Saturday, 29 November 2008

Seven Steps

There are seven steps between this old worn-out paradigm, and the freshness and joy of a new life in the new paradigm. These steps must be taken by each individual, but much assistance becomes available from others striving towards the same ends. The great thing is that, once the goal is attained, all the striving stops, and we are able to allow our spirit to take total control, without interference from the mind. We can now truly use the mind as a tool, and not be used as if we were a tool. The first step is to look at the foundations of our own thinking.We discover that it is a mish-mash of parental advice, education system indoctrination, fashion and teenage cults, social thinking, TV programs and movies, and our own feelings. Once we have seriously considered the logical coincidence of these foundations, we suddenly conclude that we are standing on very shaky ground. We need a more reliable method of regulating equilibrium. So we begin to align our thoughts and deeds with our natural surroundings. We begin to avoid unnatural surroundings. We begin to make nature our controller of equilibrium. Step two. Now that we know where we are going, and that we are definitely on the right path, because everything that has gone before us has walked the same path, then everything around us begins to change. Our friends begin to change. They either change in themselves, in that they too begin to walk the same natural path, or we change our friends, by dropping those who cannot see for those who can. Step three is to begin to develop new communities. Agreements will be achieved with land owners for small portions of land on which a small community can thrive. Step four is to overcome the remaining difficulties experienced as a result of the new lifestyle. As our technology and science will also have adjusted its path to follow the lead of nature, and provided us with the few solutions that were missing. Advanced permaculture, and free energy devices help to remove many burdens. Step five is a tidying up process, as all remnants of non-natural society are brought into line. Step six is to begin to advance society way beyond that of any previous society, and step seven is the preparations for the next plane of consciousness. Comments please.
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