Thursday, 27 December 2012

What happened to the world?

Just a few days ago, many people were either fearing the worst, or unable to imagine a better future.

Most knew that the world would not end, yet were devoid of empathy for those that believed it would. Their problem was created by fear, and we all suffer from it. It is fear that creates all problems. All human emotions are based on either fear or love, the only two true emotions. Most people have been insidiously inundated with bad news through their TV screens, newspapers, internet, schools, religions, employers and governments. Each institution has purveyed its own version of fear. Who could live without fear?

There were a few who managed to escape the tentacles of their own fear, and were able to stumble through the darkness until eventually they saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and they followed it. They have since been trying to explain the way to whoever would listen, and gradually more and more are finding the way. Every day, and especially through the pensive moments at this time of the year, deeper questions get answered, having the effect of providing a light on the path. Confidence builds, and rapid progress is made.

The spirit of the change of era, amplified by the vibrations of the current season makes it easier to quell fear and emanate love. This changes the electro-magnetism  in the area to a more positive mode, and this change becomes infectious throughout the spectrum. This is the source of the much spoken of pole change. The change is initiated in a wave length above the material plane, and the change in that vibration is now being balanced throughout the spectrum. Every one of the seven Schumann Resonances is changing, indicating a change in consciousness for everything. As drugs and alcohol or a serious accident or disease are necessary for us to become less conscious, we can expect that most people will benefit from a rise in consciousness.

There are many pitfalls along the way, so I have written a short book that highlights the pitfalls that I fell into.
The e book is called "Quickstep to Enlightenment", and is available on Kindle books

but of you mail me I will send you a free pdf.

Understanding this helps to get past those silly "Well what about...?" questions.

The answer to all those questions is that we are unable to predict what a more positive atmosphere will bring, but we can be certain that it is a change for the better. For sure it will help all those people who were less able to see alternative points of view, causing them to agree with the consensus of opinion, without giving it due consideration. 

Having bseen how our institutions create a story and spresd it worldwide, we now understand that the conspiracy is designed to mould public opinion. We can maybe see that some of our our thoughts have not really been our own, but have been to some extent pre-programmed by the media and those around us. We find that we have made some assumptions that have not been checked out, and as a result we become open to adjusting our opinions accordingly.

The new era vibrations will release some stress, and allow us to be better listeners. True conversation consists of trying to discover something new, to hear something that we did not know. and to tell something that we have not told.
We can think about the topics of discussion later, but the thoughts will be valid only if we have listened and understood. Any conversation providing less than this is worthless. And any conversation reiterating the same points is similarly worthless, as no progress can be made.

More people will relax more deeply, resulting in a reduction of energy spent in useless chatter, and providing more time for introspection. There will be more peace. 

 These activities ride on the back of the mood upswing created by the new era vibrations, and in turn add to that upswing.
Who cannot predict where this upswing leads, but for sure it will relieve many people of their woes.

Happy New Era.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Be your own nurse

If you are in pain or discomfort, only one person in the world can have a true understanding of where and how it hurts. That person is not your doctor - that person is you, or the 'I'. 
If you become able to distinguish the 'I' from the body, then you can use the 'I' to be your personal full-time nurse, and to provide advice on healing the sick body. I often use mine that way, and she always gives the best advice.
 Please relax
 The first thing she says is "Please relax, and get into a comfortable sitting position with as straight a spine as is comfortable."
My body rebels against this, and wants to do all sorts of other things like playing with the computer or going out with my mates, or getting some exercise, but then 'I' tells my body that it is sick, and the most important thing is getting rid of that problem. Eventually, my body listens.

The nurse asks "How did the pain occur?".
Sometimes I can answer, and sometimes I can't - some things seem to spring out of nowhere while I am sleeping.

Five essentials
  The nurse reminds me of the five essentials.
1. Diet - have I been putting any stupid things into my body?

