Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Upsetting the tables of the money-lenders.

The financial crisis is a purely mental thing. Whether it is a crisis or not depends totally on the way our belief system works. If we believe that we have a right to a job, and a right to earn interest on our savings, then that is one belief system, but if we believe that we were not born to work for someone else and that usury is a sin, then that is another point of view. The majority of planetary citizens are presently operating under the former belief system. These are the people who have created, and who will suffer from the "financial crisis". However, if we look at the net effect, as opposed to the effect felt by certain individuals, it seems to me that the following natural adjustments will take place. Usury will go out of fashion. The interest rates are already falling to zero, which is exactly where they should be. If all interest rates were permanently zero, then the way in which the world operates would change for the better. Banks would cease to be of interest to wealthy people, so these people would find alternative ways to use their money, such as investing in free energy development, or creating a permaculture food forest. With the end of bank loans, then all businesses would have to take a more prudent path. There will be an enormous scaling back, such that businesses will produce only those goods that are needed, and provide only those services that are necessary. Inevitably, billions of people will lose their jobs, to the point where those with jobs will become the minority. Peoples' savings will be gradually eroded, until most of the "non-existent" money actually ceases to exist. Most over-consumption will cease as a different lifestyle becomes essential. If we go to bed one day with our bank balance along side our name in some computer, and wake up the next day to discover that this number has changed significantly, and may have even become zero, then this is not the end of the world. In fact, there is no need to adjust any of the actions that we have planned to take on this day of awakening. However, this discovery will certainly cause adjustments to be made to future plans, and many people will find this change to be too difficult to adjust to, despite the thousands of warning bells that they have heard over the last ten or fifteen years. In similar situations in the past, many people in the financial world who can see only one point of view have committed the ultimate sacrifice - suicide. But how could six point five billion people possibly survive with no jobs, no banks, and no factories? Inevitably, all governments will be weakened - there will be no-one paying taxes, and no banks to borrow money from, so all the expensive and unnecessary government schemes that have fuelled the recent levels of insanity will cease. There will be virtually no spending on the military, as there will be far more important considerations than war, or protection against it. All of the people who have been living in a self-imposed cage, with very restricted and illogical thinking being their prison warders, will become free to find their true selves. Let's look at jobs. Why are jobs created? They are created so that one group of people can profit from the labours of another group of people. When we have totally accepted that it is a sign of low morality for one group of people to profit from another group of people then we will realise just how short-sighted we have been by wanting to work for someone else in the first place. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature can see that if some people are profiting from others, then there must be some losers. The people who were previously considered to be the losers - those at the bottom of the pile with no assets at all - will not be affected very much by the financial crisis. The main losers in the financial crisis will be those at the top of the pile, who had been profiting from others. And the reason why these people will become the losers is that they are the ones with the least survival skills. Most of the current "formers- of- public-opinion" will steadfastly refuse to accept the new paradigm, and will spend their last breath trying to persuade others that we should stay in the old paradigm. They have no alternative, as they have no real survival skills. They do not know how to grow or prepare their own food, or how to build or maintain a house or car. They are totally dependent on others for survival, and when the others become preoccupied with their own survival, they will no longer look after the interests of their masters. Masters will cease to exist, and we will have achieved a situation of true equality. Gradually, as one scam after the other is revealed for the frauds that they are, public opinion will become far less gullible. Each citizen will become totally responsible for his own welfare. Some will have the grace and skill to be able to look after their own needs, and the needs of their family, and will also have a little excess energy or assets which can be shared with those less fortunate, such as the disabled or elderly. Once the present mind-controllers have been quietened, then most of the restrictions on leading a sensible life will be lifted. We will no longer suffer from peer pressure to spend all of our childhood and teen years trying to gain a qualification so that we can get a "good job" which we will work in until we are too old to discover what life is about, and then die. We will start to have a real life, instead of the synthetic life presently experienced by most of the world's citizens. We will have freedom to discover our true passions , and we will find the skills necessary to ensure satisfaction of those passions. Of course, the sooner one realises that the change is inevitable, then the less painful the change becomes. If we go to bed one day in the current paradigm, and wake up the next day in the new paradigm, the shock to the system will be too great. However, if we are lucky enough to be able to think, and can therefore see that change is inevitable, we can gradually wean ourselves off the old life style, and into the new. While it is impossible to foresee how the new lifestyle will pan out for each person, we can succeed in obtaining a few guidelines, based on the dawning realisation that it is old-style thinking for sometime to profit from someone else. Therefore we can see that today's shareholders will disappear. There will be no such thing as shareholders in the purely financial sense. Future share holders will also share responsibility, instead of simply profiting (or losing) from usury. There will still be different levels of thinking, as there has to be in order for the natural evolution of the spirit to have a path along which to proceed. So we will have a huge number of people who think at a personal or family level, some who think at a community level, and some who can think at a global level. But the latter will not necessarily become the leaders of the former, and they certainly will not plan on profiting from the former. In fact, quite the reverse. Tomorrow's generators of public opinion will have a sincere interest in the welfare of the public They will present ideas akin to this one, which has no financial or selfish motivation, but is simply designed to be of assistance to anyone reading it. But you ask, where will I get my money from? If that question is in your mind, then you have just proved to yourself that you are locked in to today's money paradigm. In tomorrow's paradigm, there will be no need for money. You will understand your needs for a comfortable yet simple lifestyle, and you will know what you have to offer that might be of benefit to others. You will find a way of exchanging what you have to offer for what you need. If what you have to offer is of no real use to society, then you have much learning to do in a short space of time. As a result of the removal of usury, and the money that goes with it, the people's minds will concentrate on different things. The second coming of the Christ is starting like the first - he has entered the temple, and upset the tables of the moneylenders. They are being eliminated from the temple, and life will go on much better without them.
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