Saturday, 28 February 2009

Today's headlines from the BBC

US economy suffers sharp nosedive The US economy shrank by 6.2% in the last three months of 2008 revised official figures show, sending stocks spiralling lower. 1 - Why was it necessary to revise the figures? Had someone been trying to hide something? 2 - How come that stock prices, which I thought were supposed to reflect current company performance, take a nose dive five months after the event? (or if the 2008 referred to is the US fiscal year 1 October - 30 September- up to eight months after the event). This indicates that the financial information that the lunatics are basing their madcap schemes on is still not reflecting today's reality. The predictions are still way too high!!! Planted any spuds yet?

Friday, 27 February 2009

Let's not look upon the demise of our financial base as a bad thing

One week on, and we are now beginning to hear predictions of even less growth, and the likely length of the depression increasing. It's a little unfortunate that the only people who can get a word into the newspapers or onto the television, are in fact prime candidates for being helped by the men in white coats. All they succeed in doing is causing confusion amongst those of us who are in the process of evolving into a more sensible human being. The old "modern" paradigm has lived its life - bring on the new paradigm. The nearest parallel I can think of was when Imperial China was taken over by Maoist China. Could the people who were around in those times have predicted such dramatic change? Absolutely no way, but here is one of hundreds of similar examples - things do change. The modern era has been dominated by business, and profit has become the sole reason for some people to live. They are so locked inside the box that they are not even aware that they are living inside a paradigm, and as a result are completely unable to imagine a different one. These are the people who are eventually destined to be classified as insane, just as those are today who continue to declare that the earth is flat. Sane people would not base the on-going survival of the human species on a foundation of business having infinite growth. There are many alternative foundations for life, and the most likely suggestions to succeed are those alternatives that are aligned with nature. In the new paradigm, deeper truths will be recognised. Our scientists and philosophers will be telling us that we are a part of nature, and not master of it - we do not own the earth - it owns us. Let's not look upon the demise of our financial base as a bad thing. In fact it can be turned into a very good thing. It gives us the opportunity to walk away from our present destructive way of life, and to actually DO something about the earth's environmental problems. We are being told that it's already too late, but as the saying goes, it's never too late. However, certainly now is the time. We do not own the earth, despite what we are told by various governments and real estate agents.We have been given an opportunity to manifest a body which can stay here for a while, but if we abuse that privilege then we are delaying our own personal and spiritual evolution. We must wake up to the fact that our lifestyles have become lazy, unhealthy and pointless, and as we suck the earth's energy instead of using our own, each one of us is unable to fulfil our true potential. We will soon start to wonder why we were born - a question that most people surprisingly cannot answer. It would seem a childish notion to consider that we were born to become rich, or to collect amazing quantities of material things. So we see that most of the people who encourage and govern us, and manage the earth's resources, and whom we presently elect and worship are in fact no more than children. When we mature into an adult, we cease to need all of today's toys, and we begin to realise that life has much more meaning than adding a couple of percentage points to a P & L account. We desperately need new leaders, and as we have tried all forms of leadership only to discover that they failed, we had better discover a very different kind of leader. We will begin to lead ourselves. We will draw back all the responsibilities and power that we have delegated to these failed leaders. We will cease to be dependent on the state and big business for our survival. We will withdraw from the cities, as soon as we realise that they are the source of all evil and environmental destruction, (probably because they are so far out of line from nature). City people have become ungrounded - they have completely lost all connection with the spirit that manifested them. Their daily activities and thoughts are unhealthy, and definitely do not show any meaningful reason for their birth. They are exactly what the CIA calls them - useless eaters. Most of the useless eaters will be unable to find a way of living once their faces are taken off the TV and out of the newspapers. They contribute nothing meaningful to society, and in fact are delaying the evolution of society. The survivors will be those who have developed the necessary survival skills - those who are able to grow and cook their own food, and educate their own children, and look after their own health. These people will not wake up every morning fretting about money, or spending most of their day being concerned about their coiffure or fashion. They will not spend huge chunks of their time shopping. All of that is far behind us, if only we could realise it. The earth is moving on - its vibration rate is becoming higher - it is heating up, along with the rest of the universe, as another step in the evolution of our solar system. If we can get enough intelligent people to align themselves and their lives with nature, then we can use our wisdom to help us to survive - or else we can continue to talk about limited business growth this year - derrhh!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Financial insanity

