Sunday, 30 October 2011

Free energy available now

Free energy available now!

 Scientific proof of Andrea A. Rossi Cold Fusion_Generator (E-Cat) has been demonstrated in test, and the first commercial sale made. 

 This test demonstrated sufficient energy to power six hundred plus plus American homes produced by something that fits into a cargo container, costs nothing to run, and produces no pollution - unbelievable until now.

Whilst mainstream media will try to ignore this and delay informing the public for as long as possible, this test marks the End of Empire as far as those promoting coal/oil/nuclear gas and their pathetic wind/solar alternatives are concerned, and is a gift that helps with the transition into the post-modern era.

Look out for further devices available soon.

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Thanks to Prez at Govt of USA in exile.  
        How Much Is One (1) Megawatt? 
By Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan 
Pure Energy Systems News
October 27, 2011

On October 28, 2011, Andrea Rossi will allow a customer to test the world's first one megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant. The test will take place in Bologna, Italy, and will be reported on by Sterling Allan of PESN, who will be present at the test. This plant is composed of fifty two individual modules (each the size of a large briefcase), each containing three individual reactor cores. The combined output of all the modules will reach one megawatt. The entire system fits inside of a standard shipping container.
This is a lot of power. One megawatt is big. It might not be as big as a gigawatt or a terawatt, but one megawatt is nothing to dismiss. When it comes from a system that utilizes tiny amounts of nickel and hydrogen as fuel, emits no pollution, and produces no nuclear waste, it becomes a very significant number.
The following is a list of different examples of how one megawatt (or similar amounts of power) can be represented, and how generating one megawatt of power from a cold fusion E-Cat, offers huge advantages over other methods.

600 - 1000 Homes Electricity
The average home in the US uses between 1 and 1.5 kW of electricity on average, so not taking highs and lows into consideration, 1 MW would power between 750 and 1000 homes.
Home Heat
In terms of heat (as defined by "power" in your college physics text) at 100,000 BTU/hr gas furnace output for a house, this is enough heat for about 30 - 35 homes in Utah on the coldest of nights (-20 F).

Solar Photovoltaic
The 1 MW photovoltaic solar installation by Gap Inc's Western Distribution Center in Fresno, CA takes up five acres, cost $7 million, and took 6 months to build.
A one megawatt cold fusion E-Cat plant would cost a fraction of the cost of the above solar installation, take up less space (one standard shipping container instead of acres of land), produce power 24 hours a day (instead of only during the daytime), and could be constructed in a much shorter period of time.
In fact, a one megawatt E-Cat plant could be transported via the highway system, and placed onto the site it would be used. The setup would be minimal, and it would be up and running in hours or days (instead of months). 

Wind Turbines
Most manufacturers of utility-scale turbines offer machines in the 700-kW to 2.5-MW range. Machines of larger size (up to 5 MW) are used in off-shore applications.
To the right is a photo of a wind turbine rated for an output of 1 MW (at optimal wind speed).
The E-Cat technology does not require wind for it to operate. It will operate under any weather conditions. In addition, it is small and easily concealable. It is very difficult to hide a windmill!
An E-Cat plant is simply quicker to build, quicker to install, takes up less space, is cheaper, and is less of an eye sore than a wind farm. In addition, windmills can make noise that is difficult to mask. The form factor of an E-Cat plant makes it easy to sound insulate – despite the fact it is quiet in operation. You can't put a sound insulating box around a windmill! 
1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Device Test Successful

On October 28, 2011, Andrea Rossi demonstrated his 1 megawatt E-Cat system to his first customer, who had engineers/scientists on hand to test/validate its performance. Due to a glitch, it provided 470 kW of continuous power for 5.5 hours during the self-sustained mode.

By Sterling D. Allan (who was present), with Hank Mills 
Pure Energy Systems News
Well, the big day has come and gone. Andrea Rossi's one-megawatt-capable E-Cat cold fusion device has been tested in Bologna, Italy; and the unknown customer, who ran the test, is apparently happy.

