Sunday, 27 January 2013

Coming to terms with New Era ideas

Coming to terms with New Era ideas

If you are still searching and having difficulty in coming to terms with New Era ideas then you too can study the 5000 years old yogi philosophy, which goes further than any current science or religion, and has more advocates in one area or another than any new or old movement and additionally has helped more people over the years experience the hoped for state of bliss than even Kamnang Style.

 No need to search

You don't need to search - I've tried to make it easy for you.
Here's a list of 26 books that helped me on my way - maybe one, some, or all will help you on your way.
Different authors, different nations, different eras, all on the same track - coincidence?
Many books are shown as (available as PDF), which means I have a copy and it is out of copyright, so no pirating is taking place when I send it to you for free. Please let me know what you would like. All books are also available from Amazon.

Study Yoga

You can study hatha yoga (body), raja yoga (mind), and gnani yoga (wisdom) free on-line and receive the exposure that enables one to identify others who are also enlightened, or alternatively those still searching.
Most people who have been fortunate in this respect now devote their time and energy to helping others to experience the same levels of bliss - (but some are just not ready yet).     

Scientific approach

Those who like the scientific approach would love book number 2 -Nuclear Evolution - The Rainbow Body - where the precise science behind the one true chakra theory is expounded in sufficient detail for scientists and laymen alike to understand. It will lead you towards the edges of an unpublicised world, full of truth, wisdom and agreement, light years ahead of the silly children's games still being played my politicians, wealthy psychopaths, the media and their followers as they try to hold on to their crumbling belief systems during the death throws of the modern era.

If you don't have time to glance through the 26 brief descriptions, but already have an idea you would like to check out, try one of these three. All are complete books available to read on-line for free at your leisure.

Choose one of three


My only published book

Here's my one and only published book so far (many in progress)
Quickstep to enlightenment (pdf available)

And yet still several billion people have never experienced even one blissful minute, having a preference to stick with the old ways.

Paradigm Conspiracy

In really wanting to understand why we are limited to thinking in the way we do, I found a lengthy but detailed explanation by Denise Breton and Christopher Largent and copied it at, where it explains that the entire present paradigm is a conspiracy - we have been forced to think the way we think as part of a long term plan - and here is the science behind that.


If you want the history behind these facts, demonstrating clearly how each tiny step was taken without being too noticeable, then this is available at: 

This Timeline was available to on the World Wide Web in 1991 on the Trufax site, and I copied it then, but it has since been made private and sold as a book. The author's gave me reluctant permission to make this available to you for free when the last section was added a few years ago.

Happy New Era


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Confusion between spirituality and religion

I went to a church school, and spent many hours inside a cold echoing cathedral. Life is about having fun, and this place was no fun at all. So I rejected religion, and didn't have anything to do with it.

It was maybe unfortunate that whenever I came across anything that might be considered spiritual, I immediately associated it with religion, and rejected it.

I was 42 years old before I began to even consider that there might be another side to the coin, but now I see a clear distinction. Spirituality is about discovering yourself, and acting true to yourself. Religion is about discovering what someone else thinks, and acting according to their thoughts. Quite a vast difference I think you would agree.

So it might come as a shock to some readers to discover that first, they are a spirit. Our ancient sages spent thousands of hours trying to work out how things are, and their findings are still not believed by many today.

However, with the recent change of era, more people are beginning to discover spirituality, and are making a serious effort to find out about themselves. Their fear has subsided sufficiently to allow them to proceed with their evolution. Their body is unlikely to evolve further, their mind is fairly fixed, so the place for improvement is alignment with the spirit. Each of us has these three distinctly different elements that combine together to form "us". You and I are a spirit, a mind, and a body. And we have been neglecting our spirit, as the current world ambience favours promoting first the body, and the mind.  The spirit hardly ever gets a look in, with the body taking the vast majority of energy and resources.

The new era brings new education, and new universities will begin to reflect the universe, as opposed to the incredibly parochial attitude currently adopted by academia, which also generally ignores the spiritual part of our essence.

Our sages said that "All is mind". For those with scientific connections, "The All" can be considered as Einstein's Unified Field. For those with religious connections, "The All" can be considered as God. Our sages simply called it "The All". They went on further to say that this "mind" operated on the basis of birthing other minds which are free to do as they wished. Hence free will.

We can all choose to accept or reject these facts, but for those choosing rejection, I would ask for a more realistic idea.