Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Upsetting the tables of the money-lenders.

The financial crisis is a purely mental thing. Whether it is a crisis or not depends totally on the way our belief system works. If we believe that we have a right to a job, and a right to earn interest on our savings, then that is one belief system, but if we believe that we were not born to work for someone else and that usury is a sin, then that is another point of view. The majority of planetary citizens are presently operating under the former belief system. These are the people who have created, and who will suffer from the "financial crisis". However, if we look at the net effect, as opposed to the effect felt by certain individuals, it seems to me that the following natural adjustments will take place. Usury will go out of fashion. The interest rates are already falling to zero, which is exactly where they should be. If all interest rates were permanently zero, then the way in which the world operates would change for the better. Banks would cease to be of interest to wealthy people, so these people would find alternative ways to use their money, such as investing in free energy development, or creating a permaculture food forest. With the end of bank loans, then all businesses would have to take a more prudent path. There will be an enormous scaling back, such that businesses will produce only those goods that are needed, and provide only those services that are necessary. Inevitably, billions of people will lose their jobs, to the point where those with jobs will become the minority. Peoples' savings will be gradually eroded, until most of the "non-existent" money actually ceases to exist. Most over-consumption will cease as a different lifestyle becomes essential. If we go to bed one day with our bank balance along side our name in some computer, and wake up the next day to discover that this number has changed significantly, and may have even become zero, then this is not the end of the world. In fact, there is no need to adjust any of the actions that we have planned to take on this day of awakening. However, this discovery will certainly cause adjustments to be made to future plans, and many people will find this change to be too difficult to adjust to, despite the thousands of warning bells that they have heard over the last ten or fifteen years. In similar situations in the past, many people in the financial world who can see only one point of view have committed the ultimate sacrifice - suicide. But how could six point five billion people possibly survive with no jobs, no banks, and no factories? Inevitably, all governments will be weakened - there will be no-one paying taxes, and no banks to borrow money from, so all the expensive and unnecessary government schemes that have fuelled the recent levels of insanity will cease. There will be virtually no spending on the military, as there will be far more important considerations than war, or protection against it. All of the people who have been living in a self-imposed cage, with very restricted and illogical thinking being their prison warders, will become free to find their true selves. Let's look at jobs. Why are jobs created? They are created so that one group of people can profit from the labours of another group of people. When we have totally accepted that it is a sign of low morality for one group of people to profit from another group of people then we will realise just how short-sighted we have been by wanting to work for someone else in the first place. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see that if some people are profiting from others, then there must be some losers. The people who were previously considered to be the losers - those at the bottom of the pile with no assets at all - will not be affected very much by the financial crisis. The main losers in the financial crisis will be those at the top of the pile, who had been profiting from others. And the reason why these people will become the losers is that they are the ones with the least survival skills. Most of the current "formers- of- public-opinion" will steadfastly refuse to accept the new paradigm, and will spend their last breath trying to persuade others that we should stay in the old paradigm. They have no alternative, as they have no real survival skills. They do not know how to grow or prepare their own food, or how to build or maintain a house or car. They are totally dependent on others for survival, and when the others become preoccupied with their own survival, they will no longer look after the interests of their masters. Masters will cease to exist, and we will have achieved a situation of true equality. Gradually, as one scam after the other is revealed for the frauds that they are, public opinion will become far less gullible. Each citizen will become totally responsible for his own welfare. Some will have the grace and skill to be able to look after their own needs, and the needs of their family, and will also have a little excess energy or assets which can be shared with those less fortunate, such as the disabled or elderly. Once the present mind-controllers have been quietened, then most of the restrictions on leading a sensible life will be lifted. We will no longer suffer from peer pressure to spend all of our childhood and teen years trying to gain a qualification so that we can get a "good job" which we will work in until we are too old to discover what life is about, and then die. We will start to have a real life, instead of the synthetic life presently experienced by most of the world's citizens. We will have freedom to discover our true passions , and we will find the skills necessary to ensure satisfaction of those passions. Of course, the sooner one realises that the change is inevitable, then the less painful the change becomes. If we go to bed one day in the current paradigm, and wake up the next day in the new paradigm, the shock to the system will be too great. However, if we are lucky enough to be able to think, and can therefore see that change is inevitable, we can gradually wean ourselves off the old life style, and into the new. While it is impossible to foresee how the new lifestyle will pan out for each person, we can succeed in obtaining a few guidelines, based on the dawning realisation that it is old-style thinking for sometime to profit from someone else. Therefore we can see that today's shareholders will disappear. There will be no such thing as shareholders in the purely financial sense. Future share holders will also share responsibility, instead of simply profiting (or losing) from usury. There will still be different levels of thinking, as there has to be in order for the natural evolution of the spirit to have a path along which to proceed. So we will have a huge number of people who think at a personal or family level, some who think at a community level, and some who can think at a global level. But the latter will not necessarily become the leaders of the former, and they certainly will not plan on profiting from the former. In fact, quite the reverse. Tomorrow's generators of public opinion will have a sincere interest in the welfare of the public They will present ideas akin to this one, which has no financial or selfish motivation, but is simply designed to be of assistance to anyone reading it. But you ask, where will I get my money from? If that question is in your mind, then you have just proved to yourself that you are locked in to today's money paradigm. In tomorrow's paradigm, there will be no need for money. You will understand your needs for a comfortable yet simple lifestyle, and you will know what you have to offer that might be of benefit to others. You will find a way of exchanging what you have to offer for what you need. If what you have to offer is of no real use to society, then you have much learning to do in a short space of time. As a result of the removal of usury, and the money that goes with it, the people's minds will concentrate on different things. The second coming of the Christ is starting like the first - he has entered the temple, and upset the tables of the moneylenders. They are being eliminated from the temple, and life will go on much better without them.

Friday, 19 December 2008

The bail out

The bail out - is it worth it? We all know that the present financial crisis has only one chance of resolution, and that is through the bail outs. But what is the use of bailing out a ship that is so full of holes there is no chance that it can stay afloat for very long. We must seriously consider changing ships, and leaving the present one to sink to the depths of the ocean. The present ship holds as its main cargo all the elements of war and planetary destruction. The only safe place for it is in the depths of the ocean. We should cease wasting our energy and scarce resources on bailing out an obsolete vessel. We need all our effort concentrated on changing to a new ship, as soon as possible. Any success in bailing out the current ship will simply enable it to sink in deeper water.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Parallel Worlds