Decent management? This press-cutting from today's news is typical of the logic that the whole institutionalised world is following. Goodyear posts loss, plans 5,000 job cuts: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co plans to cut 5,000 jobs worldwide in 2009, or 6.7 percent of its staff, after a prolonged downturn in vehicle demand led to a deeper-than-expected loss in the fourth quarter.

Any decent management that was honest with itself, its shareholders and its staff, would be organising its work force and business based on budgets and market plans. Decent management considers tomorrow and the future, not yesterday and the past.

It would seem obvious to me that a company like Goodyear should be making its plans based on the likely future events in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

In the same news release, we are told:

"G.M. To Cut 47,000 Jobs While Chrysler Will Dump 3,000 Positions:"

I would have thought that this would indicate a serious likely-hood that the need for tyres might diminish.

But not the management of Goodyear - like every manager who is in the process of sinking with his ship, Goodyear management will remain optimistic up to the day they leave HQ for the last time. The Goodyear web site tells us that they are expecting improvements - an entry in 2007 shows: "Savings of $610 million expected from new union contract in U.S., $300 million annual savings after 2008". Keeping jobs How do these people keep their jobs - they aren't even competent enough to remove the historical lies from their own web site, even when they have been proven wrong! This is the result of the insanity which is affecting the whole capital world - they are not able to accept that consistent never-ending annual growth is an insane premise on which to base a business that operates in a finite world. Even today, 19th February 2009, almost all governments and corporations are suggesting that growth will be lower than originally estimated. Utter insanity. There isn't the slightest hope of any growth anywhere with the possible exception of maybe one or two survivalist stores. Another news story confirms this:

Consumers Cut Food Spending Sharply:

Markets and Restaurants Feel the Pinch as People Purchase Generic Brands and Stay Home

This again is historical information. What projections are these restaurants making for the future period after all these workers have been laid off for a month, with no income! Are they going to accept food stamps?

Disaster We are headed for a disaster of the kind the world has never witnessed before.

Never before has global business completely controlled the lives of all of us. The demise of global business is certain to lead to the demise of the global citizenry, and that includes you and me. Never before have businesses been so huge and so intertwined that the demise of one area is sure to generate the demise of another. There is not the slightest hope of attaining any of the projections that any business or corporation is presently bandying around - but what else can they do - they are trying to protect their own jobs too, like everybody else..

It is time to give up the pretence - those who wake up first stand the best chance of survival. Those who remain inside their dream will eventually wake up to the worst nightmare imaginable - far too late to do anything about it.

If we face up to reality, today, right now, while some of the dwindling resources still remain, there is a possibility of completely reorganising our lives along more sensible lines, and surviving.

If we continue to follow the fantasies created by these insanely optimistic people who run our governments, corporations, and media, then we are all doomed,

I say it is time to abandon the current rhetoric regarding these so-called stimulus plans. We must begin to seriously discuss what these ridiculous ideas will actually stimulate.

I believe they may benefit a few of the banking fraternity, but I cannot see any benefit whatever for we lesser mortals.

The real stimulus for ordinary folk will be to find food!

When there is insufficient food on the supermarket shelves, will a government donation to a bank, of money that doesn't even exist, provide real sustenance?.

The supermarket is the place that most people around the world obtain their food. Even the Chinese, who twenty years ago thought a super market was one that was open, now obtain most of their family food in the supermarket.

Just what will happen when the last bag of potatoes or rice has gone.

We shouldn't expect any government to save us - they are having a hard enough time trying to save themselves.

It's almost already too late to start planting our own food, but that is DEFINITELY the best chance we have. If we wait until the shortage becomes obvious on the shelves, we will have no chance of protecting our garden from the starving hoards. When a man's family is short of food, all morals are abandoned, and absolute chaos ensues.