There were some issues, so it couldn't be run at full power in self-looped mode, but what it did do was plenty impressive.

It ran for 5.5 hours producing 470 kW, while in self-looped mode. That means no substantial external energy was required to make it run, because it kept itself running, even while producing an excess of nearly half a megawatt. Rossi explained the reasons for this in the presentation he gave, which I videotaped and will be posting later.

That's half the rated capacity, but it is still a major accomplishment for the device that was completed earlier this week -- the first of its kind on the planet.

Early in the day with a glitch showing up, Rossi said that they had to make a decision about whether to go for 1 MW output, not in self-sustain mode, or with self-sustain mode at a lower power level.  The customer opted to go for the self-sustain mode. Nothing was said about the prospects of a follow-up test, though I would imagine that the customer will be running many tests to understand this gadget they have purchased, and that information will be conveyed to Rossi.

When I asked him during the Q&A session if the customer was satisfied with the test, Rossi responded, "Yes, I think they are satisfied."

Thursday, 27 October 2011

We don't need banks - we've got computers

Given today's technology, most of today's banking requirements can be satisfied by computer, or cell phone.

For most of us, banking consists of receiving salary, pension or income, transferring funds and paying regular and one-off bills. It is on rare occasions only that we need to speak to a banking person, and probably only a handful of times in a lifetime that we need to visit a bank in person, as long as the ATM machines and Internet Banking are functioning as expected.

So why all the huge expensive buildings?

Why all the thousands of staff?

Why all the inconvenience created by the bureaucracy and delays?

I was taught that the customer is always right, and if the customer was aware of the services the bank should be offering, compared to what they are offering, they must be disgusted with today's banks.

There are several
cell phone systems already in operation whereby a member can transfer funds directly to and receive from other members. The necessary security checks are performed, and if the funds are available right now, then the transfer is instantaneous. Just imagine closing a business deal where you say, "OK I am looking at my account right now, so as soon as you press the button, I will see it, and we will take that as your agreement to our discussions, and go ahead as per contract number xxxxxxxx". Good clean business with no worries about late payment or credit control or bank fees. No delays in funding to get a project going. And no additional expense to anyone, except that we cut out the 'Rothschild Profit'.

It is also a very simple matter to make each account multi-currency, so that currency conversion is done at the time of payment, at the rates agreed by the members.

Compared to this, I have to put up with the following ridiculous inconveniences simply because I will use only an account which has no fees attached to it. It must cost more for  (Your Bank) to impose the restrictions than it would to lift them.

So, here's banking today, 1st November 2011 with (insert your banks name) .

A special arrangement is necessary for (Your Bank) to accept faxes requesting a transfer of funds. (Your Bank) Internet Banking is restricted to paying other lethargic institutions such as electricity companies, or other branches of (Your Bank). (Stop laughing - it's true as of November 2011, and there's more!)

Having made such an arrangement, and not having sent a fax for three months, it suddenly becomes invalid, and only after lengthy and expensive begging phone calls would (Your Bank) reinstate the arrangement. (They are so dim that they seem totally unable to master the use of Skype.)

So now, the fax. When I was in China, it was almost impossible to find a fax machine with an international line, and here in Laos, though possible, it's extremely inconvenient. So my procedure is to send an email to a kind friend in England, who then sends it as a fax to (Your Bank). Wait, don't go yet. Here's the best part.

Within a few minutes of the fax being actioned, (though the fax is  usually un-actioned for a day to allow it to dry out or something), as if by magic, the funds are no longer available in my account, though still showing in the balance - a complete lie - the money has gone somewhere.

Then three working days later (which is maybe seven waiting days when a bank holiday occurs) the transfer is completed, and the money appears in my Asian account. It usually takes about ten days in total from the email to the ATM cash withdrawal, as compared to the possibility of instantaneous action by cell phone. Who's kidding who? And then, if you haven't fallen off your chair laughing yet, not only do they  keep YOUR money for a week, they charge you for the privilege. Hello!!!