If we try, we can easily imagine two parallel worlds. There is the material world with which we are all familiar, and the spiritual world, which we are all trying to learn about. By considering that "we", being our body, mind, and soul are able to exist simultaneously in the material world, and in the spiritual world, we begin to develop new ideas and new pictures about our larger reality. Let us consider the differences and similarities between our two selves. We know that our lower, or material self, has limitations. We know that there are high-pitched and low-pitched sounds that fall outside our range of hearing, and that ultra violet and infra-red light marks the limits of our vision. We know that our material world is limited by our five senses - for those of us living entirely within the material world, the extent of our reality is severely restricted. Yet we have always been aware that there must be more. We have read about, heard about and even experienced events and occurrences that fall outside our material awareness. We call these things paranormal. Paranormal is defined as "a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack an obvious scientific explanation,[1] or phenomena alleged to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.[2]" (Wikipedia). So we can see that anything that can be defined by science is considered normal, and if undefined by science it is paranormal or abnormal. By limiting our senses to only that which is verifiable by science, we are limiting our view of reality. The problems created by this limited way of thinking are in serious danger of becoming hereditary, as they have inhabited the human mind for so long, thus dooming the human race to a stunted evolution. Only very limited science exists that relates to the parallel worlds of spirit and material. Quantum physics is moving in that direction, but still has a long way to go. Everything we say, do, smell, think, hear, taste or touch attempts to persuade us that the material world is the ruling world, and that man and his science is the superior influence. So it takes us quite an effort before we can imagine any intricate detail in our parallel spiritual world. This effort is an effort of the mind. Today's material world does not encourage the use of the mind. In today's humdrum world, with constant electronic sounds and beeps, with pervasive considerations of money and finance, with polluted food, air and water, and with ancient superstitions still being practised, we find it very difficult to use our mind to anything like its full potential. Before we can make any serious effort to become familiar with our spiritual self, we have to learn to control our mind. Throughout history, our sages have taught us that control of the mind is best achieved through meditation. It is extremely unfortunate that our education and employment systems have been designed in order to ensure that we have no time for meditation, and hence no time to develop our mind. Our education systems are designed to develop our memory only. It is also extremely unfortunate that we are expected to remember facts and events which are often misleading, or at least one-sided, because they fail to recognise the existence of any parallel world. Just because we are unaware of it, and cannot experience it, does not mean that it is not there. What it does mean is that we have evolved only sufficiently to be able to experience half of what is around us.We are performing to half of our potential, at best. Once we have learned to use our mind in the same way that we use our hands and feet, then we can direct our mind towards the spiritual world, and attempt to make observations beyond those usually experienced. It is no miracle - the ability is readily available to anyone, once they can control their mind. With the mind fully concentrated on the spiritual plane, we can make serious efforts to avoid interruptions from the material world around us. The first thing we notice is that almost everyone is rushing around in a totally uncontrolled fashion, allowing the machinations of an uncontrolled mind to direct the actions of the body - a mindless way of life. Most material minds do not even know why they were brought into existence. Mind is useful only when it is kept under control, and nurtured. With a controlled mind, we are able to bring into view the higher self of the spiritual world. We can see that this higher self vibrates with more subtlety . It wants to avoid the noisy bangs and clangs, the bright flashes, and the constant uncontrolled chatter of a world governed by materialism. When we use our mind to examine the relationship between material mind and spiritual mind, we can see that the spiritual mind will always give way to the more coarse vibrations of the material mind. The only way that the spiritual mind receives any priority, is when the material mind is quietened, and unobtrusive. Peace and quiet are essential for us to practice our new-found spiritual abilities. With the rough mental and bodily vibrations calmed, we are able to sense the more gentle spiritual vibrations. We are able to sense the small voice of the higher self which is constantly urging us to do our very best. We begin to listen to our spiritual self, and we gradually allow this spiritual voice, along with it's associated vibrations, to become more a part of our life.We learn how to balance our life between the spiritual and the material. We soon realise how much we had been missing. We also realise that taking actions recommended by the spiritual mind provides us with a less painful life than that provided by the material world. Gradually we begin to realise the disadvantages of allowing our lives to be controlled purely by material considerations. We also soon realise that our spiritual world is not limited by the same meagre five senses of the material world. In fact, we become immediately aware of the huge expanse which we have recently discovered and in which we have begun to live. We also realise that our education, knowledge and wisdom have been culled from one point of view only, and we begin to reconsider the value of our knowledge. Our entire point of view changes, and as a result we develop a new belief system, which causes us to feel distanced from our materially-minded brothers and sisters. We find that our hopes and aspirations become less driven by peer pressure, and more driven by our true desires and passions, as recognised by our higher self. We regret the opportunities that have previously passed us by as a result of refusing to recognise the existence of the spiritual world. Once we have set foot inside the spiritual world, we know that there is no going back. It is rather like a child discovering to his/her horror that there is no Father Christmas. Having discovered the hoax, there is no going back to believing that Father Christmas really does exist. As time passes, and our familiarity with the spiritual world increases, we feel newly awakened and we are less and less affected by the events of the material world. We realise they are created by uncontrolled minds that are half asleep. Because that is what being awakened is - it is becoming aware of the spiritual world, and realising its awesome capabilities. All plans and ideas created solely in the material world suddenly appear extremely limited, as if the thinker had not been able to extend any single thought to its logical conclusion. We realise that the mass consciousness of the human race is very poorly informed indeed. We realise that the human race is not yet civilised. We have to make a choice. Do we stay with the material world, and attempt to inform or brothers and sisters of the amazing possibilities open to them, or do we give up that immense struggle, and trudge on alone, making every effort to better ourselves in the light of our new knowledge. We see the possibilities of more harmonious ways of living, with greater understanding, and less subterfuge. We also see that the only barrier between today's material world, and tomorrow's harmonious world, is the mind of the people. If they changed their minds, and recognised the spiritual element within themselves, then we as a race could move on, and end destruction, pollution, war, anger, frustration, and much suffering. As a friend of mine often says.............."Bring it on". "Trust spirit with ALL your heart and mind; do not rely on your material understanding; acknowledge spirit in all your thoughts and ways, and let spirit direct your path." (Taken from Proverbs 3:5,6)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

They just wont listen!

They just wont listen! I believe that the very first sensation of life that we feel, at the instant that our body first experiences the outside world, is probably an auditory sensation. I have seriously considered the other publicly-understood four senses of: seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting, and I consider that hearing is the first sense that we can consciously recognise. This is a very important moment, because it precedes the torture that is used in order to persuade us to obey. We might have been lucky, and escaped the wrack, otherwise known as forceps. We most likely did receive that shocking slap on the bum that immediately debilitated half of our senses. We are then transferred to some weird inhuman concoction where we were weighed and categorised according to the size of our body. All we want to do is to get back where we came from.We have a serious need to be very close to our mother. Anything else just debilitates our sensibilities further. And as if this wasn't enough torture, most infants are subjected to further abuse through barbaric tribal cultures, such as circumcision, vaccination, or other form of perversion. Through all these terribly desensitising activities, we still manage to make some sense of something. I think the first thing that we consciously register is most probably sound. Our primary controlling influence is our ears. We all know that sound is a vibration. We all know that sound is best received with a well positioned aerial. I believe that the arial for our ears, is our eyes. If our eyes are transfixed on the source of the sound, then we are more able to understand the sound. By transfixing our eyes on the sound, we are able to hear it equally in both ears, and thus obtain an accurately balanced interpretation of the sound. For anyone with a desire to be able to understand more, then this piece of advice will be found most helpful. If you wish to know whether you are primarily driven by your eyes or your ears, then think of your reaction during thunder and lightning. What has more effect on you - the blinding flash of light, or the thunderous roar that follows it? Most people are not listening. Having concluded that our ears come first, and that we are able to best achieve our potential listening/understanding quotient by aligning our listening with our sight, we can easily realise that when our eyesight wanders, then so does our hearing. Every teacher is aware of this. If a glance around the classroom produces pairs of eyes looking at the teacher, then it is an interesting class. So a good piece of advice for a student is that he/she can improve the overall learning capacity by ensuring that he/she is always looking at the person who is speaking. From a school management's point of view, the necessity for round tables in classroom's soon becomes apparent, whenever one student is expected to speak to another. We rapidly experience the benefits of looking at each other when we are talking to each other. There are a few people who have been practising aligning their eyes with their ears for a long time, and consequently, they have learned vast amounts. They are, when compared with the average member of the public, enlightened. With their ability to view the bigger picture, they can see that many activities of the human race are quite ridiculous. In an attempt to help their friends and acquaintances to also view the bigger picture, they often try to disseminate information. The main reason for the desire to do this is loneliness. Most of these people are in a situation where they spend long periods of time without meeting another who also has the ability to align sight with hearing. They are often lonely. Some are on remote islands, or on mountains, and some are buried in the middle of cities, surrounded by hundreds of people who cannot understand the same language. Very lonely people. The reason that they are lonely is because very few people are able to listen to what is being said, and so these half-listeners completely ignore what is being said, or even become annoyed by it. They seem to believe that they are superhuman. Humans are able to concentrate on only one thing at a time one hundred percent. If a human is doing more than one thing at a time, then he is not doing anything one hundred percent. Anyone believing that they cam make a one hundred percent job of more than one thing is inclined to have one foot in fantasy. This is why so many of these enlightened people live in remote places, and avoid the public. They have given up. They have decided that the general public who are unable to listen have made their own bed, and must lie in it. Others do not agree with that idea. They feel compassion for their fellow humans, most of whom have been subjected to the terrible torture outlined above, which surely causes far more pain that anything happening in Guantanamo! These enlightened people know the way through the maze that is entwining the human race. They want to leave, but they want to take some friends and acquaintances with them. Some have left already - alone. The remainder are prone to impatience, because they know that there is so little time remaining before they too must leave, or perish in the entangling morass. Are you listening?

