Saturday, 13 February 2010

A suggestion of how to enable survival of the human race.

Environmental destruction MUST CEASE NOW.

I don't mean in an hour's time, I mean NOW.

If it was possible to throw a switch that would massage every person's psyche into seeing through the smoke and mirrors provided by media, government and corporations, then we would realise that we are in a desparate situation.

Imagine a car accelerating towards a cliff. When we first notice it, it is moving quite slowly, and quite a long way from the cliff, so no danger is sensed, but a note is made to do somethin about it soon.

That was 1972.

Now, when we take our second look, we are horrified. The speed of the car is ten times faster than when we last looked, and we know that even if we hit the brakes hard now, a significant distance will be travelled before that car stops.

Question - is that distance sufficient for the car to stop before going over the edge?

In my estimate, it's definitely 'touch and go' which makes any further period of negotiating or delay, or watering-down definitely insane.

Please re-read the foregoing - no-one else is going to tell you.

What must we do - NOW?

The first thing we can do is forward this to EVERYBODY in our mailing list. We have to work as if we we are all one (which we are) for this to be successful.

The rest is easy.
All we need to do is to make sure that we personally do not contribute in any way to environmental destruction. We must research the things we buy, and avoid eco-destructive products and organisations. We must cease buying destructive products - TODAY.

We must think about each of our actions. If there is any way an action can be environmentally destructive, or even eventually lead to environmental destruction, then we just will not do it.

If we work for an environmentally destructive company, we will try to change our job - TODAY.

The level of destruction is not yet truly known, but all predictions are that many of our earth's natural systems have already been permanently disrupted.
Precious metsls were not spread around our planet for no reason, and also not for our own glutony - there is much more to this planet than people!

There is only one way to treat this message, and that is - very seriously.

Of couse there will be millions who will ignore the message, and still more who will never receive it, but I believe there are now enough intelligent people on the planet to be able to save ourselves.

I am sure that as soon as you read this you will feel that it is true, and you will feel that you would like to help.

You can.

Doing nothing is better than doing something destructive. So, if you are unable to make any positive contribution, then help by desisting from negative contributions.

We don't have to invent anything new - we just have to stop doing some of the things we do now. If we succeed, the lessons learned will result in a total reorganisation of society - with egotism and greed removed from our new paradigm.

We have reached a situation where:
"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

In our reorganised world, we will now realise the danger of allowing a few huge entrprises to manipulate our lives.

We will divide the earths surface into tiny units of five hundred people or so, and we will allow each group to manage itself in its own ubique way. Neighbouring groups will learn from each other and a new and better system will rapidly develop.

If a group finds it suitable to combine with an adjacent group, then so be it. Groups will gradually adjust themselves until suitable sizes and areas are found.
We feel that groups within similar bio-regions will often co-operate with each other.

For this to work, we need to be rid of all the trappings of war.
We must rid the planet of all weapons and dangerous devices. We are not going to kill anybody, or anything, so we do not need guns. Also, we no longer need a military for defence, although we do need some kind of disaster recovery unit, which is run totally independently of any central organisations.
Local help is best - note how China handled the huge earthquake in 2009.

We would also hope that the psychotics who currently devastate the earth's resources can also be rehabilited, and that through the power of love we can overcome the love of power.