Thursday, 30 October 2008

Blessed Unrest

Now for some truly positive news. It appears that the unfoldment of of human consciousness into a new paradigm, and a new world is now recogniseably happening. Please watch this few minute video, to get a picture of what is REALLY happening, beyond all the surface razzmatazz of national elections, sports shows, finance propaganda and adverts. It's probably the least effort you will ever have to make for the greatest revelation! This is huge, and fast moving. It is amazing just how many people are now involved. I expect more news VERY soon. A Happy and Peaceful Future to us all

Monday, 27 October 2008

Emergency - Urgent

Dear friends, I am prepared to take the risk that this information is inaccurate. But it certainly convinced me. PLEASE DECIDE FOR YOURSELF It's a Jeff Rense production. The INTERVIEWEE, De Rima E. Laibow, A SCIENTIST, actually use the words "not wide-eyed speculation, but cold hard fact" I'll let the very professional video speak for itself. This is a clear demonstration of how the H5N1 bird flu pandemic has being started. Please watch it now, and save a life. It might be your own. Don't delay, this is not something that is coming. It is being sold in the High Street NOW.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Weggie's blog

This film has been on YouTube for about a month, but has only just been brought to my attention. It is a very convincing and I think a very important film. Was the Moon Landing faked? Did Stanley Kubrick die a natural death? Did General Walters die a natural death? Why was Ronald Reagan selected to run for president? You might KNOW when you have watched this film. .
Part 1 tinyurl Part 2 tinyurl Part 3 Tinyurl How could the flag flutter when there's no wind on the moon? During an interview with Stanley Kubrick's widow an extraordinary story came to light. She claims Kubrick and other Hollywood producers were recruited to help the U.S. win the high stakes race to the moon. In order to finance the space program through public funds, the U.S. government needed huge popular support, and that meant they couldn't afford any expensive public relations failures. Fearing that no live pictures could be transmitted from the first moon landing, President Nixon enlisted the creative efforts of Kubrick, whose 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968) had provided much inspiration, to ensure promotional opportunities wouldn't be missed. In return, Kubrick got a special NASA lens to help him shoot Barry Lyndon (1975). A subtle blend of facts, fiction and hypothesis around the first landing on the moon, Dark Side Of The Moon illustrates how the truth can be twisted by the manipulation of images. With use of 'hijacked' archival footage, false documents, real interviews taken out of context or transformed through voice-over or dubbing, staged interviews, as well as, interviews with astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and others, Dark Side Of The Moon navigates the viewer through lies and truth; fact and fiction. This is no ordinary documentary. Its intent is to inform and entertain the viewer, but also to shake him up - make him aware that one should always view television with a critical eye. Dark Side Of The Moon is written and directed by William Karel and co-produced by Point du Jour Production and ARTE France
This will be a real wake-up call for many people. If you want to know what kind of things really happen in this world, this is a must watch. All and any comments appreciated.