All that is necessary for a healthy body is:
- fruit, which should form the bulk of our diet.
- vegetables, preferably - green-leaved vegetables
- seeds
- nuts
- water
Anything else is unnecessary, and may lead to poor health.
2. Exercise - have I been doing a reasonable amount of applicable exercise? For those in pain, exercise is often impossible. But we can all move a hand or a foot OK, so we should do our best to exercise what we can without hurting ourselves.
3. Sleep - have I been getting sensible and regular sleep, at least six hours and preferably eight per night (nine or ten for teenagers) with some of that time before midnight?
4. Sunshine - have I been receiving a reasonable amount of sunlight, and not over or under-doing it?

5. Love - have I been generating any hatred or fear - am I failing to forgive myself?

If we have taken care of these, the problem will gradually go away of its own accord.
Ceasing to call it a problem
If it doesn't, then ceasing to call it a problem, and accepting it is the answer. This is a  difficult solution, but far more practical than filling ourselves with all sorts of weird untested medications. 
 Go with the flow
If we  cease trying to change things and go with the flow, we reduce our stress levels, and hence improve our health.
Remember, no matter what we think of any situation, it is the only way it can be, and is always perfect. 'Twas meant to be.

For more details on body, mind and spirit enlightenment, click here,

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Secret revelations show government is no longer required.

Secret revelations
Each day more secret revelations are pouring into the public arena, and more governments and individuals are being sufficiently embarrassed to cease and desist their immoral or criminal activity, as witnessed by the resignations of hundreds of bank and media CEOs.

The public are now peering down the rabbit hole, and discovering just how much they have been hoaxed by a series of consecutive puppets who are all answering to the banking fraternity.

We don't need to be clairvoyant to see the signs around us.

Mother Nature is telling us that we as a species are not treating our home in a respectable way. If we analyse human behaviour at the end of the modern era, we recognise that there is a serious deficiency of common sense. Why are we still killing each other? Why are there still people starving? Why is there so much injustice?

These questions are very easily answered - government is no longer required.
Given the world's resources, and the willingness of people to help, even a trainee logistics manager could arrange to get food to the hungry if government institutions didn't get in the way. It is obvious that governments are working quite hard to keep food away from the hungry, for some insane political reason.

If there was no government, what chance is there of war? It is again obvious that governments are the source of all wars, and that alone is enough reason to dispose of them.

There is now a huge majority of world's citizens who are completely sick of the craziness of the people purporting to represent them. How many world citizens want to go to war? How can their representatives be so wrong and yet remain in office. The age of being governed is over, and the age of governing ones-self has arrived.

The controlling psychopaths have succeeded in dumbing down and knocking the life out of the general public, such that individuals can no longer see the way forward unless someone on the television tells them which way to go. As John Lennon sang "How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing".

By the age of five, few people know "the law", but everyone knows what kind of behaviour is acceptable to society. We do not need laws to tell us how to behave. We just need each other. We do not need leadership, ideas, mandated help or even money from crazy, expensive out-of-control organisations. We need them out of our life so that we can begin to live sensibly.

How can people we have never met have any understanding of our wishes?
There is no necessity to continue that insanity - we do not need to behave like Oliver Cromwell or Guy Fawkes to get rid of the government - we can just tell them to go away. If we petitioned the entire internet as "government as 'want' or 'not want', or war as 'want not want', I feel we might find that most of us no longer require government or war. We need a tsunami to wash away all remnants of those ancient super-corrupt organisations, so that we can rapidly rebuild on more sensible foundations.

If the expense, obstruction, corruption, and dishonesty of government was removed from the face of the earth, there is little doubt that Mother Earth would be a better place, and not as at present, a seriously endangered planet.

Imagining an end to government as we know it is a far stretch for many people. However we can all see that the present system simply does not work, so alternatives must be considered. Once we are able to consider the possibility of an entirely different arrangement, we begin to see not only the reasons that the old system failed, but also that it is possible to avail ourselves of considerable benefit.

When we examine what we put into government, and what we get out, it does not represent value for money.This thought is enhanced by the current awakening of thousands of souls every day, who understand that freedom is important.

So how do we free ourselves from the yolk of thousands of years of thinking in terms of government.The  system has broken down, as demonstrated daily on the TV. People all around the world are bitterly disappointed by their own and everybody else's government.

Simultaneously with the disappointment of discovering that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by government on subjects such as 9/11, vaccination,  fluoride in water, chemicals in the food and air and free energy many people are also awakening to the fact that they are more than just a body.

