Sunday, 16 September 2012

How they hid the planes on 9/ll

by David West

I still have a few ponderings over the 9/11 planes- how did they do it?

We know what they did, but the disposal of people is a specialist job that only a few understand.

I'll tell you what we as a group discovered.
We discovered that two of the purported 9/11 planes never took off, and can still (I think) get at the data that proves it,

Scroll about half way down and you will find an interview with the (late) Gerard Holmgren.

He's the guy who put me on to it, - he died in 2010 - diagnosis of cancer and death within a couple of weeks.

He had a very high IQ and a razor sharp view of the target from every angle - a truly brilliant mind.

Nearly all of the stuff on the web regarding the "conspiracy" details originated in the minds of a tiny group of people, to which I was later appended, due to the influence of Pondo.

These details are "hypothesized" by either pure logic, or tangible material, and they have been public for  seven years. The group are still contactable, though they all operate completely individually now. The discoveries were truly mind blowing.
It was Gerard who first started questioning how the towers fell down.  and then with various mathematical equations went on to demonstrate the sheer impossibility unless planned demolition took place.
I see it now.
"It took less than ten seconds for a one-hundred-and-ten storey building to fall flat - that's ten floors every second - things just cannot fall through floors that fast."

Then the video expert in our midst proved that the plane scenes on TV were a photoshopped job. Quite easy to spot when shown how.

Then came the thermite stories and other ideas.

Gerard then went after the planes, and discovered the gem which I show you above.

After VERY serious consideration, research and discussion, we concluded that there was NO proof that any commercial jet planes were involved in 9/11 at all.

That's why there was no scrambling of jets - nothing to scramble for.

That's explains why over half the named Arabs are still alive now.
That explains why no-one ever found the black boxes, or any identifiable aircraft parts.
That explains so many things that it becomes more believable than the government story.

But what it doesn't explain is why "NOBODY" is talking about this stuff sensibly.

The information presented is not opinion.
It is pure fact.

It has been distributed widely. I personally have sent it to many newspapers and magazines and web sites over the last seven years..

Yet still nobody knows about it, and call me a nutter for telling them.

This is a clear demonstration of just how insidious the propaganda game is.

It's very difficult to see through, and Gerard was one of the people who could cut through it like a knife through butter.
He was a meticulous checker of fact.
He would question every minute little detail.
He would try to prove his own theory wrong, before testing it on others.
He knew so much that he was a very difficult man to argue with - to a mind like his, many must seem a little slow.

And even now, two years after his death, no-one has come up with any sound reason as to why they believe there were commercial planes used in the 9/11 "hijackings".

In fact, no planes, no Arabs, no hijacks, so now how did the towers fall down.

And what of World Trade Center Building seven (WTC7) collapse.
To this day, absolutely no explanation at all - not even part of any enquiry, so dead and forgotten by everyone.

But there are as always some loose ends that need tidying up, and that is the passenger lists.

No official passenger lists were ever produced, so we had to use the ones that originated in the press.

I cannot remember the details - I didn't enjoy this part of the investigation.

Some on the passenger list were not genuine people, in that they are alive now, or were dead before the flight. However, some of them were real people, and they had to be got rid of somehow. We surmise they might have been gassed on board and dropped in the ocean, but evidence could eventually turn up, so there must be another answer.

That's a long way around to ask how would you get rid of say a couple of hundred or so people in a couple of airplanes.

If you have any detailed questions, I can do my best to answer them. I am reasonably familiar with Gerard's work.

All the best


PS If you look at the statistics SINCE Gerard's revelation, they now say as below:

History is rewritten!!!!