled. But for every few hundred that have fallen completely for the illusion, then a few have gained the ability to see through it, or through some of the seven veils. The first veil is red and indicates survival. We have all danced through that one. The second veil is called social, and refers to the relationships between ourselves and our friends and acquaintances. The third veil remains closed for many, as it is the veil of the intellect. Logical reasoning and clear thought are the hallmarks of this veil. The fourth veil is related to love. But this isn't the romantic or sexual "girl meets boy or equivalent" love depicted in today's entertainment arena. This is a love of life. The fifth veil is dedicated to a special thought or thing. We become devoted to this thing and we dedicate our lives to this thought or thing. The sixth veil brings us intuition. We probably gain some psychic abilities such as telepathy, or clairvoyance. And the seventh veil brings us face to face with god - for a brief moment. We have a sudden and immediate understanding of so much more. And we will never forget that 'they' are The Committee! but we are much more!
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