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Seven Steps

There are seven steps between this old worn-out paradigm, and the freshness and joy of a new life in the new paradigm. These steps must be taken by each individual, but much assistance becomes available from others striving towards the same ends. The great thing is that, once the goal is attained, all the striving stops, and we are able to allow our spirit to take total control, without interference from the mind. We can now truly use the mind as a tool, and not be used as if we were a tool. The first step is to look at the foundations of our own thinking.We discover that it is a mish-mash of parental advice, education system indoctrination, fashion and teenage cults, social thinking, TV programs and movies, and our own feelings. Once we have seriously considered the logical coincidence of these foundations, we suddenly conclude that we are standing on very shaky ground. We need a more reliable method of regulating equilibrium. So we begin to align our thoughts and deeds with our natural surroundings. We begin to avoid unnatural surroundings. We begin to make nature our controller of equilibrium. Step two. Now that we know where we are going, and that we are definitely on the right path, because everything that has gone before us has walked the same path, then everything around us begins to change. Our friends begin to change. They either change in themselves, in that they too begin to walk the same natural path, or we change our friends, by dropping those who cannot see for those who can. Step three is to begin to develop new communities. Agreements will be achieved with land owners for small portions of land on which a small community can thrive. Step four is to overcome the remaining difficulties experienced as a result of the new lifestyle. As our technology and science will also have adjusted its path to follow the lead of nature, and provided us with the few solutions that were missing. Advanced permaculture, and free energy devices help to remove many burdens. Step five is a tidying up process, as all remnants of non-natural society are brought into line. Step six is to begin to advance society way beyond that of any previous society, and step seven is the preparations for the next plane of consciousness. Comments please.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Warnings of Food Riots Resulting from Global Economic Crisis

Global Research, November 27, 2008

The headline of an article on Bloomberg warns "Food Prices Will Rise, Causing Export Bans, Riots".

Leading economist Nouriel Roubini warns of possible food riots.

The Financial Times points out that farmers rely on credit, and credit is drying up.

One of the top experts on derivatives, economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb, warns that supermarkets may not be able to borrow against their inventory, and will thus be forced to shut down.

I hope they're wrong. But when experts like Roubini and Taleb warn of a potential problem, I have to listen.


There are too many people struggling in this world. Life could be very different, for everyone. If it was possible for everyone to see why they are struggling, then it would be possible for each person to do something about easing the pain themselves. The problem at the root of all this struggling is secrecy. In a civilised world secrecy is seen as what it really is......... ...........................dishonesty! There are so many things hidden from public view, such as secret service departments which are like an octopus's tentacles around the world, the people who hold most of the wealth of the planet but who never declare how much they hold, and a few powerful people with ulterior motives but who hide what they are really trying to do. How can we as a race possibly go forwards, when we have no idea in which direction we are facing. (John Lennon) This so-called financial crisis is nothing more than a crowd of very rich and very powerful people, juggling with some numbers in computers, and succeeding in making chaos out of everyone's lives, so that they can buy up the resultant ruins at fire-damaged prices, and become even more rich, and even more powerful. In a civilised world, this kind of behaviour can no longer be tolerated. If we are to even make a start on becoming a civilised race, we must get rid of all the secrecy. Brave people have tried to do this in the past, and have died for their bravery. But that is because they were too afraid to publicise their own secrecy-disposal ideas. We suggest that the idea of "disposing of secrecy" should become the centre of public debate. We feel sure that the earth provides sufficient for everyone to have a happy life, and if we could get rid of all the secrecy, then we also feel sure that we have sufficient intelligence to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot at a happy life. So let this be the start of a new "Open Secrets" campaign. Let's get the newspapers and TV talking about some of these open secrets. Then we might have half a chance of delving into the closed secrets. What is the truth about UFOs? Do vaccinations really cause autism? Are cell-phones really dangerous? These are the kind of things that the public should know, not have to be guessing at. If everyone reading this takes one step towards opening a secret, then very soon all secrets will be open, and we will be able to see where we really stand. Then we can begin to move forwards - and not before.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

