Thursday, 18 June 2009

American Naivety

Two major world events are taking place at the same time. 1 -The CIA, aided by the American press, is doing everything it can to foment unrest in Iran. US funds terror groups to sow chaos in Iran (A clear explanation of how the CIA works is given by the highest level CIA officer to testify to the Congress about his actions) 2 - The Shanghai Group. The meeting in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is designed to work out ways of removing reliance on the American dollar as a world currency. I'm not sure just how much accurate "intelligence" the Americans have, but they MUST know that they are very short of money. They also must know that they are dependent on outside countries to lend them money. Shanghai group leaders open talks The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) brings together Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. India, Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia later joined as observer members. Iran will be represented by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself. So, at the same time that Ahmadinejad is being drawn over he coals by the American press, he is also involved in a discussion about loans to America. I wonder what the outcome of this meeting might be. When the White House realises what it has done, the death throws of America-as-we-knew-it will reach the equivalent of pandemic level 7.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Today's comics

I find the comics even more hilarious today. The declaration of stage eleventeen of the PPP (pig's propaganda program) has caused all sorts of disturbance. For example, this was published today: ".......leader of the Supply Chain Risk Management Practice said: “With the declaration of the pandemic, public and private organizations should seek to finalize, validate, and test their business continuity, supply chain resiliency, and crisis communications plans, so they will be able to cope more effectively with any potential jurisdictional and economic consequences." Nothing about getting the hell out of there. Nothing about deciding where to get our food from, because it is now far too late to start growing it. Nothing about forced vaccination, and concentration camps for the dissidents. Nothing about only three days to survive without potable water. Some may consider the above to be scare tactics, fear, negative, bad vibes or whatever. But I know I would rather be sat in a comfortable little spot in the countryside with a roof over my head and a meagre meal, than to be imprisoned in a city when the lights go out, along with elevators, air conditioning, fuel pumps, internet lines and mobile phones. I suppose it depends on either how much of a gambler we are, or more likely, how lazy we are. But either way, we can at least allow the subject to churn over in our mind once in a while. The drama is accompanied by drums and cymbals as we approach the crescendo of the New World Order plan "An official announcement of the change was due at 6 p.m. Geneva time on Thursday (noon in New York)." So some jerk tells us at an appointed time what we already know, and that is supposed to change everyone's lives. Whoever wrote the corny script for this particular episode of life either has a sense of humour way beyond anything I can imagine, or else believes that everyone is as thick as he is. I will try to get the story down to just seven sentences. If you need explanation, either ask, or do some research on the Internet. Many of the salient points are discussed at 1 - The world is controlled by money, and the money is controlled by a small group of bankers, often known as a Wunch*. 2 - The Wunch believes that the world is over-populated, and has a plan to reduce the population by over 80%. 3 - All finance, wars, medicine, education, secret services, mass media and public information services are controlled by The Wunch. 4 - A bunch of people have investigated the wunch, and they have come up with very similar stories - the Wunch does exist, under a variety of names - the Wunch does control everything. 5 - The Wunch has done a stalwart job in suppressing truth, and particularly in suppressing knowledge of innovations that would improve living standards, and thus encourage people to breed more. 6 - A small but ever-growing group has discovered the plot, and are doing their best to let everyone know. 7 Unfortunately, the pervasive mind control provided by TV, Radio, newspapers, movies, mobile phones, computer games, MP3s, music and pharmaceuticals causes many more stubborn individuals to refuse to understand - these are the people who will determine whether the human species continues, or becomes extinct! More explanation if requested. Please either email, or use the comments facility. *It is likely that the Wunch are so named as a wikipedia:spoonerism play on "wunch of bankers."