Perhaps (Your Bank) and their co-cabalists know something they aren't telling us. Perhaps they feel that there is a very high likelihood that electronic communications might cease to function very soon. Maybe they believe that the
passage through the tail of the so-called comet Elenin will take down the satellites.
Maybe they believe that the rapid approach of the tenth planet X will send all electromagnetic equipment into a spin. Maybe they believe  comet YU55 is about to strike the earth  and cause the kind of catastrophe that ended the dinosaur dynasty. Maybe that have a plan to use their HAARP machine to create bedlam.   Or maybe they have surrendered, and realise that the banking dynasty headed by The House of Rothschild -------- is at its end.

I am very interested in your comments on these thoughts

PS For an alternative take on what is happening in the world of finance, please watch this

Some real sense spoken here about the needs of the 99% in the future.

Secret societies at war, The war will soon be over. Benjamin Fulford

Be alert - the world needs more lerts


Monday, 24 October 2011

A message to all Nato forces, soldiers, airmen and sailors

Wake up!.

Why are you fighting for the enslavement of your families?

Don't you know that NATO is controlled by the same bankers that have almost destroyed our planet?

Don't you know that you are leaving toxic radiation with every shot you fire, in the form of Depleted Uranium?

How can you be so dumb as to obey the illegal orders issued by your mindless superiors?

YOU are just as responsible for the world's problems as the bankers are.

It is your responsibility to learn what the hell you are doing, and be sure that the objectives of your controllers (world domination) are the same as yours.

You should be targeting Rothschild mansions, not poor innocent women and children.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bingo Time

Bingo silence
Bingo Time is a one minute period of silence and inactivity to allow a release of earth's stresses. On 11th November 2011 Bingo Time will be experienced by everyone.
There are many spiritual considerations to Bingo Time. The power of silence is omnipotent, and its release will activate the instantaneous and vast change that the 99% are demanding. Much flexibility in the minds and bodies of the planet's residents will be required. Those who are unable to flex to the tune of our new earth, will disappear, some to a higher realm, and some to a lower.
Do you know ANYONE who would NOT be prepared to give one minute of their free time, if they knew that minute had a chance of making a better life for everyone.
Imagine - all nuclear weapons disarmed for one minute - can the one percent actually let go for one minute - the 99% says they must start to learn, and this first single minute will do for now.
Can you imagine every engine switched off for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine every computer powered down for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine every TV switched off for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine every tool laid down for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine every phone powered of for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine the satellites powered off for one minute?
The 99% says yes.
Can you imagine no planes in the air, and no electromagnetic disturbances to nature for one minute.
The 99% says yes.
Just for one minute - is that too much to ask?
The 99% says NO!
We are running out of time, so urgency is needed.
Bingo Time is 11th November 201 (11.11.11).
We know that our present lifestyles and customs are unsustainable, and must somehow be changed if our grandchildren are to have any hope of a decent life. The stress on the planet and its people and animals is now at full stretch, and must be released somehow.
Bingo Time is the answer to the earth's woes.
We encourage our readers to contact their acquaintances, and let them know about Bingo Time, and also to remind them again the day before the 11th. This way, we can achieve a silent and peaceful single minute, which will be sufficient to allow the earth's vibrations to be freed from the negative energies delaying our evolvement.
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Friday, 7 October 2011

The All is Mind

The search
The All is Mind
Most people embark on the search for truth later in life, so I hope this helps some of my younger readers to begin searching now.

When seeking, we soon find that we want to know where everything came from, and how they came about, and we spend thousands of hours pondering these questions. Eventually we form an opinion which becomes the core of our belief system, and we proceed to defend these beliefs as if they were part of our material body.