So much stuff happening

There is just so much stuff happening at the moment that any kind of prediction or even plan is inevitably flawed. On the material plane, the balance of power is moving from the rich to the poor, as the necessity for more simple lives becomes apparent. On the mental plane, new technology, and revelations of previously secret technology are making keeping up to date an impossible task. On the spiritual plane, understandings are broadening - more of what was previously considered as fantasy is being accepted as reality, and the whole foundation upon which man's mind has been based is now sliding away like a tectonic plate, meanwhile being replaced by another plate sliding into the same place. We will be the same people, but standing in a different land, just as the founding fathers of America were over two hundred years ago. We have the benefit of seeing what worked, and what didn't work, and we can start all over again in a similar, but very different manner. There will be leaders. These will be the great thinkers who will construct a plan that they feel is the most suitable for mankind, given all that we have learned so far. But there will be far more contributors. The people at the new era design table will be from all advanced walks of life, and will include senior politicians, senior academics, senior healers, senior scientists, senior monks and clergy, senior permaculturists, and representatives of our alien visitors, all of whom will be giving their time and experience to design a new societal organisation. They will not be promoting the same values as the previous modern era. They will be promoting the love of nature, and embodying the wonders of the harmony of nature into the harmony of society. There will be no need for activist protests, as everyone will be an activist. The aims at all levels of decision making, and at all points of the planet, will be to attain the most advanced levels of evolution that man can reasonably agree upon. Our new advanced educational institutions will be places for advanced thought. The copying, duplication, or even lengthy study of other peoples thoughts will be seriously discouraged. Any plagiarism of thought will be only on the basis of advancing that thought, if the thinker feels that the logical conclusion has not yet been reached. Our foundations of thought will have changed, making all previous thoughts irrelevant. This is where the present press reports are not yet encouraging. They spend considerable time, trouble, typing and trees discussing nit-picking considerations, but rarely extending those considerations to their logical conclusion. The present flock of journalists is significantly short of visionaries. It is because these short-thinking propaganda producers are unable to see over or through the wall, that the thinking of the general populace is so limited. When we have a truthful and sincere investigative press, then everyone will understand far more of what is happening around them. The different levels of understanding will be brought much closer, along with the differences between class and affluence levels. So many thinkers are still limiting their thoughts by institutionalised prejudices, that the really higher levels of understanding are struggling to bud and blossom. If we can adopt the kind of frontier thinking that has naturally pushed man's evolution forwards, we can see that the world is our oyster, and that we have a blank page. There is nothing to prevent us from copying from the previous page, but it must be done carefully, with full and due consideration of the failures of the past era. We will realise that we share this planet not only with several different species of earthbound man, thousands of species of earthbound fauna and flora, and at least 57 species of visitors from other planets, galaxies, and the hollow earth, but also with billions of spiritual entities about which little or nothing is understood.. It is only when this information is publicly clarified and understood that we can begin to consider the best way for us all to live together in harmony. We will have moved past the situation where we will allow a few mischievous individuals to take over our power, and we will have moved towards the situation where we are able to truly utilise a greater potential of spirit. The Tibetan Llamas will contribute their knowledge of the control of mind over matter, and the methods required to gain these abilities will become publicly available. All the secret technology that has been kept under wraps by the military, and additional alien technology, will become publicly available. All the knowledge regarding methods, chemicals and devices that can cause interference in the spiritual electro-magnetic interfaces will be gathered, and certain "conveniences' abandoned. With less tension and less pressure, due to greater harmony and less power in more hands, fear will be removed, and we will slide comfortably into the era of love. It is only when a majority of people realise that not only is this a possibility, but is the most likely scenario, that we will begin to let go of our old fashioned ideas. Our new ideas will most likely include: No war. No armed forces. No central governments. Everyone understanding that they are a spirit. Ego and desire are being brought under control. The natural desire to help and be helped being fostered. The longevity of the human race being extended. Comments and criticisms please

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The immediate prospects for the planet

