Friday, 21 November 2008

Menopause, the mid-life crisis, or vibrational change?

As our overall or average vibration moves from one level to the next, and becomes more subtle, it is the same as being reborn into the same body. But we really are a different person. Gradually, our friends and relations will begin to notice this, and we will drift apart. This is the first step in drifting towards the higher level horizons. Realising this enables us to avoid holding back. Initially we are reluctant to move on - to leave all that we are familiar with, and to have no real plan or understanding of where we are really going. But we have gained faith. We no longer think or feel the same as we did. We understand that there is a power much greater than ourselves, and we are prepared to bow down to it. We make daily efforts to maintain contact with this power, and we are no longer interested in the childish games of so-called civilised man! We can see through the mists that cloud the people's vision, and we can observe their circular motions. We know that our path is laid out for us, and we know that we will follow it, but we also know that it is a never ending path. So after our initial eagerness to attempt to reach the end of the path, we learn to smell the roses as we walk, with no hurry to get anywhere. We often come across a fork in the path. A quick reference to the great power - with an immediate response - provides sufficient information for us to choose the best path, and so our navigational problems in life are eased. We don't know where we are going, and we don't care. In short, the nearest we can get to our highest potential, is to not give a suck! And I am almost there! How about you? The moral of this story is can be expressed in three words: "Let it be" or in the words of one of our sages "Bring it on"
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