These two major factors together are creating an upward shift in the overall level of consciousness and awareness, resulting in the required tsunami, washing away the debris of bygone society.

The transitional shift is happening faster every day, and will very soon be complete.
Welcome to the new Mayan calendar.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Death of the Ego

When I began to study in order to try to better myself, I came across this concept of "The Death of the Ego", and it took me many years to come to grips with it, and then many more years to put those grips into action.

Simply put, the ego is an obstacle to be overcome.

The modern world promotes the ego as if it was of some benefit. The Buddha told us there was no self, but I believe what he called "self" two thousand five hundred years ago, we now call ego.

Most of our troubles in life are created by the ego. Many people build up the ego to such a point that it is impossible for them to live up to it, and then they suffer from mental problems, which in turn create other medical problems. If we were able to dispose of the ego, then all of these problems automatically disappear.

The personal problems created by errant egos are reflected in National and International problems. We have all witnessed the inflated egos of some nations, reflecting the minds and bodies of its citizens. Is an ego-less government a pipe-dream?

When we begin to ask ourselves "Why do I think like this?", and we begin to get answers, most of us feel self-humiliated, as our past behaviour always appears crass. Detailed examination of any of our own behaviour is humiliating, until the penny drops, and we realise that 'twas meant to be.

Once we have worked our way around or through the ego, we become free to listen to our inner voice, without self-created obstacles. Having surmounted our ego, we are able to keep it under control, and prevent it from interfering.

Whilst individualism is essential, mind-controlled individualism is undesirable, and unfortunately this is the type of individualism displayed by most people.

Clear Out In Full Swing.

For those following news of the transition beyond the modern era and into the upcoming era, we were promised huge changes in terms of increased transparency and honesty.

There has been a recent spate of resignations in the banking industry, and now the 'top notch' of the media industry, the BBC, is obviously having a clear out, and the next generation of management moves in.

The new generation has realised that we were not born simply to make as much money as possible, and that there is a deeper meaning to life.

All future major decisions will be made with an eye to nature. The biggest transitional change is from working against nature, to working with nature. It's obvious, but as soon as we realise the full depth of the thought we realise just how much our daily lives must change.

This transitional change is rather like changing from travelling upstream to travelling downstream. Only a fraction of the energy is required.  The energy savings created by this alone will rectify many worldly problems.

Confirmation here:

BBC news executives 'step aside'

The BBC's head of news and her deputy are asked to "step aside" to restore "clarity", two days after the director general resigned over a Newsnight report.

Add this to the Saville thing, which has already had repercussions in Australia.

Australia announces abuse probe

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces a national inquiry into institutional responses to the sexual abuse of children.
It is possible that the dot which lies in the middle and held it all together may be uncovered. Those who know it is the Rothschild's, say proving any misdoing is a difficult task. They are Satanists, and you can do your own research into their opinion of life - it is somewhat different to ours.

They control the media, the education authorities, the selection of top ministers in governments, the secret services, the entertainment business, the pharmaceutical business, and most things that we come into contact with in our lives. Their combined wealth is beyond being counted, in hundreds of trillions or more.

When they and their cronies have been cleared out, then we can all get back to a decent loving and cooperative life.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The idea of government is over.

End of Government
Many people have studied or experienced what might occur at the time of bodily death, and they feel they have a good grip on it. We know that life goes on, and that the body can be discarded like old clothes.

We were born to evolve, and this can occur only while the soul is manifest in a physical body. Time outside the body is wonderful, but never gets any better, so we become bored and decide to progress by reincarnating and taking further lessons.

The vibrations of our soul before conception seek a compatibly vibrating mother, and she chooses the father. The vibrations of our soul do not register pain or ill-health, so physical appearance of the body is a painful experience, completely misunderstood by today's forceps wielders.

 After birth our vibrations draw experiences of people and events towards us which provide answers to unasked questions. This increases our awareness, and continues to do so up to the point of death of the body. We can consider it as 'the little voice in the head', and can hear it urging us towards the highest vibration available within our present lifestyle. Some souls avoid this natural process by ignoring the voice of the higher soul, even though it speaks whenever asked.