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel.
What a load of bollocks!
I know a man who started computer programming long before Bill Gates was out of nappies (diapers), when disk was spelt disc, and 8k was a huge memory. What does this man know about computer programming? Absolutely nothing. Java wasn't invented, colour screens were one colour only, graphics couldn't move, there was no music, Internet wasn't dreamed of, and a small computer cost almost half a year's salary. So a few things have changed a little bit, in just eighteen years. But one thing is unlikely to ever change, and that is logic. I feel that even when the paradigm completes its changes in 2012, then logic will remain the same. The thing about logic is that it is based on facts. And the thing about facts is that they often turn into fiction, as Galileo proved. And as soon as a fact turns to fiction, then the logic fails, and we have to find some new facts to fit our fiction. We will try anything we can to hold on to our belief system, even as the building blocks of that system are crashing around us. Things can get very complicated here. We know that our belief system is not static. It is quite usual for our belief system to grow a little each day. This is only made possible by the vast array of choices of data. Each individual person is able to arrange his daily information input so that only the topics in which he is interested are presented. This is a very convenient method of remaining ignorant of many important factors lying outside our belief system. We hardly hear about them, certainly don't study them, and our opinion on them is almost certainly misinformed. By the time that any significant event outside our own monkeysphere comes to our attention, often by relay through the general public, there has already been a long and convoluted history. We have all witnessed conversations between friends, some of whom have only recently become aware of a controversial topic a few hours ago through national TV or rumour, and some who are hearing their first inputs on the topic. It is most interesting to listen to their opinions, especially if we have been trying to study every facet of this topic for the last twenty years. The first half hour is spent in listening to a parroting of the various news broadcasts on the topic. Then we come to the opinionated part. Now we have four or five guys, none of whom have the slightest personal experience of anything in any way to do with the topic they are discussing, getting irate with each other because they are just not paying attention. Day after day this happens in thousands of establishments in hundreds of countries, all around the world. What a load of bollocks - we call ourselves civilised? Is that enough yet? No! Now, a new guy joins them. He has been studying the topic for the last twenty years, so he sits and listens to their parroted story, extended by the weirdest logic we can imagine - demonstrating yet again a potentially severe problem with insanity. We see him attempt to set about presenting an alternative picture. His camel-hair has not yet hit the easel before his hand gets brushed aside, he is declared insane, and rejected from the group. But there are some folks who don't join in these conversations. They sit alone at home, and have identical discussions over the Internet. The brushing aside is easier here. All we have to do is put a block on a few email addresses, and change our Favourites, and a whole portion of the world can be made to conveniently disappear. This helps, because there is far less to think about when trying to solve complex problems, like "where did all those trillions of dollars go", or "will the human species survive the environmental destruction?" And this is why everyday we hear half-baked ideas, where the speeches of the government party members and the presentations of the mass media are echoed. As I said before. What a load of bollocks! If we closely examine any area in which we have a detailed personal knowledge, such as a lifetime hobby for example, and ignore all hearsay and public opinion, our research will begin to turn up anomalies - always. If we follow these anomalies, we come to an unthinkable thought. We retreat, five or six times and try different approaches. Every approach ends up at ---- -the same unthinkable thought. After much heartache, pain, and often severe illness, we grudgingly consider the possibility of examining this thought. Immediately we are stumbling and nearly drowning in information that attacks our belief system, and we have to step back. We reject the thought again. Until finally, when absolutely everything else has reached a dead-end in suffering, sickness, poverty, personal mental turmoil, near death and all the things that happen to everyone - every morning, we roll up our trouser legs, and try again. We feel it is better to prepare this time, so we take a boat with us. We push the boat out into the gentle calm waters, and smoothly float away from the beach, surveying everything with utmost wonder. Suddenly, a storm blows up, the swelling waves pick up our boat, and dump it 50 yards up the beach. We escape relatively unharmed, physically, but by now our mental turmoil is becoming very difficult to hide. We are declared crazy for attempting such a stupid thing, and we resolve never to try again. Our life is now a total disaster. We have nowhere to go. We can read road signs like any capable blind man in the dark. Yet somehow, we are pointed back in the direction of the beach. We board an unsinkable ship, and set sail. We plough passed all those who are shouting "You're bloody crazy", and wonder if they've looked in a mirror lately. We break through the storm, and suddenly find ourselves ---------------- in amazingly calm waters, with beautiful caring people, and we know that every one of them has also broken through the storm. ---------------- After a short rest, we start to miss our mates. We resolve to go back through the storm, and tell them. We try to prepare the story so that they don't have to go through ALL the trials and tribulations that we have suffered. We board another ship, which fights through the raging storm, almost capsizing in the process. Yet we manage to reach the shore, where our friends are waiting. But we are rejected. Absolutely, totally, and flatly rejected by almost every one who has ever been a friend, with our own family amongst the first to reject us. We despondently resolve that we cannot help, and struggle back through the storm to the beautiful people, who tend us, heal us and care for us, and try to resolve the problem for us. We sit and think. Is there ANY way to help these people who don't know what they are missing? Then the beautiful people ask us to watch "Chicken Little", and "Dreams do come true" and we really begin to understand.
What do you think is the best way to help these people?