(Information that will help with survival and evolution is available at

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Monkeysphere is a new word, borrowed from David Wong's recent article.
I hope my understanding is adequate, because it forms the basis of this extension to the monkeysphere theory.
Our MONKEYSPHERE can briefly be described as our circle of acquaintances.
Outside of that circle, we generally show little concern for others. However there is usually a cultural agreement that precludes one monkeysphere from upsetting its neighbours.
If we consider the idea of monkeyspheres for a while, we can discover many interesting things about human development.
It appears that for most of our early years, we strive to reach the centre of our monkeysphere, attempting to be popular with everyone within our monkeysphere, even though we often fail miserably.
Then, somewhere around puberty, we realise that we are mistakenly trying to centre ourselves on someone else's monkeysphere. This is not our chosen monkeysphere. We are here under duress - we have a need to develop our own monkeysphere more suited to our needs, and often somewhat different to that of our parent's.
Just how different is very dependent on the personalities of our parent's. If our parents are flexible they will assist in expanding and adjusting their own monkeysphere in order to incorporate our needs.
But for those parents unable to make these adjustments, then their offspring will spring off, and form their own monkeysphere, over which the parents will have very little influence.
Or alternatively the offspring will form it's own family which will gradually enlarge and develop the original monkeysphere.
So, we can see that in a similar way the melding of two generation's monkeysphere's it is easy for one monkeysphere to meld with that of a neighbour, and as time passes physical, mental and spiritual evolution take place.
The main problem with much evolution theory is that the evolution of the mind and spirit are completely ignored. In fact they are so much ignored, that the advocates of Darwin's theory omit to recognise that the starting point of the evolution of the human body is the spirit. The spirit enables mind to function, and mind is the creative force, as stated by Hermes' First Universal Law. Everything that exists on the material plane commenced life as mind. The material body is simply a means by which the mind and spirit can be expressed. There are some scientists who disagree with Darwin - they have adopted an oxymoron - "intelligent design". These people are not sufficiently intelligent to realise the truth of the simple statement above, or the true power of the mind.
So, back to the evolvement theme, we can easily see how families become tribes, tribes become nations, nations become united nations, and unions become the entire world and everything in it, as a single monkeysphere. However for this to happen we all have to develop the ability to show a reasonable amount of consideration to all those outside our personal monkeysphere.
If we apply the Universal Hermetic Law that states - as above, so below - we can extend this level and direction of thinking to a point were we see that the world could become united with cultures from other planets, in what some people are calling a Galactic Federation.
For those who follow this line of thinking, and who probably use similar arguments to those heard during the formation of the European Union, and The United States two hundred years earlier, they can see that the forward looking people of earth should be promoting and encouraging the human race to join the Galactic Federation.
Unfortunately, like all Federations, this one also has its enemies, and even more unfortunately, these enemies of the Galactic Federation have take control of our governments and major businesses. This of course accounts for all the UFO secrecy, cover ups and general hogwash - including the distorted stories surrounding the extra-terrestrial voyages of man and his machines.
It also accounts for the total buffoonery that takes place in our esteemed Houses of Government, where each government's overall hidden objective is to adjust the earth's atmosphere to one more suitable for an invading force.
Meanwhile, everyone's mind is kept solidly and constantly occupied with day-to-day survival, the Olympics, the American Election, the Financial Disaster, the keeping-down-with-the Joneses, sports stars proving whose got the finest touch or the biggest balls, and the constant consideration of whether we will ever lay that very attractive next door neighbour.
So we are waiting for every single person on the planet to become a part of the global monkeysphere, at which time all the stupidity will cease.
It would seem an impossible expectation for every person to agree, but by glancing back over our logic, we can see that if just one person in each monkeysphere could become aware of the monkeysphere theory, and could persuade the others in his/her own monkeysphere to examine the theory as an alternative to the current hopeless situation, then we could achieve our aim of a harmonious world.