Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The immediate prospects for the planet

By Lee Frolich The immediate prospects for the planet...especially in USA...
The only constant is change. That which goes up must eventually come down. There will be many a hurtful, significant change in the extravagant, ignorant lifestyles of the many who lived off credit. They have no choice, they must learn to live a more modest lifestyle. In a recent survey---USA people used to spend $800 for Christmas plan to spend $200. The so many are fearful and are beginning to save some money...have discovered, the hard way, it is necessary to have some cash available.
The current financial crises all over the world is a valuable lesson to all---learn to save some cash...control our Ego-generated desire for more wealth, power and control...keep our businesses solvent, don't try to grow too fast by using credit to enhance business growth. Learn that numbers on a piece of paper showing how much money you have in the stock market, how much money you have in retirement, savings accounts...are no more than numbers on a piece of paper...have meaning only when those numbers are converted to cash in hand.
People are learning the hard way, do not trust banks...stock markets are the worst gamble in this not allow some financial management business to manage your money!! Learn to manage your money by yourself!! Start paying attention to what is happening in your own country and other countries. Learn or perish is the order of the day!
I am confident that there will be no Great Depression in USA or anywhere else. Recession...maybe very serious...Yes. Great Depression, No. I am confident that a new world order is happening...but certainly not the kind the doom sayers envision!
Peoples and governments worldwide are learning that indeed we are all in a global economy...and ain't got no choice...must learn to function in a harmonious way with each other!! The entire worldwide financial systems must change!! The financial systems and the large corporations must be stringently controlled...worldwide... by governments using some form of common sense to keep them from running wild...the Ego Greed for evermore wealth, power and control must be controlled! Nations must learn that united we stand, divided we fall. No nation...can function independently...can function only in harmony with each other. Such is the New it or not!
Even China is learning...100's of 1000's of small and medium sized businesses are closing their shops or producing less...because worldwide peoples can no longer buy their products. In general terms most people worldwide will learn to live a more modest it or not!!
USA automobile companies are an excellent example---the unions have forced upon them...the average employee is receiving $65 an hour salary.
Employees building competitive vehicles receive an average of $35 an hour. Such is the global economy. Doesn't take much smarts to understand that if USA employees are not willing to work for $35 an hour, soon they got no jobs. And...hotshot managers and CEO"s must also learn to live a more modest more outrageous salaries, bonuses, corporate jets, etc... or they also will have no jobs. Such is the effect of a global it or not! This applies in manner same for management and CEOs of all large corporations! The rich became richer and the poor became poorer...that will be modified! There Will always be some rich and some poor among us...but...the difference in disparity will be less. It cannot be any other way!
It will take a few years for all I mentioned above to finally settle down into a New World Order way of life. These changes are inevitable! There will be resistance...and will take some time to learn there is no other way. And there will be many a heartbreak...many a great sadness when peoples finally learn to live within their means or perish. The "upper" middle class and "middle" class USA citizen traded their car every 3 years for a new are saying I will keep the one I have for more than 3 buy a new computer every 3 years, no buy a new TV every 3 content with the one they more buy a new wardrobe every with the clothes they have...big change in the lives of many millions of USA peoples!!
As long as there is a global economy...and such will not change...there is no choice other than to learn to live within the demands of a global economy. Wal-Mart eliminated 100's of 1000's of small local mom-and-pop shops. Now, the same is happening to larger businesses if they cannot learn to compete with global competition. USA aircraft business and European aircraft businesses will soon be in same serious trouble as are the automakers. China is now manufacturing a mid-sized airplane...has orders for over 200 of them which includes 50 USA is buying. China will have a large airplane to compete with the Airbus and Boeing's 747 within 2-3 years...airplanes of best, modern design, use less fuel and cost much less than Airbus and Boeing.
USA and EU financial and business control of the world is definitely shifting to Asia...and ain't nothing the western nations can do about it! This will take some years to be finalized...and will affect all Caucasians in western nations in a somewhat detrimental manner...10 years from now the western nation's people's lifestyle will be significantly changed!! Such is the result of the New Word Order...powered by a global economy.
I speak not in negative manner...I speak not of doom or gloom...I speak only of the reality of the times to come.
There is a balance among all things! They cannot justify management, CEO's, salaries and perks of the energy companies, the stock market and the financial institutions will be more in balance with employee salaries. There will be a leveling out process...some significant changes in lifestyles...worldwide. Some of the old established businesses will learn to compete in a word market or will perish! The old established lifestyles of many will change...peoples will learn to live within their means or perish. Stock markets, personal credit use, bank's methods of functioning will change or perish. This is the New World Order that the global economy is beginning to create. It will come slowly, it will come with much emotional turmoil and distress among the millions of peoples, and so it will be.
Just as the European countries learned that they must unite to survive and did the will many other nations learn they must work in harmony with each other if they wish to survive. China is leading the world with trips all over this world doing the many harmonious, trade agreements with all nations with no concern or care about the nature of their governments...shows all equal respect with no discrimination. And those world nations will do the more and more trade with the best, mutual benefit for each other. They will survive! If USA learns not to do the same...USA will not is just that simple!!