In bliss

The Roots are in. We have brought it on.,The trees meet with the earth and sky, and they cant stop us, because we know the infinite, who's source is immaculate and undying. All other things pass away, So yeh open up, don't straddle the fence, open out your wings and glide to the other side bliss .. Love Janta.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


The Choice
The choice is rather clear. God first, others second, yourself last. However, you must take care of yourself well enough to do 1 and 2. Arden

Friday, 24 October 2008


Universal Truth Knowledge
---Opportunity is knocking on the door...Whoope! Please post this on your Weggie's blog...send to all on our email list. I have written of this many times...briefly mention again---- 1) 10,000 earth years ago Special Messengers from God presented to human that which is known as the Universal Truth Knowledge---God's intent and desire for human's daily thoughts and live in Joyous Harmony with all of God's creations and to live in Loving Harmony with all other humans...and...the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws that teach the easy, pleasant, manner in which human can learn to do so. This Universal Truth Knowledge applies to all intelligent life forms thruout the entire Universe...human is one of the Intelligent Life forms. Remember my 3 emails entitled Trilogy one, trilogy 2 and trilogy 3. In # 3 I wrote the definition of Joyous and Loving Harmony and the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. If you have saved Trilogy # 3...please post in Weggie's blog...send to those who are on your email list. If no have, I send it to you. Please note Universal Spiritual Law # 2 says each human possesses a talent unique to that human...when used to be of best benefit, service to other humans...human is at his/her best and is most pleasing to God. Law # 7 says all humans are an embryo waiting to be born into best benefit, service to all other humans and to God. ...this says it all! I remember Ra's the same message---Ra is like of many Minor Messengers from God. I was relieved of my duty some 10 years ago when God finalized the I send the Destroyers as I did once before...very Negative and most displeasing to God...or do I just leave human alone...if human is left less than 100 more years human will self destruct. The decision was leave human alone! I know of this...I was a part of the events that led to the decision. Perhaps I should again write a story of this happening. Human needs to understand...with Special Gift # 2...Free Will Choice...human has the authority and power to do as human pleases...human is entirely in control of human's fate! And if such results in self be it! God will not withdraw...and God will not interfere with Special Gift of Free Will Choice. If God did withdraw, interfere with Free Will Choice human would be no more than an animated robotic life form...and such is not the purpose of human life on planet earth. Humans know not that the Spiritual Entities assigned to manage planet Earth have used a number of different Spiritual powers to manage Earth's physical properties. Much of that management has been withdrawn...notice the serious changes in Earth's warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. Yes, human has this one last opportunity---change from what's in it for how can I be of service to others...precisely as is written in the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. Please know that God will not interfere with Free Will Choice and the Universal Law of Karmic response will also never change! God's work is perfect...shall never be changed! As you sow, so shall you reap! Every human thought, every human deed...sends into the Universe a spiritual energy signal which provides a pathway for the same kind of energy to flow back into human's life. Send out Positive, kind, caring,sharing spiritual loving...each day human life be joyous and happy. Send out Negative, mean, nasty, discriminating, prejudiced, deceit and lies of many kinds, desire for revenge, do the angry, etc...human's daily life be one of emotional turmoil, distress, misery...and if in amount sufficient will cause physical illness to the human physical body...such is the manner in which the Karmic Law functions!! Each day...with Free Will Choice...human creates for self...that which is known as heaven or hell. And so it is!! And human should also know...even if he changes to be a service to others human, and he is among the minority...and the majority change not and humans will self destruct...there is everlasting benefit to those who change. Maybe, I should post that story also...maybe it would be an incentive, motivation to change. Please note I possess no duty to present this knowledge to human...I do so only out of love of God and desire to "save" as many humans as I of best benefit, service to humans. And like all communications human does with human's Guardian Angel or with Spiritual Realm...there is never a request for compliance...human has Free Will Choice...believe or do not as you Please. I say sayonara...He who is known as Lee.

