Thursday, 4 December 2008

They just wont listen!

They just wont listen! I believe that the very first sensation of life that we feel, at the instant that our body first experiences the outside world, is probably an auditory sensation. I have seriously considered the other publicly-understood four senses of: seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting, and I consider that hearing is the first sense that we can consciously recognise. This is a very important moment, because it precedes the torture that is used in order to persuade us to obey. We might have been lucky, and escaped the wrack, otherwise known as forceps. We most likely did receive that shocking slap on the bum that immediately debilitated half of our senses. We are then transferred to some weird inhuman concoction where we were weighed and categorised according to the size of our body. All we want to do is to get back where we came from.We have a serious need to be very close to our mother. Anything else just debilitates our sensibilities further. And as if this wasn't enough torture, most infants are subjected to further abuse through barbaric tribal cultures, such as circumcision, vaccination, or other form of perversion. Through all these terribly desensitising activities, we still manage to make some sense of something. I think the first thing that we consciously register is most probably sound. Our primary controlling influence is our ears. We all know that sound is a vibration. We all know that sound is best received with a well positioned aerial. I believe that the arial for our ears, is our eyes. If our eyes are transfixed on the source of the sound, then we are more able to understand the sound. By transfixing our eyes on the sound, we are able to hear it equally in both ears, and thus obtain an accurately balanced interpretation of the sound. For anyone with a desire to be able to understand more, then this piece of advice will be found most helpful. If you wish to know whether you are primarily driven by your eyes or your ears, then think of your reaction during thunder and lightning. What has more effect on you - the blinding flash of light, or the thunderous roar that follows it? Most people are not listening. Having concluded that our ears come first, and that we are able to best achieve our potential listening/understanding quotient by aligning our listening with our sight, we can easily realise that when our eyesight wanders, then so does our hearing. Every teacher is aware of this. If a glance around the classroom produces pairs of eyes looking at the teacher, then it is an interesting class. So a good piece of advice for a student is that he/she can improve the overall learning capacity by ensuring that he/she is always looking at the person who is speaking. From a school management's point of view, the necessity for round tables in classroom's soon becomes apparent, whenever one student is expected to speak to another. We rapidly experience the benefits of looking at each other when we are talking to each other. There are a few people who have been practising aligning their eyes with their ears for a long time, and consequently, they have learned vast amounts. They are, when compared with the average member of the public, enlightened. With their ability to view the bigger picture, they can see that many activities of the human race are quite ridiculous. In an attempt to help their friends and acquaintances to also view the bigger picture, they often try to disseminate information. The main reason for the desire to do this is loneliness. Most of these people are in a situation where they spend long periods of time without meeting another who also has the ability to align sight with hearing. They are often lonely. Some are on remote islands, or on mountains, and some are buried in the middle of cities, surrounded by hundreds of people who cannot understand the same language. Very lonely people. The reason that they are lonely is because very few people are able to listen to what is being said, and so these half-listeners completely ignore what is being said, or even become annoyed by it. They seem to believe that they are superhuman. Humans are able to concentrate on only one thing at a time one hundred percent. If a human is doing more than one thing at a time, then he is not doing anything one hundred percent. Anyone believing that they cam make a one hundred percent job of more than one thing is inclined to have one foot in fantasy. This is why so many of these enlightened people live in remote places, and avoid the public. They have given up. They have decided that the general public who are unable to listen have made their own bed, and must lie in it. Others do not agree with that idea. They feel compassion for their fellow humans, most of whom have been subjected to the terrible torture outlined above, which surely causes far more pain that anything happening in Guantanamo! These enlightened people know the way through the maze that is entwining the human race. They want to leave, but they want to take some friends and acquaintances with them. Some have left already - alone. The remainder are prone to impatience, because they know that there is so little time remaining before they too must leave, or perish in the entangling morass. Are you listening?
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