Thursday, 19 February 2009

Financial insanity

Decent management? This press-cutting from today's news is typical of the logic that the whole institutionalised world is following. Goodyear posts loss, plans 5,000 job cuts: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co plans to cut 5,000 jobs worldwide in 2009, or 6.7 percent of its staff, after a prolonged downturn in vehicle demand led to a deeper-than-expected loss in the fourth quarter.

Any decent management that was honest with itself, its shareholders and its staff, would be organising its work force and business based on budgets and market plans. Decent management considers tomorrow and the future, not yesterday and the past.

It would seem obvious to me that a company like Goodyear should be making its plans based on the likely future events in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

In the same news release, we are told:

"G.M. To Cut 47,000 Jobs While Chrysler Will Dump 3,000 Positions:"

I would have thought that this would indicate a serious likely-hood that the need for tyres might diminish.

But not the management of Goodyear - like every manager who is in the process of sinking with his ship, Goodyear management will remain optimistic up to the day they leave HQ for the last time. The Goodyear web site tells us that they are expecting improvements - an entry in 2007 shows: "Savings of $610 million expected from new union contract in U.S., $300 million annual savings after 2008". Keeping jobs How do these people keep their jobs - they aren't even competent enough to remove the historical lies from their own web site, even when they have been proven wrong! This is the result of the insanity which is affecting the whole capital world - they are not able to accept that consistent never-ending annual growth is an insane premise on which to base a business that operates in a finite world. Even today, 19th February 2009, almost all governments and corporations are suggesting that growth will be lower than originally estimated. Utter insanity. There isn't the slightest hope of any growth anywhere with the possible exception of maybe one or two survivalist stores. Another news story confirms this:

Consumers Cut Food Spending Sharply:

Markets and Restaurants Feel the Pinch as People Purchase Generic Brands and Stay Home

This again is historical information. What projections are these restaurants making for the future period after all these workers have been laid off for a month, with no income! Are they going to accept food stamps?

Disaster We are headed for a disaster of the kind the world has never witnessed before.

Never before has global business completely controlled the lives of all of us. The demise of global business is certain to lead to the demise of the global citizenry, and that includes you and me. Never before have businesses been so huge and so intertwined that the demise of one area is sure to generate the demise of another. There is not the slightest hope of attaining any of the projections that any business or corporation is presently bandying around - but what else can they do - they are trying to protect their own jobs too, like everybody else..

It is time to give up the pretence - those who wake up first stand the best chance of survival. Those who remain inside their dream will eventually wake up to the worst nightmare imaginable - far too late to do anything about it.

If we face up to reality, today, right now, while some of the dwindling resources still remain, there is a possibility of completely reorganising our lives along more sensible lines, and surviving.

If we continue to follow the fantasies created by these insanely optimistic people who run our governments, corporations, and media, then we are all doomed,

I say it is time to abandon the current rhetoric regarding these so-called stimulus plans. We must begin to seriously discuss what these ridiculous ideas will actually stimulate.

I believe they may benefit a few of the banking fraternity, but I cannot see any benefit whatever for we lesser mortals.

The real stimulus for ordinary folk will be to find food!

When there is insufficient food on the supermarket shelves, will a government donation to a bank, of money that doesn't even exist, provide real sustenance?.

The supermarket is the place that most people around the world obtain their food. Even the Chinese, who twenty years ago thought a super market was one that was open, now obtain most of their family food in the supermarket.

Just what will happen when the last bag of potatoes or rice has gone.

We shouldn't expect any government to save us - they are having a hard enough time trying to save themselves.

It's almost already too late to start planting our own food, but that is DEFINITELY the best chance we have. If we wait until the shortage becomes obvious on the shelves, we will have no chance of protecting our garden from the starving hoards. When a man's family is short of food, all morals are abandoned, and absolute chaos ensues.


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