Interesting Conversation

Definitely an interesting conversation here David....In response to it and the one below, sometimes I wonder about the luckiness of being able to think. Is luck involved at all? does the 'luck' of being able to think help us or hinder us?

Thinking creates, so watch what you think.... and at the same time that I understand that my thinking creates my reality, I have also experienced magnificent creation when I am not thinking...when I am in states of flow.

I am an artist and I find my most creative inspiring pieces are those that came about when I let go of thought. So, then I come to realize this, maybe intelligence lies beyond thought. When we experience another person as being intelligent or not, what are we really perceiving? What judgments are we making? What stories are we telling ourselves about this other person?

The other day I was watching the squirrels as they dug up the remains of my garden devouring the heads of the last remaining flowers, eating stems, gathering nuts and seeds and burying them in the pots scattered around the patio. I watched as they prepared for the long (or maybe short) winter that is coming. I considered them to be intelligent, more intelligent than I in this moment, as they were paying attention to the season, to the need to prepare in order to stay alive during the hard months ahead. I don't particularly think of squirrels as being intelligent, but here they were more intelligent than I because they knew more than I about gathering food and supplies.... I rely on the grocery, and if the grocery fails what shall I do?

Intelligence has brought us many amazing technological advances that make living so much easier, and at the same time some of these technological advances harm us considerably. But maybe intelligence has nothing to do with right or wrong, up or down....As we have come to understand in this diverse Universe that what is good for one may not be good for another, what serves one may not serve another, and maybe that is intelligence after all.....teaching us something about getting along, about our connection to each other, to all that we experience!

kara freeman

Only for intelligent people

Service to whom?

If we get some more replies, this could be fun!! I feel a change in the air. I think more people are jumping off the fence, and realising that they have to make THE CHOICE. Service- to- self, or service- to-others. I remember reading what was at the time the most advanced channelling available. It was called The Law of One, channelled in 1972, starring an entity called Ra. Ra explained that this incarnation was the time when we have to make the choice between Service- to- self, or service- to-others. Ra went on to explain that, in order to be harvested. (my translation is "survive the shift"), we have to achieve a certain amount of proficiency. For service-to-self people, 95% proficiency is required, and for service-to-others, then 51% proficiency is required. What we are seeing now in the financial and political worlds is the efforts of the few who have chosen service-to-self to achieve 95% proficiency. In order to do this, they need to control 95% of the money, the land, and the people. The job of the service-to-other people right now is to limit the proficiency of the service-to-self type folk, by persuading more of the fence-sitters to jump, one way or the other. To help them to do this, we provide the above information, Free will is not affected. I doubt if the laws of karma will be broken - people will get what is coming to them - unfortunately or otherwise. But I have a distinct feeling that the numbers of service-to-others people will soon reach Critical Mass. As one of my mates said "Bring it on" All t'best David PS. I'm going to stick this up on Weggie's blog, along with any other replies I receive, up or down the line. By the way, I reckon you will enjoy this short but beautiful presentation


Well.. i read somewhere that everyone has 7 types of intelligence, and probably have a finite number spread between these different areas. David Beckham, for example, is a genius in a couple of the areas, but then I wouldn't trust him to tie my shoe laces nor summarise an essay because he is lacking in the others. Definitions of intelligence alter, but I've been telling students that intelligence is actually the ability to use what you've learned. Most education systems just continue filling people with crap (information) so that they are so busy to ever have the chance to use any of it... and thus people's intelligence is (obviously intentionally) limited... so hmm... some people could be construed as being less intelligent than ourselves (Beckham), but are in fact more intelligent in some ways. Also 99% of the population's potential intelligence is purposefully limited anyway (so someone cleans the streets etc)... maybe it's only the lucky few that ever have some time to develop their own intelligence. I like talking to homeless people - the lucid ones who haven't become too addled by drugs, disease and poverty. They can be very wise. One guy compared himself to a shark, and the suits to the good job snorkellers: Yeah the snorkellers have a great time at the top, but they can see little of what's below them. The shark, resting on the sea bed, can see everything above him, including the snorkeller, who never even notices him. The shark/ homeless man can thus become much more learned about society and mankind, if not the workings of the schtock market er.. don't know where i'm going with this... but we're lucky to be thinking, and to want to think. People fill their lives with so much crap they never stand a chance! Posted on behalf of Mark Evinson