By Lee Frolich The immediate prospects for the planet...especially in USA...
The only constant is change. That which goes up must eventually come down. There will be many a hurtful, significant change in the extravagant, ignorant lifestyles of the many who lived off credit. They have no choice, they must learn to live a more modest lifestyle. In a recent survey---USA people used to spend $800 for Christmas plan to spend $200. The so many are fearful and are beginning to save some money...have discovered, the hard way, it is necessary to have some cash available.
The current financial crises all over the world is a valuable lesson to all---learn to save some cash...control our Ego-generated desire for more wealth, power and control...keep our businesses solvent, don't try to grow too fast by using credit to enhance business growth. Learn that numbers on a piece of paper showing how much money you have in the stock market, how much money you have in retirement, savings accounts...are no more than numbers on a piece of paper...have meaning only when those numbers are converted to cash in hand.
People are learning the hard way, do not trust banks...stock markets are the worst gamble in this not allow some financial management business to manage your money!! Learn to manage your money by yourself!! Start paying attention to what is happening in your own country and other countries. Learn or perish is the order of the day!
I am confident that there will be no Great Depression in USA or anywhere else. Recession...maybe very serious...Yes. Great Depression, No. I am confident that a new world order is happening...but certainly not the kind the doom sayers envision!
Peoples and governments worldwide are learning that indeed we are all in a global economy...and ain't got no choice...must learn to function in a harmonious way with each other!! The entire worldwide financial systems must change!! The financial systems and the large corporations must be stringently controlled...worldwide... by governments using some form of common sense to keep them from running wild...the Ego Greed for evermore wealth, power and control must be controlled! Nations must learn that united we stand, divided we fall. No nation...can function independently...can function only in harmony with each other. Such is the New it or not!
Even China is learning...100's of 1000's of small and medium sized businesses are closing their shops or producing less...because worldwide peoples can no longer buy their products. In general terms most people worldwide will learn to live a more modest it or not!!
USA automobile companies are an excellent example---the unions have forced upon them...the average employee is receiving $65 an hour salary.
Employees building competitive vehicles receive an average of $35 an hour. Such is the global economy. Doesn't take much smarts to understand that if USA employees are not willing to work for $35 an hour, soon they got no jobs. And...hotshot managers and CEO"s must also learn to live a more modest more outrageous salaries, bonuses, corporate jets, etc... or they also will have no jobs. Such is the effect of a global it or not! This applies in manner same for management and CEOs of all large corporations! The rich became richer and the poor became poorer...that will be modified! There Will always be some rich and some poor among us...but...the difference in disparity will be less. It cannot be any other way!
It will take a few years for all I mentioned above to finally settle down into a New World Order way of life. These changes are inevitable! There will be resistance...and will take some time to learn there is no other way. And there will be many a heartbreak...many a great sadness when peoples finally learn to live within their means or perish. The "upper" middle class and "middle" class USA citizen traded their car every 3 years for a new are saying I will keep the one I have for more than 3 buy a new computer every 3 years, no buy a new TV every 3 content with the one they more buy a new wardrobe every with the clothes they have...big change in the lives of many millions of USA peoples!!
As long as there is a global economy...and such will not change...there is no choice other than to learn to live within the demands of a global economy. Wal-Mart eliminated 100's of 1000's of small local mom-and-pop shops. Now, the same is happening to larger businesses if they cannot learn to compete with global competition. USA aircraft business and European aircraft businesses will soon be in same serious trouble as are the automakers. China is now manufacturing a mid-sized airplane...has orders for over 200 of them which includes 50 USA is buying. China will have a large airplane to compete with the Airbus and Boeing's 747 within 2-3 years...airplanes of best, modern design, use less fuel and cost much less than Airbus and Boeing.
USA and EU financial and business control of the world is definitely shifting to Asia...and ain't nothing the western nations can do about it! This will take some years to be finalized...and will affect all Caucasians in western nations in a somewhat detrimental manner...10 years from now the western nation's people's lifestyle will be significantly changed!! Such is the result of the New Word Order...powered by a global economy.
I speak not in negative manner...I speak not of doom or gloom...I speak only of the reality of the times to come.
There is a balance among all things! They cannot justify management, CEO's, salaries and perks of the energy companies, the stock market and the financial institutions will be more in balance with employee salaries. There will be a leveling out process...some significant changes in lifestyles...worldwide. Some of the old established businesses will learn to compete in a word market or will perish! The old established lifestyles of many will change...peoples will learn to live within their means or perish. Stock markets, personal credit use, bank's methods of functioning will change or perish. This is the New World Order that the global economy is beginning to create. It will come slowly, it will come with much emotional turmoil and distress among the millions of peoples, and so it will be.
Just as the European countries learned that they must unite to survive and did the will many other nations learn they must work in harmony with each other if they wish to survive. China is leading the world with trips all over this world doing the many harmonious, trade agreements with all nations with no concern or care about the nature of their governments...shows all equal respect with no discrimination. And those world nations will do the more and more trade with the best, mutual benefit for each other. They will survive! If USA learns not to do the same...USA will not is just that simple!!
I remember when people bought DeSotos, Packards, Plymouths...when Winchester and Colt were # 1...when people bought Piper and Cessna single engine propeller driven airplanes...when a real estate contract was one piece of paper...when stock insurance companies were # 1 in USA...when people who lived in trailer houses were considered trailer trash people...when divorce was the worst personal shame...when queers were queers, faggots...when I could buy a bottle of Jax, or pearl or lone star beer for 25 cents...a gallon of gas was 29 cents...when there was no air conditioning for houses, no TV or computers, etc and etc.
My point is---Change is the only constant and the taller they are, the harder they fall. USA was the tallest and it will fall the hardest...but it will survive...and...the average lifestyle in USA will see some serious change...and is most doubtful that it will ever return to the manner in which it was. Such is the reality of being a part of a global economy that was allowed to run amok when regulations were withdrawn from the financial institutions, the stock market and other parts of the economy.
Know this as a for sure!----
1) USA people are very resilient! We will survive this financial crises and the most will be better off for it...will have learned the lesson the hard way.
2) Finally, the EU economists are saying publicly which they have been saying privately---the major EU nations, Germany, France, especially the British governments, allowed their financial institutions and stock markets to function in more wild manner than USA companies. USA is not the major culprit in what has happened! Basically, USA is the world leader and leads the financial disasters...only started what was going to happen anyway in Europe... which has spread worldwide.
3) Major changes are happening...worldwide...some will be mistakes, some will be of great benefit...the realization that indeed we are all in a global economy is coming as a serious, surprising news to most all peoples and their governments. Whoops! Whot happened? Surprise!
4) There is developing a togetherness among most world governments such as has never been before. And is a very good maybe---The EU and USA will form a togetherness...Asian nations will form their togetherness...other countries will join one of the two...they will have their own form of currency...their own block of economic power...and who knows where this will lead. This has much potential for the greatest benefit to all! No one nation can be the hotshot # 1 nation in this world! Tiz time USA has learned to work in harmony with other nations...let go of it's arrogant, imperialistic desires to control the world...and no more do the wars.
5) Finally, I am hearing the most important word from western national leaders...their advisers and consultants...the word never spoken before now. That word is GREED! So many peoples are now saying...the Greed among big businesses is a reality, we need to know that it exists and we must find rules and regulations to keep that Greed in control!!
6) In many ways the economic crises is a blessing! Finally, the nations of this world realize they must learn to work in harmony with each other...they must find the ways to control the Greed that is part of human nature...businesses must learn how to function within a global economy...there must be a more harmonious way for management and employees to perform their functions. And the peoples must learn to live a contented lifestyle and live within their means. They must learn to control their Ego and their within their means...or they shall perish! To the many this will be a shocking, emotionally hurtful awareness...many will survive, some won't. Such is life! Either accept and adapt, or perish. And so it has always been...and will continue to be.
7) There is no doubt that our current President has never had an original thought...possesses no awareness of what he has done...has been the unaware stooge of those who told him what to do. And has no idea of what to do now.
8) The president elect is an extremely intelligent person...very aware of what has happened, the how and why of making some quality decisions...and aware it will take some years to enhance the USA economy...if Congress will back him...will indeed create many jobs for USA peoples. He will restore some credibility and respect for USA, worldwide...and will work in harmony with other nations as much as congress will allow him to do. He knows this will take some years to finalize. More than anything, he is presenting Hope to the USA peoples.
9) I personally, totally disregard the many nay sayers among us! Yes, there will be some hard times ahead of us...yet much of it is positive. USA peoples are very resilient...big changes will come...with passage of time be essentially positive although there will be much emotional hurt among the many, but not all. When all is said and done...we will all be better of for what is happening now. Much of what should have been done for many years and was ignored...has become reality...and the many necessary changes are on their way! Like it or not, so it shall be!
10) I am encouraged to hear the EU national leaders in public now say we know the war in Iraq was purely an attempt to grab the Iraq oil and such wars must stop. The power of the sword must stop! Bottom line...among other things...USA's imperialism has come to an end!
11) Yes...the new World Order has come! The unbridled Greed among big businesses must and will be controlled. Peoples have learned that the stock markets are no more than a roll of the dice in Las Vegas...other means of accumulating wealth must and will be created. Peoples will learn to live within their means...Ego must also be controlled. Nations worldwide will learn to function with each other in a more harmonious manner...nationalism is on it's way out. There will most probably be a western and an eastern nations power block. Currencies other than the USA dollar will gain in strength...USA dollar no more be the hotshot # 1 currency in this world. USA will no more be hotshot # 1 in this world...will be one of several important nations within the western power block...and learn to work in harmony or perish. The global economy will become ever more the primary nation be will hotshot # 1 any more. Those who can learn to live in harmony with such will survive. Those who will not adjust to this will perish...not completely, but will end up being a relatively small near to 3rd world country.
Yes, the new World Order has was inevitable with the ever more global economy. I heard a very wise lady on CCTV 9 yesterday mention...because of the so huge consumerism in USA...USA has sparked and significantly contributed to the global economy...and failed to become a part of it. Whoops. Surprise! Enjoy...positive Lee.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Evolution of the Business Ostrich

The Evolution of the Business Ostrich
For those few who have managed to avoid or escape the business world, it is difficult to imagine the vastly different mind set. It is as far away from centre on the one side as academia is on the other, balanced by medicine in the north, and military in the south. Every one of these mind sets is verging on the lunatic, but those possessing the mindset are unable to recognise the phenomenon. Let's try to delve inside the business mindset. I take as my example Kentucky Fried Chicken, as they used to be called when they sold chicken, but now known as KFC. In my days of youth, I was asked to design a computer system to help with the administration of a KFC franchise. It was fascinating. We did a complete and detailed stock control system. Data was available to show how much oil was required to destroy one portion of fries. But the really amazing thing was the control of the stationery. Each portion of food sold was placed in a specific kind of container, so it was possible to make a reasonable assessment of portions sold by controlling the number of boxes used. Thus the status of the lowly box was raised above that of the food. I believe the results of this policy change are self-demonstrable. And yes, in order to control the use of ingredients, we did learn the secret recipe. I signed to say that I would never reveal it, but morally I think to do so should be considered an act of terrorism. OK Now that we are in the business mindset, we can see that the world revolves around money, profit, competition, performance reviews, peer reviews, salary reviews, and a whole pile of refuse. For those entrepreneurial types out there, here's a little secret. America has enormous secret reserves, held in dumpsters outside every supermarket. There is enough quality food there to give all the kids in Africa an absolutely mind blowing Christmas dinner, with a constant on-going daily supply of nourishing food. But not one person in the world can be arsed to arrange it. That is a measure of the reality of the business world. However, gradually, as the cherries begin to disappear from their Pymm's Number Threes, they feel a kick in the arse, and realise that they have had their head buried in the busines sand, and the great awakening begins.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Cars with nowhere to go