Our incarnation is naturally drawn towards similar vibrations to our own, and when consciousness again becomes available, we find that all around us is helpful to us, though some are a little misguided. Rapid adjustment on our part is necessary to make a perfect fit within the environment into which we are born. We have spent nine months forgetting all that we knew, and now try to recall through childhood and adolescence.

Millions of individual earth-bound soul vibrations are adjusting and becoming more subtle each day as each individual begins to listen to the inner voice more frequently.

As more souls are now listening to their own inner voice, then more souls are realising that the time for the idea of government is over. Many little voices are now vibrating with the same song, the song of freedom. These voices know that freedom is not available whilst others try to take control of our lives.

These freedom-loving individuals have developed beyond the childish world of politics and war, and are ready for a life of love and cooperation. They are ready to leave the society of the insane, and to live a more sensible life, totally aligned with nature, and devoid of the machinations of socio-paths.

These people are not afraid of death, but would prefer to experience these new vibrations whilst in the same body, but the politicians, institutions and their cohorts are preventing this from happening.

So soon those who like to control the lives of others will become redundant with no redundancy pay. See self government.

When more people have raised their vibrations sufficiently to expect total freedom, we will laugh at the pretence that we are born to be governed by others. Once we have gained sufficient gumption to govern ourselves, we need no further government, thank you.

This will take a few months to come about, but is already in progress. The recent US election may not seem humorous to the inhabitants of US, but for sure the rest of us think it was one of the best comedies available. So much money spent on such tiny thinking.

If we end this incarnation as a loving person, we will be amongst loving people, and of course the corollary applies. This is where the concept of heaven and earth comes from, and the so-called judgement day that goes with them.

The problem with the judgement theory is that it precludes heaven from being here now, whereas we are told by Lao Tze in the Tao De Ching from four centuries before Christ in his infinite profundity that: "Eventually all people will speak of following nature".

Any judgement that is done is by one's own higher self, the little voice in the head. The more often we follow the advice of the 'voice', the higher our vibrations become, and again the corollary applies.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

How they hid the planes on 9/ll

by David West

I still have a few ponderings over the 9/11 planes- how did they do it?

We know what they did, but the disposal of people is a specialist job that only a few understand.

I'll tell you what we as a group discovered.
We discovered that two of the purported 9/11 planes never took off, and can still (I think) get at the data that proves it,

Scroll about half way down and you will find an interview with the (late) Gerard Holmgren.

He's the guy who put me on to it, - he died in 2010 - diagnosis of cancer and death within a couple of weeks.

He had a very high IQ and a razor sharp view of the target from every angle - a truly brilliant mind.

Nearly all of the stuff on the web regarding the "conspiracy" details originated in the minds of a tiny group of people, to which I was later appended, due to the influence of Pondo.

These details are "hypothesized" by either pure logic, or tangible material, and they have been public for  seven years. The group are still contactable, though they all operate completely individually now. The discoveries were truly mind blowing.
It was Gerard who first started questioning how the towers fell down.  and then with various mathematical equations went on to demonstrate the sheer impossibility unless planned demolition took place.
I see it now.
"It took less than ten seconds for a one-hundred-and-ten storey building to fall flat - that's ten floors every second - things just cannot fall through floors that fast."

Then the video expert in our midst proved that the plane scenes on TV were a photoshopped job. Quite easy to spot when shown how.

Then came the thermite stories and other ideas.

Gerard then went after the planes, and discovered the gem which I show you above.

After VERY serious consideration, research and discussion, we concluded that there was NO proof that any commercial jet planes were involved in 9/11 at all.

That's why there was no scrambling of jets - nothing to scramble for.

That's explains why over half the named Arabs are still alive now.
That explains why no-one ever found the black boxes, or any identifiable aircraft parts.
That explains so many things that it becomes more believable than the government story.

But what it doesn't explain is why "NOBODY" is talking about this stuff sensibly.

The information presented is not opinion.
It is pure fact.

It has been distributed widely. I personally have sent it to many newspapers and magazines and web sites over the last seven years..

Yet still nobody knows about it, and call me a nutter for telling them.