Only for intelligent people.
So you came this far. So you are intelligent. But how intelligent? By following one of the universal laws "What is above, also below" I find some interesting revelations. a) I am here because I am intelligent. I know I am intelligent, because I know I am here. That is the simple thing that separates man from animal. I know therefore that I am not an animal, despite what some readers might think. c) So I have proved that I am intelligent. Now for how intelligent? d) If I ask myself if I believe that I have met some people less intelligent than myself, I have to admit that I believe I have. In fact this alone has been the source of many of my problems. That means that we have some concept of some people being less intelligent than others. c) If some people are less intelligent, then it follows that some people are more intelligent. d)Where do I fit in? That is today's question. Is it true that much of my life is spent in trying to find out where I fit in, and trying to make myself fit where I think I belong. But how do I know where I belong? Do I belong among the more intelligent, or the less intelligent? If I belong among the more intelligent, then there are many people less intelligent than I. And, due to universal laws, I therefore know that there are also many people more intelligent than I. So what is intelligence. I am sure that there are many intellectual definitions of intelligence, but these are merely oxymorons, because everyone knows that each person's intelligence is as unique as his DNA and fingerprints, and therefore undefinable. Taking an intelligence test should be like taking a DNA test. It's impossible to fail. I think intelligence must also include humour of some kind. I am beginning to like the kind of humour that takes a slightly odd thought, and follows it to its logical conclusions. One of the oddest thoughts I have come across recently is the world's education system. Why don't we apply all of our technology to our education system? I reckon, given enough funding, motivation, time and resources, that I could come up with a system that could correlate DNA properties to exam results. Then, the logical extension could be that we could give each student a DNA test (which of course all students would pass), and then based on the test results, we could predict all future exam results. This would avoid the student having to take and pass exams, and we could adjust the education system to be centred on something a little more intelligent. Comments please? How intelligent are you? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "You must not forward this email, unless you compile a brief reply to the sender". Just a few words will do.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Hierarchies There are two types of hierarchy 1) Natural hierarchy. 2) Man-made hierarchy. Most of man's problems are created by the fact that the two hierarchies are not aligned. As man's consciousness increases, he becomes more aware of how the natural hierarchy works, and so he makes greater efforts to align his persona with the natural hierarchy. We are all aware that there is one source of all-there-is. How we visualise or feel about that one source is a personal thing, but we realise that no matter what we personally feel, we are all feeling the same basic thing - that we - our mind, body and spirit - are closely related to each other, through this one source. The Yogis call this one source "The All" or 'The Absolute", and I shall adopt the same terminology. We can therefore see that the top of the natural hierarchy is The All. If we are to align ourselves with nature, as surely we must, then we must adopt a similar attitude to The All. How we perceive The All is how we should behave - thus our outward appearance becomes a direct reflection of our inner-most feeling. If we feel that the hierarchy provided by The All is a kindly, loving, evolving kind of environment, then we should try to be a kindly, loving, evolving kind of person. On the other hand, if we feel that The All's creation is a fearful, hateful, static kind of environment, then our persona will reflect this feeling. It becomes immediately apparent that those of the latter feelings are in need of help from those with the former feelings. This creates a serious problem, because those who feel fear are not aware that they need help, and so rarely or never ask for it. Many of us have learned through bitter experience that providing help when it is not required is in fact totally unhelpful. The discovery of the existence of an evolutionary path, or a co-learners path, is a step that has to come about naturally - it cannot be taught. It is not possible to point someone in the desired direction, and help them to open the door and step outside, unless they are seeking that help. While they are convinced that they are walking their own path, that leads to a different destination to the path of others, then they are unable to accept that anyone has walked along the path before them. Therefore they are unable to see the signposts that naturally exist to point them in the evolutionary direction. Their evolvement is static until they find the door, and open it themselves. I think that the simple understanding that we are all co-learners, and that we all live on the same planet, under the same sun, created by the same source, is a good foundation for life. No matter what our managerial status might indicate, we are no better or worse than any other person. In our hierarchy, there will be a few people who have already walked through the door, but the vast majority will not have yet discovered it, and most are not even looking for it. If we recall our own behaviour and attitudes before we discovered the door, then it will help us to understand the behaviour of the majority in our hierarchy. Our hierarchy consists of every single person that we come in contact with in any way, physically, mentally, or spiritually. If, as is written in so many books, we treat each individual acquaintance in the way that we wish them to treat us, then we can be assured that our hierarchy is in line with nature, and that we are doing our best to accelerate our own evolvement. We know that every person we become acquainted with has a message or lesson form us. So, having discovered the evolutionary path, we are in a better position to communicate our findings with each other. For those of us who have already walked through the door, and discovered that our reason for being born is to evolve, we are in a position to give and receive help without the involvement of ego, which we soon learn how to suppress. We become far less emotional, with fewer ups and downs in life, the calmer environment being provided by increased knowledge. We learn how to take good care of our body, mind and spirit. Through our own experience, we gain the ability to become a good teacher, and we become able to pass on our knowledge and experiences to all those who ask. Do we feel that we are responsible for the lives of others, and must therefore try to control the way they act and believe, or do we feel that we should allow the same freedom to each individual that we require for ourselves? Through this process, we learn that there are others who are further along the path who can become our teachers. And so we, too, begin to ask. We truly realise that we are all teacher/learners, or co-learners. We are then able to ensure that our own hierarchy reflects our own feelings.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Weggie's World 7 Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Weggie's World 7