Today I have heard the news that there are Cars with nowhere to go in Long Beach harbor, California. Japanese ones! There are stories about ships all over the world stacking up in exporting countries, anchored, and not able to sail because they cannot get letters of credit for the shipments. Hong Kong was mentioned as having rows and rows of loaded but idled ships stuck there. The same goes for oil tankers, lines of them anchored even though they are full, with no buyers. There has been a screeching halt of shipping worldwide. Products are backing up in Asia. Many of you have heard about the collapse of the Baltic Dry index, a shipping index for containers. It has fallen from over 11,000 in July to around 800, in only a couple of months! I haven't yet seen anyone with any projections from here on in. So I will make some. I have some knowledge of how production lines, and 'just-in-time" stock keeping work. Most large production lines have been working on and honing just-in-time stock control for many years. The theory of just-in-time stock control is that goods arrive just before they are needed. This avoids holding large quantities of stock, thus reducing the required working capital. I have always wondered what might be the situation if a few essential components began to arrive "just-too-late'. It is obvious that the goods held on these ships are going to arrive too late. Let's take an example of building a car. We have a production line chugging along at the set speed, with all the components in the right place at the right time, and then suddenly, we run out of wheels. We can no longer roll the cars off the end of the line. The only thing we can do is to stop the line. Meanwhile, all the other components are still arriving as ordered, very soon all storage space is full, and there is no way to unload the trucks. So, like the boats, the trucks begin to line up. Now, there are insufficient trucks to carry other goods, so other factories begin to back-up their facilities until there is no longer anywhere for storage, and no alternative but to cease production. Within just two or three days, almost every factory will be at a standstill, with no foreseeable chance of reopening. And this includes factories with a healthy order book and cash customers. Many people are now spending the last money they will earn for a very long time. As soon as imported food is in short supply in the supermarkets, there will be an increased rate of purchasing of local fresh produce. But there is no way of speeding up growing times, so fresh produce will soon be in short supply, even if transport is available,. People will begin to go hungry. Civil disturbance and riots will break out. Martial law will be initiated, world wide. Cities will become filthy and disease ridden, Many people will die. Projected timescale - before Christmas - world wide!!! Do you get it yet? Best regards The ex-city dweller Now what do we do from here?

Friday, 21 November 2008

Menopause, the mid-life crisis, or vibrational change?

As our overall or average vibration moves from one level to the next, and becomes more subtle, it is the same as being reborn into the same body. But we really are a different person. Gradually, our friends and relations will begin to notice this, and we will drift apart. This is the first step in drifting towards the higher level horizons. Realising this enables us to avoid holding back. Initially we are reluctant to move on - to leave all that we are familiar with, and to have no real plan or understanding of where we are really going. But we have gained faith. We no longer think or feel the same as we did. We understand that there is a power much greater than ourselves, and we are prepared to bow down to it. We make daily efforts to maintain contact with this power, and we are no longer interested in the childish games of so-called civilised man! We can see through the mists that cloud the people's vision, and we can observe their circular motions. We know that our path is laid out for us, and we know that we will follow it, but we also know that it is a never ending path. So after our initial eagerness to attempt to reach the end of the path, we learn to smell the roses as we walk, with no hurry to get anywhere. We often come across a fork in the path. A quick reference to the great power - with an immediate response - provides sufficient information for us to choose the best path, and so our navigational problems in life are eased. We don't know where we are going, and we don't care. In short, the nearest we can get to our highest potential, is to not give a suck! And I am almost there! How about you? The moral of this story is can be expressed in three words: "Let it be" or in the words of one of our sages "Bring it on"

Friday, 14 November 2008

Government and independent thought

Closing down When the human body is confronted with adverse conditions, it has an amazing way of becoming accustomed to the pain. In fact, it closes down certain facilities in order to survive. The first time I realised this was when I naively bought my first house. It was about 100 years old, a mid-terraced in an up market English suburban village, across the road from a main railway line. I checked out everything, even taking into consideration the train times. The first night I slept there, I was awakened at 2.30 am with the whole house shaking, as a very long and very heavy freight train was lumbering by. It was intolerable. But by the third night, I became accustomed to it, and was never awakened again! Almost all present day governments came into being as a result of bloody conflict. They were born out of war, and their roots lie in war. We have become accustomed to war. We have closed down our minds regarding war. 'It's not my war' – 'as long as it's in another land it does not affect me' – are the kind of comments we hear every day. As civilisation progresses, it begins to abhor war.War belongs to a comparatively low level of consciousness, not much above that of the animals from which we have evolved. As we each gradually progress along our journey towards personal enlightenment, we realise that our true mission is to help all those who are following us along the path. Furthermore, we realise that the best way to help, is to pass on the advice that we are receiving from those who have preceded us. All messages from advanced societies indicate that war is a limiting factor to planetary evolution. In order for a planet to evolve, there has to be a solid single accord that overrides all other, and while ever war exists, the achievement of this accord is not possible. So I believe that we should all throw our weight behind those campaigning for a cessation of war. If war ceases, then all the other abominations of government mismanagement will cease also. Once war is removed from the planet, then all the benefits of having a government cease to exist. With no war, we have no need to defend against each other. We can pool the world's resources into the advancement of beneficial science, and completely abandon all work on destructive technology. We no longer need armies, navies, air forces, secret services, administration and service departments for the fore-going. Feelings If we are in tune with our planet's feelings in any way, we can immediately imagine the reduction in planetary tension created by the abolishment of these departments and there tools of death. Of course that would mean that all the corporations which are so totally dependent on defence spending, would cease to be of any benefit to mankind. We discover that the problem of war is in fact - government - and the only way that war will ever cease on this planet, is when government ceases. This change of balance marks the transition point indicated by a sufficient number of humans who have gained the ability to control themselves, so that they no longer need to be controlled by others. The need for a governing body therefore becomes obsolete. The problem with the acceptance of this idea is that the collective consciousness of mankind has become so engrained with the concept of government, for so long, that any conception of a world without government is immediately ridiculed - (the first stage of the acceptance of truth.) In order to get a full perspective on this, then we could try to view government from the same viewpoint as those who finance government, being the few private banking families who control the central reserve bank of most nations. Reported quotations from these families help to put this whole idea into context. Rothschild's mother was quoted as saying 'If my sons didn't want war there would be no war'. Mayer Amschel Bauer, who founded the Rothschild family is reported as saying, 'Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws' His son, Amschel Mayer Rothschild is reported as saying, 'Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.' And another son, Nathan Mayer Rothschild is reported to have bragged, 'I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.' Waking up Now that we have an idea of how government is viewed by those who control it, the concept of the redundancy of government hoves into view. But how would we live without government? This is discussed in an article called Non Government, already distributed. Part Two Being able to see the situation as it is today, and having some kind of vision of how the situation could be after the transition, all we need to do is to establish the best way of transition. We become rapidly aware of a picture of “us” and “them”, where "them” is represented by all those who wish to have power over others. We must consider these as the enemy. When considering an enemy, the classic guide lines come from Sun Tzu, in his “The Art of War”, where he says: “8. It is the rule in war, if our forces are ten to the enemy's one, to surround him; if five to one, to attack him; if twice as numerous, to divide our army into two." Our numbers must be millions to one. I think our approach to surrounding the enemy would be to completely ignore him, so that he becomes surrounded in ignorance. We must appeal to every individual to try to think for himself, and to avoid the thinking that has been poured into him by those who wish to control him. So we see, that by supporting those campaigning for peace, we are supporting those campaign for the abandonment of government. This is the only possible way forward. We must use our energies to support those in our immediate contact zone. We must strengthen ties between local organisations, so that we can develop plans for community cooperation, to ensure that the immediate needs such as shelter, food clothes, medicines and medical help are available. I propose that we cease all activities representing protests against government, ignore them completely, cease publicising their insane machinations, and respectfully leave governments to die in peace. We must work to minimise all contact with government. Protesting against them has proven time and again to have little or no effect. So we can also split our army into two. One half can help us to avoid contact with government, and the other half can work on filling any gaps that the demise of government might leave. We believe this is the only possible way forward.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The New World Odour, and it's antedote

