Friday, 7 October 2011

The All is Mind

The search
The All is Mind
Most people embark on the search for truth later in life, so I hope this helps some of my younger readers to begin searching now.

When seeking, we soon find that we want to know where everything came from, and how they came about, and we spend thousands of hours pondering these questions. Eventually we form an opinion which becomes the core of our belief system, and we proceed to defend these beliefs as if they were part of our material body.

Respect for yoga
Early in my search a friend loaned me some yoga books, which I found most helpful and understandable. I have built a web site to make these books available, either through Amazon, or some of them as a free pdf download.

These books explain quite logically that if everything comes from one source, then that is it - the one single source.
They then go on to explain in easily understood steps how to repeat various experiments for yourself as indelible proof, and they teach exactly and precisely how everything manifests from that one source.

The solution
The solution is perfect, and has remained so for over five thousand years, yet only recently has it become known to the western world. So much so that only a tiny percentage of westerners actually get it at all, and the rest spend all their lives trying to prove that the truth is wrong. The only arguable imperfection in the solution is that there is no room for an alternative, so that's how it has to be, because there is no true alternative to right here, right now.

To provide a brief summary, we start with the words of the one true master, Hermes Trismegistus, "The All is Mind".

Whatever we believe mind is, then that is where everything comes from. Every invention of man was first conceived in the mind. And man himself was similarly conceived in an other's mind - how else? 

If man knows this, and operates in accordance with the natural Schumann vibrations emitted by The All, so as to be at one with The All, then his life is wonderful. If he doesn't have harmonic vibrations, then his life is less wonderful, so he/she develops a desire to control others.

The All
Once we understand that we are a part of The All and make a deeper effort to understand The All, we realise that
The All would be not be the same if we were not part of it. So just by being here, we are already making a difference. And that is precisely our purpose in life. Yes, being different is our true purpose in life - I hope you too are fulfilling it to the utmost - it truly is fun when we get used to it.

As we are all sourced from
The All, then we are in fact clones of The All. The All has a vivid mind, as demonstrated by the immense variety of flora and fauna. We are here to extend that variety - to use our imagination, and put it into action.

The freedom-of-will element in ourselves is ours to be used to the full, and learning more about controlling and directing it is a lifetime's job. Understanding this enables us to avoid criticizing others unnecessarily.

However, in the same vogue  one has the freedom to make every effort to help as many people as possible to reach the only inevitable conclusion - I'm prepared to go with it because no one has suggested an even vaguely preferable alternative in over five thousand years. It is written precisely in the first words ever presented to a man - 'The All is Mind'
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