Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Loneliness and hangovers.

There is no questioning the fact that we are separate individuals, as proven by our finger prints and our DNA.

So we can see that our bodies are completely separate.

But, we also know that we are tripartite beings, consisting of mind, body, and soul or spirit.

The separation at the levels of mind is less distinct than at the body level, and at the level of spirit eventually disappears altogether.

Our spirit knows that every 'body' is intertwined with spirit, even though the 'body', or 'mind' may not know.

One of the first emotions created by this spiritual 'togetherness' manifests in the body as loneliness. We realise that our body is separate, but our mind is yearning for some togetherness.

But how can we find a mind that is together with our own, when our own mind is flitting around from subject to subject, hardly ever deeply examining any of them.

A social drug has been in use since time immemorial to solve this problem - it is called alcohol.

The use of alcohol slows down the mind, and thus enables it to stay on one topic long enough for someone else to understand the topic. Then we have a chance of finding a like mind. But don't forget, it's a slow mind, and if through excessive alcohol use it has become accustomed to being slow, then it's not going to be easy to get it to speed up again. More alcohol slows down the mind even more, until, in a very sluggish state, it completely omits the memory function, as discovered during many hangovers when the brain makes repeated attempts to function normally, but fails.

This is the major benefit of internet - it enables like minds to meet in a short period that would otherwise take many lifetimes. Additionally, having once met, these minds are far more able to stay in touch on the material plane, as well as the mental place.

Is this a reasonable explanation of 'kindred spirit'?

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

What is immoral behaviour?

My theory is that if it is OK for everybody to do what I am about to do, then it is OK for me to do it.

Academics like Kant say the same thing, but take a book to say it.

This is my basis of brotherly love - this is the best idea I have come up with that seems to overcome all problems.

It's so very simple.

If each and every one of us decided that our New Year's resolution was to improve our moral values, then this improved morality would immediately destroy most of the world's ills.

Some humans have failed miserably in their task of evolvement, and they continue to behave like animals.

Reasonable targets for morality were laid out by many leaders over 2000 years ago, yet two millennia later, our own presidents and prime ministers still cannot abide by them.

Which part of "Thou shalt not kill" don't they understand?

Only today a non-spiritual government committed the crime of murder, in the name of some mysterious superior power that hates life. Not only that, but they are extremely proud of their murder, and have spent much time and money in justifying it.

In the eyes of higher morality, one human being causing the death of another human being can never be justified.

But this is not higher morality - this is two thousand year old morality that many souls just haven't understood yet.

The morality that has been learned in the last two thousand years is of a far superior nature than simply "Thou shalt not kill".

We have reached a level of understanding of what works, and what doesn't, and what works best can be easily defined as "be kind".

If everyone just had one quick thought of "Is it kind?" before finalising any decision, then the world would truly be transformed overnight

Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Queen's speech/ UN bullion coins.

No doubt better analysts than myself will have stories after Christmas, but I thought I would pen my thoughts.

There were four significant topics in The Queen's Speech, being the Afghanistan War, The British Commonwealth, Christianity and Christmas. The very last word of her speech strongly indicates her disapproval of the politically correct arena.
It is fair to assume that The Queen is privy to far more true information than you or I, and that anything she says is already a part of the plan.

Why is the Commonwealth being pushed? My guess is to attempt to drive a wedge between India and China. With a total population of 1.8 billion, The Commonwealth is one of the largest associations of countries in the world , representing over 30% of the world's population.

The largest single association is the UN, which has just announced that the UN will license the minting of silver and gold bullion coins bearing the UN logo - obviously the introduction of a world currency, with equivalent power going to the Rothschild-owned World Bank.

There is obviously a huge rush towards a world government - which will benefit the world's elite, and not be of benefit to the world's less elite.

Happy new era, when everyone wakes up!