This is a clear demonstration of just how insidious the propaganda game is.

It's very difficult to see through, and Gerard was one of the people who could cut through it like a knife through butter.
He was a meticulous checker of fact.
He would question every minute little detail.
He would try to prove his own theory wrong, before testing it on others.
He knew so much that he was a very difficult man to argue with - to a mind like his, many must seem a little slow.

And even now, two years after his death, no-one has come up with any sound reason as to why they believe there were commercial planes used in the 9/11 "hijackings".

In fact, no planes, no Arabs, no hijacks, so now how did the towers fall down.

And what of World Trade Center Building seven (WTC7) collapse.
To this day, absolutely no explanation at all - not even part of any enquiry, so dead and forgotten by everyone.

But there are as always some loose ends that need tidying up, and that is the passenger lists.

No official passenger lists were ever produced, so we had to use the ones that originated in the press.

I cannot remember the details - I didn't enjoy this part of the investigation.

Some on the passenger list were not genuine people, in that they are alive now, or were dead before the flight. However, some of them were real people, and they had to be got rid of somehow. We surmise they might have been gassed on board and dropped in the ocean, but evidence could eventually turn up, so there must be another answer.

That's a long way around to ask how would you get rid of say a couple of hundred or so people in a couple of airplanes.

If you have any detailed questions, I can do my best to answer them. I am reasonably familiar with Gerard's work.

All the best


PS If you look at the statistics SINCE Gerard's revelation, they now say as below:

History is rewritten!!!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Pride knocked out of me

The Pride of the Peacock
The Pride of The Peacock

 by David West
I always thought pride was an important and positive thing, but now I realise it's just part of the mental baggage lugged around by the ego.

I like Ramacharaka's description of ego, where he describes all the animals from our previous incarnations jumping up and wanting to be uncaged, and he included 'the pride of the peacock'.

I had every ounce of pride knocked out of me within a few years of being in Asia, and for sure I feel a better person for it. There's a whole lot of baggage that rightly is not ours, and belongs  to the peacock.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Appealing to Bodyguards for Change of Attitude

Bodyguards have a change of attitude
 by David West
You are probably finding that your mind is processing information a little deeper than usual, and as a result you are noticing many different things.

This is happening to almost everyone, and gradually, just a tiny bit each day, each of us becomes more aware of change here and now. We are all aware that the attitudes of the general public are changing rapidly.

The change is inevitable, being a sub-conscious reaction to the changing environment. The environment is changing because the vibrations surrounding the earth and the universe are changing. Of course they are if we think about it, because the only thing that doesn't change is change itself. Our scientists are recording unusual sun activity, and magnetic pole variations, and so the fact that our planet is changing is also verified by science.

There is no doubt that we are a product of our environment. So when the environment changes, then we also change, and that is precisely what is happening to us. Our environment is changing and we are changing with it, whether we notice or not.

Some people were open to change before others, and have already progressed to reach some understanding of life under the most recent vibrations,  and are now able to report back the effects that we can expect to see..

The only two true emotions of man are love and fear, with all other emotions being a variation of these two. Reports say that the vibrational change is in the direction of love, and away from fear.

Our own personal polarity is changing in line with the shifting poles. We are beginning to reject more of what we fear, and to accept more of what we love. Love is becoming more important to us, and we are rejecting fearful situations and people. Hence the entire planet is having an increase in love vibrations, and so the old fearful ways of thinking are now outdated.

We have all read and probably dismissed stories about Shangri-la, Shamballa, Utopia and many other mystical places, but they now have more meaning. We see that with reduced fear levels, life becomes totally different in every respect.

We will soon have a total and absolute cessation of war - at last. Far less than one percent of the population think that war is a good idea, yet it is proliferated daily around the entire globe. It will soon stop.

 The less-than-one-percent creating this problem are quite clearly insane. They have failed to maintain progress with the planet, and they need to be considered as dangerous people. There are just a few thousand of these war criminals still at large and it must be quite easy for those who are protecting these criminals to see that they are guarding someone who is not completely balanced. We appeal to these bodyguards to  protect their fellow sane people, by assisting in restraining these lunatics who are controlling our law enforcement units.