This report has come to our attention, and we feel that you might be interested
The F$c$ Pandemic (Satire Or truth?)
At first, there was no money. Then gold, silver, and precious metals were made into coins, for convenience. Then somebody came up with a "get-rich-quick" scheme, and invented paper money, because precious metals (henceforth called gold) were too heavy and inconvenient. Of course, there was no limit to the supply of paper money, other than the speed at which trees could be turned into paper. So in order to convince people that this was a good scheme, a deal was struck whereby a piece of paper was said to be exchangeable for an equivalent amount in gold, and in order to keep things sensible, there had to be enough gold to match the paper issued. This at least saved a few trees for a while. But then, carrying all that paper around became inconvenient, and accounting for and storing the gold became cumbersome. With the advances in technology, it became possible to represent the paper money by numbers in computers which in turn removed the necessity for digging up all the gold, and destroying the environment in the process. This, thankfully, saved a few more trees, and mountains. Then people became confused by the manipulation of numbers in computers. There became a need for number manipulators (accountants, and corporate planners), and because they didn't always agree, a need for arbitration, so many jobs for lawyers, judges, and law courts. Incredible schemes were created or enhanced, based on these numbers in computers. These schemes included government budgets, the stock exchange, foreign exchange - (the biggest joke of them all - where we carefully distinguish between an American number in a computer, and a New Zealand number in a computer), and then create a whole scenario whereby people can become emotionally involved with these numbers in computers. (F$C$ - the medical term for a mental disease created by an Attachment To Numbers In Computers (atnic), otherwise known as the Financial Crisis). The Wunch* are particularly susceptible to F$C$. All of this number manipulation, along with the associated manipulators, bankers, insurance companies, credit companies, advertising agencies, lawyers and other "service' industries, have caused our cities to expand so significantly, that much of the earth's previously productive land is now covered with concrete, and useless for food production. It is usually valued at a higher number than food producing land, yet it is land that produces nothing except pollution and waste. All of this to satisfy the citizen's greed for numbers in computers! Many people cannot imagine a world without money. Well, such a huge leap of the imagination is no longer necessary. All you have to do is to imagine a life that is a natural life, and not based on some numbers in computers. Just try to think about life without money. Don't say "impossible!". You know already that if there is a power cut there is no money, so it's not too difficult to imagine a power cut that lasts long enough for people to find an alternative way of survival. Of course, there will be serious problems, created primarily by those people who have become emotionally attached to these numbers in computers. So we must take a careful look at the likely scenario of the easiest way of getting round this emotional attachment to numbers in computers, otherwise known as "The Financial Crisis", or F$C$. Most of the people who wield power are included amongst the group suffering from this attachment disorder. This creates a very dangerous situation. We now know that those to whom we have delegated responsibility for our livelihoods, and lives, are emotionally unbalanced by the pandemic of F$C$, and as a result, so is much of the world's citizenry. In fact, so much of the citizenry supports the unbalanced leaders, and this support, maintained by the equally-unbalanced mass media, that F$C$ has created the environmental mayhem that all of us are now experiencing. Don't forget, money is the root of ALL evil. We must be gentle with these unbalanced people, because there are so many of them. We must create a support system for them, maybe something similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, so that they can slowly wean themselves from their irrational emotional attachment to numbers in computers. Perhaps this could be done by arranging for power-cuts of ever increasing length and frequency. Living without power is perhaps one of the easiest ways of helping people to become realigned with reality, or nature as it is sometimes called. Suddenly, in the absence of this attachment-to-numbers-in-computers syndrome (F$C$), recovering patients have been known to think different thoughts, adopt different lifestyles, and experience true freedom and happiness for the first time in their lives. Surely it is incumbent on every person who is a lert (the world needs more lerts) to help their brethren who are suffering from F$C$, so could you please forward this to all your alert friends, and ask them to do the same. For peace in our time Will Scarlet
* a Wunch is a collective noun for a group of bankers, as in a wunch of bankers.
Posted by nil illegitimi carborundum at 01:02