Good Morning - welcome to the new world order
I have the television on in the background, as the family is present on this peaceful Sunday morning. It is tuned to CCTV channel 9, the only English language news channel available on Chinese TV. I heard the words "New World Order" spoken by the anchor, so I began to pay attention. I saw a clip of a speech being made at the World Economic Forum, or WEF, in Istanbul. The Theme of the Forum is "Confronting Challenges in Defining a Collaborative Future". The clip was maybe 15 seconds, and included emphasis, exaggeration, and slow and clear speech so that non-native speakers could hear the sounds echoing through the hall. "Out of this financial situation is likely to come ....A........NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER" This event and speech was made in Istanbul, and I am in China. Is it likely that this news clip has been shown on almost every television in the world, with various anchor's translated those three simple words? The Chinese anchor repeated those three words three times, when introducing and summarising the clip. This will quite likely be shown every hour, on the hour, all around the world. By the end of the day, the sound NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER will be ringing in every TV viewers' ears. Tomorrow it will probably be front page news in every newspaper. Welcome to NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER The sheople are EAGERLY ANTICIPATING a New World Order. Everyone who votes for the NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER will get exactly what has been prophesied and is expected by anyone possessing the ability the think. I somehow feel that it is important to do something. If we don't do something, then they certainly will. We have to do whatever we can to ensure that we, the people of the world, are not incarcerated in The New World Order's prisons. I ask that we all use any idea we have to achieve the demise of NEW........WORLD........ORDER if we wish to retain any semblance of freedom. This does not apply solely to Americans. We know that the NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER is not limited by national boundaries. We are not talking about a new American order. (If anyone reading this is no familiar with the NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER, you have some very urgent reading to do. I have attempted to ease that task by providing links. All the links are a different take on NEW..........WORLD..........ORDER If you haven't made up your mind yet, then you have a few hours left - maybe. Peace be with you, as the fireworks are being lit. The touch paper is glowing brightly now at11.54 am Beijing time Sunday 1st November 2008. David "Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress" Fredrick Douglas

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blessed Unrest

Now for some truly positive news. It appears that the unfoldment of of human consciousness into a new paradigm, and a new world is now recogniseably happening. Please watch this few minute video, to get a picture of what is REALLY happening, beyond all the surface razzmatazz of national elections, sports shows, finance propaganda and adverts. It's probably the least effort you will ever have to make for the greatest revelation! This is huge, and fast moving. It is amazing just how many people are now involved. I expect more news VERY soon. A Happy and Peaceful Future to us all

Monday, 27 October 2008

Emergency - Urgent

Dear friends, I am prepared to take the risk that this information is inaccurate. But it certainly convinced me. PLEASE DECIDE FOR YOURSELF It's a Jeff Rense production. The INTERVIEWEE, De Rima E. Laibow, A SCIENTIST, actually use the words "not wide-eyed speculation, but cold hard fact" I'll let the very professional video speak for itself. This is a clear demonstration of how the H5N1 bird flu pandemic has being started. Please watch it now, and save a life. It might be your own. Don't delay, this is not something that is coming. It is being sold in the High Street NOW.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Weggie's blog

This film has been on YouTube for about a month, but has only just been brought to my attention. It is a very convincing and I think a very important film. Was the Moon Landing faked? Did Stanley Kubrick die a natural death? Did General Walters die a natural death? Why was Ronald Reagan selected to run for president? You might KNOW when you have watched this film. .
Part 1 tinyurl Part 2 tinyurl Part 3 Tinyurl How could the flag flutter when there's no wind on the moon? During an interview with Stanley Kubrick's widow an extraordinary story came to light. She claims Kubrick and other Hollywood producers were recruited to help the U.S. win the high stakes race to the moon. In order to finance the space program through public funds, the U.S. government needed huge popular support, and that meant they couldn't afford any expensive public relations failures. Fearing that no live pictures could be transmitted from the first moon landing, President Nixon enlisted the creative efforts of Kubrick, whose 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968) had provided much inspiration, to ensure promotional opportunities wouldn't be missed. In return, Kubrick got a special NASA lens to help him shoot Barry Lyndon (1975). A subtle blend of facts, fiction and hypothesis around the first landing on the moon, Dark Side Of The Moon illustrates how the truth can be twisted by the manipulation of images. With use of 'hijacked' archival footage, false documents, real interviews taken out of context or transformed through voice-over or dubbing, staged interviews, as well as, interviews with astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and others, Dark Side Of The Moon navigates the viewer through lies and truth; fact and fiction. This is no ordinary documentary. Its intent is to inform and entertain the viewer, but also to shake him up - make him aware that one should always view television with a critical eye. Dark Side Of The Moon is written and directed by William Karel and co-produced by Point du Jour Production and ARTE France
This will be a real wake-up call for many people. If you want to know what kind of things really happen in this world, this is a must watch. All and any comments appreciated.