The bodyguards of these crazy people all know each other, and so are able to secretly arrange a time and date, and coordinate the arrests within the same few minutes. Immediately the entire world can heave a huge sigh of relief.

Bodyguards please help yourselves and your planet by coordinating with military and police officers to arrest these known criminals.

This will allow common sense to prevail, instead of the current nonsensical ways of our dubious leaders.

So let's drop this doom and gloom depression that we have all sunk into, and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
All things are possible and they all start with ourselves.
By recognising and adapting to the change that is happening within ourselves, then we open ourselves up to change.
This helps us to find our feet in what is essentially a completely new world. It is only a matter of time before everyone recognises that, or dies in the process of trying to live in a world which has disappeared.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pandering to the unenlightened - Do you suffer from Pttu?

 by David West
Known as Pttu, the disease of Pandering to the unenlightened has spread amongst many people blessed with an IQ above room temperature.

There are even many partial sufferers who do not realise that they are already enlightened. If they did realise, they would understand the futility of trying to purvey the wide-awake truth to the unenlightened.

When trying to help others to think more deeply, one tends to speak in terms that the other can understand, but unfortunately this causes some speakers and writers to identify with the listener or reader, who is unenlightened.

Enlightened people generally agree on several fundamentals, proven by science sufficiently well to indicate that there is no proof or evidence of any reasonable alternative, or that such an alternative is invalid, These fundamentals are  strengthened by huge quantities of intuition, achieving an understandable and logical basis that is agreed with by hundreds of thousands of others who are themselves enlightened. For those who have the ability to be aware that most of reality lies outside science, and that science precludes itself from examining these areas because of several fundamental flaws in scientific principles. The first sign of onset of the Pttu disease is to insist that everything be proven by science.

If we envisage an acquaintance who appears a little slower than average, then we can easily observe the differences in consciousness or awareness between ourselves and the slower acquaintance, and we immediately know that in order to communicate with the slower one, we must speak so that third parties cannot hear, carefully mouth our words, speak slowly and clearly and keep it short, sweet
and simple, as if trying to get a date in a discotheque.

A similar  difference of awareness arises between enlightened and unenlightened people.
A thing that appears as obvious logic to an enlightened person will be vehemently opposed by unenlightened people, to the extent that communication on the topic may become impossible, or even considered offensive.

As enlightened people do not wish to offend, this can often cause them to change their manner, and doing this repeatedly can place the enlightened one in severe danger of reducing the level of thought to that of the peers thus contracting the very confusing disease of Pttu. In some people's terms this is a fallen angel, and would be a fair representation of today's public. Very few are able to achieve their full potential due to blockages created by erroneous beliefs.

All enlightened people develop reasonable foundations to their belief system, but then some destroy their beliefs as if using thermite, as in the Twin Towers in 9/11, the public hoax of which is obvious to any awakened person.

It's called peer pressure - when all peers are unenlightened, it is essential to protect one's own thinking by omitting the thoughts of the unenlightened. With a little practice, this becomes very easy, with the benefit that the input of unenlightened material can be avoided, this saving much energy and time.
Another discovery is that all enlightened thought conforms to an understandable level of honesty and understanding, with no attempt to create a spectacle or pass on rumour.

Agreement between enlightened people is evident on many topics, such as:

 - We are much more than a body.
 - Material reductionist science knows very little, and is a severe restriction to open thought.
 - The political world has been controlled by an elite cabal for thousands of years.
 - The elite cabal has an agenda of dumbing down its subjects, and reducing their numbers.
 - The average citizen demonstrates no signs of enlightenment.

There are many more factors that are agreed upon, many of which are disputed by the general public, but eventually after further evolvement they will agree also.

