Sunday, 1 February 2009


Monkeysphere is a new word, borrowed from David Wong's recent article.
I hope my understanding is adequate, because it forms the basis of this extension to the monkeysphere theory.
Our MONKEYSPHERE can briefly be described as our circle of acquaintances.
Outside of that circle, we generally show little concern for others. However there is usually a cultural agreement that precludes one monkeysphere from upsetting its neighbours.
If we consider the idea of monkeyspheres for a while, we can discover many interesting things about human development.
It appears that for most of our early years, we strive to reach the centre of our monkeysphere, attempting to be popular with everyone within our monkeysphere, even though we often fail miserably.
Then, somewhere around puberty, we realise that we are mistakenly trying to centre ourselves on someone else's monkeysphere. This is not our chosen monkeysphere. We are here under duress - we have a need to develop our own monkeysphere more suited to our needs, and often somewhat different to that of our parent's.
Just how different is very dependent on the personalities of our parent's. If our parents are flexible they will assist in expanding and adjusting their own monkeysphere in order to incorporate our needs.
But for those parents unable to make these adjustments, then their offspring will spring off, and form their own monkeysphere, over which the parents will have very little influence.
Or alternatively the offspring will form it's own family which will gradually enlarge and develop the original monkeysphere.
So, we can see that in a similar way the melding of two generation's monkeysphere's it is easy for one monkeysphere to meld with that of a neighbour, and as time passes physical, mental and spiritual evolution take place.
The main problem with much evolution theory is that the evolution of the mind and spirit are completely ignored. In fact they are so much ignored, that the advocates of Darwin's theory omit to recognise that the starting point of the evolution of the human body is the spirit. The spirit enables mind to function, and mind is the creative force, as stated by Hermes' First Universal Law. Everything that exists on the material plane commenced life as mind. The material body is simply a means by which the mind and spirit can be expressed. There are some scientists who disagree with Darwin - they have adopted an oxymoron - "intelligent design". These people are not sufficiently intelligent to realise the truth of the simple statement above, or the true power of the mind.
So, back to the evolvement theme, we can easily see how families become tribes, tribes become nations, nations become united nations, and unions become the entire world and everything in it, as a single monkeysphere. However for this to happen we all have to develop the ability to show a reasonable amount of consideration to all those outside our personal monkeysphere.
If we apply the Universal Hermetic Law that states - as above, so below - we can extend this level and direction of thinking to a point were we see that the world could become united with cultures from other planets, in what some people are calling a Galactic Federation.
For those who follow this line of thinking, and who probably use similar arguments to those heard during the formation of the European Union, and The United States two hundred years earlier, they can see that the forward looking people of earth should be promoting and encouraging the human race to join the Galactic Federation.
Unfortunately, like all Federations, this one also has its enemies, and even more unfortunately, these enemies of the Galactic Federation have take control of our governments and major businesses. This of course accounts for all the UFO secrecy, cover ups and general hogwash - including the distorted stories surrounding the extra-terrestrial voyages of man and his machines.
It also accounts for the total buffoonery that takes place in our esteemed Houses of Government, where each government's overall hidden objective is to adjust the earth's atmosphere to one more suitable for an invading force.
Meanwhile, everyone's mind is kept solidly and constantly occupied with day-to-day survival, the Olympics, the American Election, the Financial Disaster, the keeping-down-with-the Joneses, sports stars proving whose got the finest touch or the biggest balls, and the constant consideration of whether we will ever lay that very attractive next door neighbour.
So we are waiting for every single person on the planet to become a part of the global monkeysphere, at which time all the stupidity will cease.
It would seem an impossible expectation for every person to agree, but by glancing back over our logic, we can see that if just one person in each monkeysphere could become aware of the monkeysphere theory, and could persuade the others in his/her own monkeysphere to examine the theory as an alternative to the current hopeless situation, then we could achieve our aim of a harmonious world.
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