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Weggie's world 6

The American revolution starts here There has been a coup in America, as of 1st October 2009
Naomi Wolf is calling for a revolution, to arrest the coup leaders, and to form a new government. I agree with her completely, except the forming of a new government. Yes we should encourage the Americans to stand up and be counted, and to take serious action. Ghandi would have been proud of Naomi. She is suggesting that we dismantle the private homes of the perpetrators, brick by brick, and that we should burn their property. She expects that they will flee. However, my proposal is that, yes, we should get rid of the criminals, but that we should NOT encourage the formation of a new government. We do not need governing - we are now sufficiently evolved to be able to govern ourselves. We need to free ourselves from the strangulation and corruption of government.Any Central Government, if one is formed, must have minimal powers, more as an advisory and assistance role that anything else. Take a look at the brief video. It will motivate you. Best regards David

Monday, 6 October 2008

Just released, following the amazing success of Zeitgeist, we now have Zeitgeist Addendum.

This film really makes viewers sit up and think.

I promise that anyone who can find the time to sit and watch this two hour film will see things very differently as a result.

This film is nothing short of absolutely brilliant.

Please watch it, and please, please, tell everyone you know about it. Get people to download it before it is destroyed. Now we will see what happens when EVERYBODY KNOWS!

For thinking people only!

As links often seem to get broken, I have made a tinyurl

Saturday, 4 October 2008

come on - wake up

Weggie says (4) "We have reached a stage in the evolution of society where the majority of people in the world are not happy with their government". The people feel that they are not represented by their government. This is another way of demonstrating insanity! If the government is supposed to represent the people, but the people feel that they are not being represented, then what exactly is government doing? It seems that those who form the government, overt and covert, consider themselves to be different to those whom they purport to represent. It appears today that government represents government, and there is absolutely no-one representing the people. The truth is that government has absolutely nothing to do with us. So we should all get together, and actively ignore all forms of government. If we work for the government, we must find other work, immediately. But meantime, we must take as much holiday and sick time as is possible. We know that our job will be gone soon anyway, because governments are no longer needed, so we should take all the time we can to make an effort to do something useful for the our planet and its inhabitants. If we are due to pay money to the government, we should put it off for as long as is outrageously possible. We must not fund unnecessary things, like governments. I say that governments are unnecessary, because as a result of increased communications, education, and a general rise in the levels of human consciousness, most planetary inhabitants have gained the amazing ability to govern themselves. So they do not need any other form of government. For the few who are unable to govern themselves, I am sure that the combined intellect of the Brotherhood of Man can find some way of supporting them. So come on - wake up If you are awake - you can govern yourself, and need no other form of government! Can you argue with that logic?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Weggie's World - Lesson Three