Then Pttu will have been cured, naturally.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

You are evil

You are evil.
by David West

That's the starting sentence of the 'modern' paradigm that we find ourselves enslaved in, written over two hundred years ago.   (The Rothschild Plan)

So we have advice for all evil people.
1 - Stay indoors - you offend and trouble less people that way.
2 - Eat a toxic diet - you will have less energy for offensive things, and will die sooner.
3 - Watch TV and videos as much as possible, and believe the mass propaganda served as news - you will slowly lose any shred of reference to reality
4 - Consume alcohol profusely - when you remember nothing, you have learned nothing.
5 - Refuse to exercise - see 2.
6 - Enhance the pharmaceutical companies coffers in return for toxic ingestants.
7 - Avoid deep thinking, and never practice mental arithmetic or play logic games - the mind becomes familiar with the slow place of life, and almost impossible to change, even as disaster approaches.
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You are love.

That's the starting sentence of the paradigm that we find ourselves at liberty in.
Many people have changed paradigm already. It's not as if we need to wait for a 2012 catastrophe, or for our pension to come, or the
next holidays, or even for the next visitor the wash room.
(See The Awakening)
It's just the different perception of the world when we see with a positive eye instead of a negative eye. Somehow, with a loving eye, we are able to see a little deeper, as if the evil eye blocks our view.

We know the way the world has been in the view of the evil eye, and we know the way it can be in the view of the loving eye, so if we ignore all that has been, we can become one of the first few million to set foot into a loving world without evil insanity.

It really is as simple as that, and we can all see it.

It is insane for a government to profess to represent the people, and then keep most of what it is doing as a secret.
It is
insane to invent bogey men, and then spend vast fortunes on hunting them down.
It is
insane to continue with old destructive technology when new non-destructive technology has been available for several decades, but is kept secret.
It is
insane to believe that there are too many people on the planet without volunteering to be one of those that must die.. It is simply that there is too much insanity on the planet.

There are hundreds of thousands of people whose hearts go out to those troubled folk that we see and hear about every day, and we each do our bit to try to help them. But our bit is usually misdirected and squandered and results in helping an oppressor to oppress even more.

There is a balancing line between the one percent of governors and the ninety-nine percent of the governed and the imbalance is now self-rectifying. Hence the paradigm change from fear and evil to a paradigm of love and tranquillity.

So we have advice for all loving and lovable people.
1 - Stay outside  - meet as many  people as you can, and pass on your love.
2 - Eat a healthy diet - you will have more energy for loving things, and will live longer.
3 - Play with other people as much as possible - you will benefit more from the company of people than you will from TV and video
4 - Moderate or eliminate all unhealthy habits - when we clear our mind, our body needs energy.
5 - Exercise moderately, every day - see 2.
6 - Avoid ingesting artificially preserved and flavoured foodstuffs, or food containing MSG, aspartame and other toxins - see 2
7 - Meditate often, and  play logic games - the mind becomes familiar with the transition  pace of life, and and adapts easily to rapidly changing circumstance.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Signs of an approaching upset

by David West
Most people outside America are marvelling at just how much the American people allow themselves to be manipulated.

Following in the footsteps of a peanut farmer,  a Hollywood movie actor, and a failed business man, they now have a leader who isn't even an American. And the amazing thing is, the Americans actually believe that these people have powerful minds, and will truly represent their interests.

That's fine if you are a peanut farmer, an actor, a drunk or a Muslim Kenyan, but most people do not fit into those categories. And where did these 'leaders' gain the expertise to lead in excess of three hundred and eight million people.

    Year             Date              Population     
    1790     August 2, 1790       3,929,326     
    1890     June 2,    1890      62,947,714     
    1990     April 1,   1990      48,709,873     
    2010     April 1,   2010    308,745,538
    (or so they say. We don't get the real truth for 72 years)

Seems like Obama's job is just about one hundred times harder than Washington's. Is Obama a hundred times the man that Washington was?

If you have read this far, you are probably thoroughly indoctrinated in institutional thinking. It is a mind control system that has been taught by parents, teachers, employers and governments for so long that very few can see through the veils of delusion. They do not realise that they are living in a paradigm, and that there are other paradigms available.

Trust yourself.
Once we have controlled the extraneous piffle that indoctrination causes to rush through our minds every minute, we make space for something else. A faint voice in the backgroud that has spoken unheeded since birth, can now be heard. This is our higher self speaking.

We begin to listen during our peaceful times and realise that all we hear is good advice. However, we often proceed to ignore it, only to hear the same advice again and again in the future like a looping tape-recorder .