I remember when people bought DeSotos, Packards, Plymouths...when Winchester and Colt were # 1...when people bought Piper and Cessna single engine propeller driven airplanes...when a real estate contract was one piece of paper...when stock insurance companies were # 1 in USA...when people who lived in trailer houses were considered trailer trash people...when divorce was the worst personal shame...when queers were queers, faggots...when I could buy a bottle of Jax, or pearl or lone star beer for 25 cents...a gallon of gas was 29 cents...when there was no air conditioning for houses, no TV or computers, etc and etc.
My point is---Change is the only constant and the taller they are, the harder they fall. USA was the tallest and it will fall the hardest...but it will survive...and...the average lifestyle in USA will see some serious change...and is most doubtful that it will ever return to the manner in which it was. Such is the reality of being a part of a global economy that was allowed to run amok when regulations were withdrawn from the financial institutions, the stock market and other parts of the economy.
Know this as a for sure!----
1) USA people are very resilient! We will survive this financial crises and the most will be better off for it...will have learned the lesson the hard way.
2) Finally, the EU economists are saying publicly which they have been saying privately---the major EU nations, Germany, France, especially the British governments, allowed their financial institutions and stock markets to function in more wild manner than USA companies. USA is not the major culprit in what has happened! Basically, USA is the world leader and leads the financial disasters...only started what was going to happen anyway in Europe... which has spread worldwide.
3) Major changes are happening...worldwide...some will be mistakes, some will be of great benefit...the realization that indeed we are all in a global economy is coming as a serious, surprising news to most all peoples and their governments. Whoops! Whot happened? Surprise!
4) There is developing a togetherness among most world governments such as has never been before. And is a very good maybe---The EU and USA will form a togetherness...Asian nations will form their togetherness...other countries will join one of the two...they will have their own form of currency...their own block of economic power...and who knows where this will lead. This has much potential for the greatest benefit to all! No one nation can be the hotshot # 1 nation in this world! Tiz time USA has learned to work in harmony with other nations...let go of it's arrogant, imperialistic desires to control the world...and no more do the wars.
5) Finally, I am hearing the most important word from western national leaders...their advisers and consultants...the word never spoken before now. That word is GREED! So many peoples are now saying...the Greed among big businesses is a reality, we need to know that it exists and we must find rules and regulations to keep that Greed in control!!
6) In many ways the economic crises is a blessing! Finally, the nations of this world realize they must learn to work in harmony with each other...they must find the ways to control the Greed that is part of human nature...businesses must learn how to function within a global economy...there must be a more harmonious way for management and employees to perform their functions. And the peoples must learn to live a contented lifestyle and live within their means. They must learn to control their Ego and their within their means...or they shall perish! To the many this will be a shocking, emotionally hurtful awareness...many will survive, some won't. Such is life! Either accept and adapt, or perish. And so it has always been...and will continue to be.
7) There is no doubt that our current President has never had an original thought...possesses no awareness of what he has done...has been the unaware stooge of those who told him what to do. And has no idea of what to do now.
8) The president elect is an extremely intelligent person...very aware of what has happened, the how and why of making some quality decisions...and aware it will take some years to enhance the USA economy...if Congress will back him...will indeed create many jobs for USA peoples. He will restore some credibility and respect for USA, worldwide...and will work in harmony with other nations as much as congress will allow him to do. He knows this will take some years to finalize. More than anything, he is presenting Hope to the USA peoples.
9) I personally, totally disregard the many nay sayers among us! Yes, there will be some hard times ahead of us...yet much of it is positive. USA peoples are very resilient...big changes will come...with passage of time be essentially positive although there will be much emotional hurt among the many, but not all. When all is said and done...we will all be better of for what is happening now. Much of what should have been done for many years and was ignored...has become reality...and the many necessary changes are on their way! Like it or not, so it shall be!
10) I am encouraged to hear the EU national leaders in public now say we know the war in Iraq was purely an attempt to grab the Iraq oil and such wars must stop. The power of the sword must stop! Bottom line...among other things...USA's imperialism has come to an end!
11) Yes...the new World Order has come! The unbridled Greed among big businesses must and will be controlled. Peoples have learned that the stock markets are no more than a roll of the dice in Las Vegas...other means of accumulating wealth must and will be created. Peoples will learn to live within their means...Ego must also be controlled. Nations worldwide will learn to function with each other in a more harmonious manner...nationalism is on it's way out. There will most probably be a western and an eastern nations power block. Currencies other than the USA dollar will gain in strength...USA dollar no more be the hotshot # 1 currency in this world. USA will no more be hotshot # 1 in this world...will be one of several important nations within the western power block...and learn to work in harmony or perish. The global economy will become ever more the primary nation be will hotshot # 1 any more. Those who can learn to live in harmony with such will survive. Those who will not adjust to this will perish...not completely, but will end up being a relatively small near to 3rd world country.
Yes, the new World Order has was inevitable with the ever more global economy. I heard a very wise lady on CCTV 9 yesterday mention...because of the so huge consumerism in USA...USA has sparked and significantly contributed to the global economy...and failed to become a part of it. Whoops. Surprise! Enjoy...positive Lee.
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