Monday, 4 October 2010

A report by visiting aliens of an observational tour of Earth

The humans are the dominant planetary race, yet they show little or no respect for their home.

A small group of extremely evil people has everyone by the balls, and their hearts and minds appear to have followed.

The beliefs of the general public are a total mirage created by those with many secrets to keep, adeptly supported by Press and TV, (also owned by the evil people, along with most Reserve banks and most governments).

These evil people decide what will be omitted from all education curricula, what will be included in the movies, what music will become popular, what drugs will slowly and deniably kill people, what are the best way's to reduce the nutrition in food, how the human mind can be controlled, how can people be herded into undesirable places to do undesirable things, and several other methods of reducing and debilitating the population.

The basic object of education, as far as non-adults are concerned, is usually to prepare the person for adulthood. In advanced civilisation, the first consideration is based on a need to know for the position most likely or most desired to be adopted in adult life, and then the knowledge required for that position is provided, by enabling the student to spend time with the kind of people who vibrate in a similar manner.
The human system is the polar opposite of this. In the human system, the students are herded into a room and forced to sit on a chair for most of the daylight hours of their early life, ensuring that they are kept away from discovering anything that might help them in later life, and guaranteeing that the only profession or skill they learn anything about is teaching.

The most popular movies are those in which people die. The fear of death is the human's greatest fear, and this fear is constantly enhanced at every opportunity. Once the people become accustomed to death all around them, they become more flexible.

Music is vibration, as is the over-riding force on the human body. The human body's vibrations can be enhanced or stunted, depending on the vibrations of the immediate environment, and any music that becomes dominant in the environment will also dominate the human body. If one wishes to enhance the human body vibrations, then the music will match human vibrations, as occurs in all indigenous music.
However if one wishes to stunt the human vibrations, then the music will be of a less natural vibration, and will interfere with natural growth and evolvement processes. Music in recent human history has been of the latter nature.

Mainly as a result of the distorted education process, the general public's knowledge of drugs has been totally subverted. The average human mind classifies the most dangerous drugs as medicine, and the most helpful drugs as dangerous, exemplified by the fact that the most dangerous drugs are usually legal, and the most helpful drugs are usually illegal.

The food which vibrates most with positive human vibrations is fresh, raw natural food. This is the diet least likely to be chosen by the human, whose ideas of health and nutrition are either totally distorted, or have been deprioritized as a result of mind control.

Most humans have been herded away from the natural vibrations of the trees, rivers, mountains and peacefulness of the countryside and into the negative unnatural vibrations of re-formed concrete, steel and noise of the city, almost guaranteeing an unfulfilled life.

Mind control.
The vibrations in the atmosphere are the carriers of consciousness. It is through natural vibration that we develop and evolve. The mood and health of the people can be adjusted by adjusting the atmosphere in which the people live. This includes not only the physical atmosphere of air and water, but also the less physical atmosphere of electro-magnetic vibration, which is the prime input and output of the human mind. Subliminal distortions in electronic transfer of sound and vision have become a major factor in the armoury of the evil people, which when combined with the creation and dissemination of
imaginary information, causes the species to operate in a less than optimum manner.