Over time, we learn to trust this voice more and more, and we call upon it for an answer whenever we feel we need help. We find that the voice even knows where we left our car keys.

It is a huge step of faith to begin to trust the voice completely, as all those around us will have no understanding of what motivates us. They have no idea what it is to be like when completely self-motivated, every waking minute of the day.

They often ignore their voice, because they do not wish to hear something that might be politically borderline, though this is highly likely in a period when politics has been way over the line for several centuries.

The voice of the higher self might be suggesting a change or cessation of habits that are totally engrained in the lower self. The voice will often suggest practical alternatives that are quite pleasant when experienced. And yet we still ignore the advice.
The voice will never suggest something that involves violence, or revenge, or interfering with other people or animals, except to help them when they ask.

We have reached a situation in earth cycles where there are more desperate people than there has ever been before. Wherever these people turn they receive insufficient help. So they are now turning inwards, and listening to their own higher self. Millions are becoming more confident every day. They will never allow anyone else to govern them again. They have matured, and are now complexly capable of allowing their higher self to govern them, and need no other form of government or representation. They will turn further away from government and cease supporting its insane and expensive ways.

These people know who they are, and they know they no longer need a government. But they feel that everyone else still needs a government, and so the governments remain.
When support for government ceases, there will be no government, and we will able to lead a happy life in accordance with our higher self, without undue interference. Self-government is the answer to each of our problems

So goodbye to governments and all that sail in them. Goodbye to the one percent and all your remaining slaves. Goodbye to war, starvation, and suffering, and all that created them.

Welcome to the era of cooperation and love

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Unenlightenment is a special case

Enlightenment is not a special attainment, because it is the natural state.

A recently enlightened person said:
"I am fortunate to have realised some important facts which had previously escaped my notice. If I had noticed them many years ago, I would be much wiser now."

This state of unenlightenment in which most of earth's citizens now live is merely a paradigm. However as a result of various power structures and secret motivations this paradigm has been brought to us in technicolour, and seems more real than ever before. The idea of unreality is not New Age WooWoo, and I hope that I can demonstrate what I mean.

There was never a truer saying than "we are a product of our environment", so in earlier years we are almost certain to think in a manner similar to those around us. Everyone wants to be one of the crowd, and anyone who thinks differently is considered an outsider, eccentric, or weird. The crowd never questions information which is common to all, so any falseties which form part of the collective understanding are constantly perpetuated and become engrained in society's woodwork as if false were true, and remain almost impossible to dislodge without great personal effort and possibly outside assistance. The old beliefs of a flat earth provide a prime example, and the later belief in mercury as a healer is a later one. A future one will be the superstitions revolving around vaccination and free energy.

If untruths are realised and released one at a time, our belief system can be gently restructured accordingly without too much pain and duress. In response to a line of personal discovery, over a period of years of research and revelation, our belief system can  shift almost completely, and eventually can access even deeper and more meaningful truths.

But for many, that time for gradual release no longer remains, and they may be suddenly presented with many unsavoury truths in fast succession. This could test the average human psyche beyond endurance. 

Once enlightened, we remain aware of what the general public thinks, because we used to think that way ourselves, and that is in our face through the mass media, but with a broader and deeper picture we can see how a lie arose and how it is perpetrated. Humans are limited by what they know, not by what they don't know, as demonstrated daily by the free thinking and straight-forward honesty of young children.

If we could throw away this cloaking mechanism that we reside under, and let  the light shine into all the dark corners, we would realize where we are creating problems for ourselves. Putting these problem-creating areas to rights removes the unlightenment.

I will try to list some of the huge hurdles that I had to surmont, based on belief system I held at age 42.

There is life after death - death is not real - we are a tripartite being of mind, body and spirit, and only the body dies completely.

There is one all-encompassing  divine energy that has been described in so many ways by so many people.

There is a small group of very wealthy people who think differently to the majority of people, yet they hold sway over the majority of people. They have no concern for human life.

Most people are good at heart - they would prefer to help someone rather than hinder someone. Those with evil in their heart are few and far between, and given sufficient help and love can soon be converted.

No special powers are required to realise these things. But special powers are required to refute them.