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel.
What a load of bollocks!
I know a man who started computer programming long before Bill Gates was out of nappies (diapers), when disk was spelt disc, and 8k was a huge memory. What does this man know about computer programming? Absolutely nothing. Java wasn't invented, colour screens were one colour only, graphics couldn't move, there was no music, Internet wasn't dreamed of, and a small computer cost almost half a year's salary. So a few things have changed a little bit, in just eighteen years. But one thing is unlikely to ever change, and that is logic. I feel that even when the paradigm completes its changes in 2012, then logic will remain the same. The thing about logic is that it is based on facts. And the thing about facts is that they often turn into fiction, as Galileo proved. And as soon as a fact turns to fiction, then the logic fails, and we have to find some new facts to fit our fiction. We will try anything we can to hold on to our belief system, even as the building blocks of that system are crashing around us. Things can get very complicated here. We know that our belief system is not static. It is quite usual for our belief system to grow a little each day. This is only made possible by the vast array of choices of data. Each individual person is able to arrange his daily information input so that only the topics in which he is interested are presented. This is a very convenient method of remaining ignorant of many important factors lying outside our belief system. We hardly hear about them, certainly don't study them, and our opinion on them is almost certainly misinformed. By the time that any significant event outside our own monkeysphere comes to our attention, often by relay through the general public, there has already been a long and convoluted history. We have all witnessed conversations between friends, some of whom have only recently become aware of a controversial topic a few hours ago through national TV or rumour, and some who are hearing their first inputs on the topic. It is most interesting to listen to their opinions, especially if we have been trying to study every facet of this topic for the last twenty years. The first half hour is spent in listening to a parroting of the various news broadcasts on the topic. Then we come to the opinionated part. Now we have four or five guys, none of whom have the slightest personal experience of anything in any way to do with the topic they are discussing, getting irate with each other because they are just not paying attention. Day after day this happens in thousands of establishments in hundreds of countries, all around the world. What a load of bollocks - we call ourselves civilised? Is that enough yet? No! Now, a new guy joins them. He has been studying the topic for the last twenty years, so he sits and listens to their parroted story, extended by the weirdest logic we can imagine - demonstrating yet again a potentially severe problem with insanity. We see him attempt to set about presenting an alternative picture. His camel-hair has not yet hit the easel before his hand gets brushed aside, he is declared insane, and rejected from the group. But there are some folks who don't join in these conversations. They sit alone at home, and have identical discussions over the Internet. The brushing aside is easier here. All we have to do is put a block on a few email addresses, and change our Favourites, and a whole portion of the world can be made to conveniently disappear. This helps, because there is far less to think about when trying to solve complex problems, like "where did all those trillions of dollars go", or "will the human species survive the environmental destruction?" And this is why everyday we hear half-baked ideas, where the speeches of the government party members and the presentations of the mass media are echoed. As I said before. What a load of bollocks! If we closely examine any area in which we have a detailed personal knowledge, such as a lifetime hobby for example, and ignore all hearsay and public opinion, our research will begin to turn up anomalies - always. If we follow these anomalies, we come to an unthinkable thought. We retreat, five or six times and try different approaches. Every approach ends up at ---- -the same unthinkable thought. After much heartache, pain, and often severe illness, we grudgingly consider the possibility of examining this thought. Immediately we are stumbling and nearly drowning in information that attacks our belief system, and we have to step back. We reject the thought again. Until finally, when absolutely everything else has reached a dead-end in suffering, sickness, poverty, personal mental turmoil, near death and all the things that happen to everyone - every morning, we roll up our trouser legs, and try again. We feel it is better to prepare this time, so we take a boat with us. We push the boat out into the gentle calm waters, and smoothly float away from the beach, surveying everything with utmost wonder. Suddenly, a storm blows up, the swelling waves pick up our boat, and dump it 50 yards up the beach. We escape relatively unharmed, physically, but by now our mental turmoil is becoming very difficult to hide. We are declared crazy for attempting such a stupid thing, and we resolve never to try again. Our life is now a total disaster. We have nowhere to go. We can read road signs like any capable blind man in the dark. Yet somehow, we are pointed back in the direction of the beach. We board an unsinkable ship, and set sail. We plough passed all those who are shouting "You're bloody crazy", and wonder if they've looked in a mirror lately. We break through the storm, and suddenly find ourselves ---------------- in amazingly calm waters, with beautiful caring people, and we know that every one of them has also broken through the storm. ---------------- After a short rest, we start to miss our mates. We resolve to go back through the storm, and tell them. We try to prepare the story so that they don't have to go through ALL the trials and tribulations that we have suffered. We board another ship, which fights through the raging storm, almost capsizing in the process. Yet we manage to reach the shore, where our friends are waiting. But we are rejected. Absolutely, totally, and flatly rejected by almost every one who has ever been a friend, with our own family amongst the first to reject us. We despondently resolve that we cannot help, and struggle back through the storm to the beautiful people, who tend us, heal us and care for us, and try to resolve the problem for us. We sit and think. Is there ANY way to help these people who don't know what they are missing? Then the beautiful people ask us to watch "Chicken Little", and "Dreams do come true" and we really begin to understand.
What do you think is the best way to help these people?

In bliss

The Roots are in. We have brought it on.,The trees meet with the earth and sky, and they cant stop us, because we know the infinite, who's source is immaculate and undying. All other things pass away, So yeh open up, don't straddle the fence, open out your wings and glide to the other side bliss .. Love Janta.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


The Choice
The choice is rather clear. God first, others second, yourself last. However, you must take care of yourself well enough to do 1 and 2. Arden

Friday, 24 October 2008


Universal Truth Knowledge
---Opportunity is knocking on the door...Whoope! Please post this on your Weggie's blog...send to all on our email list. I have written of this many times...briefly mention again---- 1) 10,000 earth years ago Special Messengers from God presented to human that which is known as the Universal Truth Knowledge---God's intent and desire for human's daily thoughts and live in Joyous Harmony with all of God's creations and to live in Loving Harmony with all other humans...and...the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws that teach the easy, pleasant, manner in which human can learn to do so. This Universal Truth Knowledge applies to all intelligent life forms thruout the entire Universe...human is one of the Intelligent Life forms. Remember my 3 emails entitled Trilogy one, trilogy 2 and trilogy 3. In # 3 I wrote the definition of Joyous and Loving Harmony and the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. If you have saved Trilogy # 3...please post in Weggie's blog...send to those who are on your email list. If no have, I send it to you. Please note Universal Spiritual Law # 2 says each human possesses a talent unique to that human...when used to be of best benefit, service to other humans...human is at his/her best and is most pleasing to God. Law # 7 says all humans are an embryo waiting to be born into best benefit, service to all other humans and to God. ...this says it all! I remember Ra's the same message---Ra is like of many Minor Messengers from God. I was relieved of my duty some 10 years ago when God finalized the I send the Destroyers as I did once before...very Negative and most displeasing to God...or do I just leave human alone...if human is left less than 100 more years human will self destruct. The decision was leave human alone! I know of this...I was a part of the events that led to the decision. Perhaps I should again write a story of this happening. Human needs to understand...with Special Gift # 2...Free Will Choice...human has the authority and power to do as human pleases...human is entirely in control of human's fate! And if such results in self be it! God will not withdraw...and God will not interfere with Special Gift of Free Will Choice. If God did withdraw, interfere with Free Will Choice human would be no more than an animated robotic life form...and such is not the purpose of human life on planet earth. Humans know not that the Spiritual Entities assigned to manage planet Earth have used a number of different Spiritual powers to manage Earth's physical properties. Much of that management has been withdrawn...notice the serious changes in Earth's warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. Yes, human has this one last opportunity---change from what's in it for how can I be of service to others...precisely as is written in the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. Please know that God will not interfere with Free Will Choice and the Universal Law of Karmic response will also never change! God's work is perfect...shall never be changed! As you sow, so shall you reap! Every human thought, every human deed...sends into the Universe a spiritual energy signal which provides a pathway for the same kind of energy to flow back into human's life. Send out Positive, kind, caring,sharing spiritual loving...each day human life be joyous and happy. Send out Negative, mean, nasty, discriminating, prejudiced, deceit and lies of many kinds, desire for revenge, do the angry, etc...human's daily life be one of emotional turmoil, distress, misery...and if in amount sufficient will cause physical illness to the human physical body...such is the manner in which the Karmic Law functions!! Each day...with Free Will Choice...human creates for self...that which is known as heaven or hell. And so it is!! And human should also know...even if he changes to be a service to others human, and he is among the minority...and the majority change not and humans will self destruct...there is everlasting benefit to those who change. Maybe, I should post that story also...maybe it would be an incentive, motivation to change. Please note I possess no duty to present this knowledge to human...I do so only out of love of God and desire to "save" as many humans as I of best benefit, service to humans. And like all communications human does with human's Guardian Angel or with Spiritual Realm...there is never a request for compliance...human has Free Will Choice...believe or do not as you Please. I say sayonara...He who is known as Lee.