Respect for yoga
Early in my search a friend loaned me some yoga books, which I found most helpful and understandable. I have built a web site to make these books available, either through Amazon, or some of them as a free pdf download.

These books explain quite logically that if everything comes from one source, then that is it - the one single source.
They then go on to explain in easily understood steps how to repeat various experiments for yourself as indelible proof, and they teach exactly and precisely how everything manifests from that one source.

The solution
The solution is perfect, and has remained so for over five thousand years, yet only recently has it become known to the western world. So much so that only a tiny percentage of westerners actually get it at all, and the rest spend all their lives trying to prove that the truth is wrong. The only arguable imperfection in the solution is that there is no room for an alternative, so that's how it has to be, because there is no true alternative to right here, right now.

To provide a brief summary, we start with the words of the one true master, Hermes Trismegistus, "The All is Mind".

Whatever we believe mind is, then that is where everything comes from. Every invention of man was first conceived in the mind. And man himself was similarly conceived in an other's mind - how else? 

If man knows this, and operates in accordance with the natural Schumann vibrations emitted by The All, so as to be at one with The All, then his life is wonderful. If he doesn't have harmonic vibrations, then his life is less wonderful, so he/she develops a desire to control others.

The All
Once we understand that we are a part of The All and make a deeper effort to understand The All, we realise that
The All would be not be the same if we were not part of it. So just by being here, we are already making a difference. And that is precisely our purpose in life. Yes, being different is our true purpose in life - I hope you too are fulfilling it to the utmost - it truly is fun when we get used to it.

As we are all sourced from
The All, then we are in fact clones of The All. The All has a vivid mind, as demonstrated by the immense variety of flora and fauna. We are here to extend that variety - to use our imagination, and put it into action.

The freedom-of-will element in ourselves is ours to be used to the full, and learning more about controlling and directing it is a lifetime's job. Understanding this enables us to avoid criticizing others unnecessarily.

However, in the same vogue  one has the freedom to make every effort to help as many people as possible to reach the only inevitable conclusion - I'm prepared to go with it because no one has suggested an even vaguely preferable alternative in over five thousand years. It is written precisely in the first words ever presented to a man - 'The All is Mind'

Monday, 3 October 2011

Help for those knowing they are inside the box yet wanting to get out

We can all remember from long ago the term "Thinking outside the box", and we all knew exactly what was meant. Some took up this policy  more rapidly than others, and we are now receiving reports from those who first thought outside the box, and left it behind, while some still considering the idea.

These pioneers are saying that there are several boxes, one inside the other like Russian Dolls, and it is only on exiting the seventh box that the full view of all seven boxes becomes apparent.

It is suggested that the central box is the largest, and contains a few more people than the other six together. However, with the success of articles like this, more people are thinking outside the box every day, and this thought eventually leads to action. They take a tentative step outside the box, and finding the environs acceptable, every day venture a little further until they are more than half outside the box.

The rest is easy, and so the ratio of those outside to those inside increases. As more people follow your lead, the ratio changes until eventually there are more people outside the box than there are in it.

This is the current situation in the world. Many of those  remaining inside the box belong to the following sects:

1) Those who have no idea what this article is about

2) Most government officials and workers
3) Most academics, engineers, doctors and scientists
4) Almost all politicians and every person in the UN (Those able to get outside left the UN years ago).
6) Most armed forces and police force personnel.
7) Most consultants and lawyers
8) All criminals guilty of crimes against people, animals, or our planet
9)All religious fanatics
10)Those Mentally and physically unable to get outside the box

As discussed above , the central box under scrutiny will very soon become useless, because it is the box intended to contain most people, and as most people have already left, then the central box is just left to decay in its own web of destruction and deceit, with the last few stragglers still shouting into their TV microphones: "It will all be back to normal soon". Right on!
(until the lights go out).

I leave you to ponder a new world where the above list of entities is otherwise occupied or assisted. My next article will discuss such a world.

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