Weggie's World Lesson Three
Thou shalt not commit adultery (and be found out)
Weggie once told me a story about what they did with blokes who f***d other blokes'wives, and got found out. These blokes would disappear, somewhere down the pit - the coloquial term for the coal mine - where Weggie had worked. It was considered as protection for ones own wife! As a consequence of the amount of food Weggie ate, he had been named "Wheelie bin", - the colloquial term for the trash can - and one of the locomotives that ran underground, which was under the care and maintenace of Weggie, had painted in large letters on its side "WHEELIE BIN". Once he had been up to some mischief, and an official called, asking for his name and number. As Weggie disappeared down the tracks, unidentified, he called back "Hastings, 1066". That was probably the limit to his knowledge of history. He didn't have a wonderful reputation as a scholar. Not of the academic style anyway. But teach him anything outside school, and he was soon right on it. There was a different rule applied to those who had either left their husbands, or who were not being satisfied by their husbands. In the latter case, it is not adultery, it is helping ladies out of distress, and out of dat dress too. He didn't seem to try to hide his main mission in life, which appeared to be to have sex as often as possible. However, the time between sessions was never wasted. There was a colossal amount of beer unnecessarily stored in various places, and help was required with the storage problem. And all those poor cooks. People leaving bits of this and half of that and maybe all of those, when the cook had put his/her heart and soul into providing the very best food that current conditions allow. They need some help too! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Weggie's World - Lesson Two

Lesson two
Thou shall not beg, borrow, or steal.
Do not forget that begging is classified the same as stealing. Many people seem to be unaware that begging is just as immoral as stealing. It would also appear that almost everyone has made another minor adjustment to the moral code, to suit convenience. Borrowing is classified the same as begging, and stealing. So if you have been borrowing, then your Karma looks like it is about to activate. Maybe you had better wake up and find out about cause and effect. What is the true effect of you so cleverly manipulating everything so that you could borrow that money? Thanks a wunch. You, personally, have had a huge hand in contributing to the destruction of my planet. I'll call it mine, because nobody else seems to want it. Everybody else seems to think it is a very useful rubbish dump, with often rich pickings here and there. So now , I'm here to tell you. From now on, this planet has a new name. It's going to be called Weggies world. And its not going to be full of lying cheating bastards, who want to be boss, because I'll punch their lamps out. We are not having any of that stuff. We are all going to be mates. Anybody who steps out of line will be told.....once. Now, let's get on, and have a happy life. PS Wunch is a collective noun for a group of bankers. As in "A wunch of bankers"

Weggie's World.

Weggie's World (with translations for Americans) (Lesson One - unconditional love!!!!!)
Weggie was always a popular guy - everybody knew Weggie. But nobody understood Weggie. I remember his leaving party from England, the night before he left for ever. He had arranged for an hour's extra private drinking time for his friends, after hours. He was famous for how much he could drink, and how fast he could drink a pint while standing on his head. He came from a family of clowns. When the bell had been rung, and the clock chimed ten thirty, the pub manager came to Weggie and said "Can you tell me who's staying?". Weggie cast a long slow glance around the huge room, eyeing every person, and then he said: "All of them!". A clear demonstration of unconditional love! ==================================================

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seeing Eye To Eye

Seeing Eye to Eye. It is unfortunate but true that there is an awful lot of deceit in this world. Sometimes I feel that the whole world is deceitful, so I may as well be deceitful too. But then I realise that the deceit road is the no hope road. Do not Enter - trespassers will be severely disappointed. So I decided to follow the non-deceit road, and found that there is a great deal of hope. In fact, there is so much hope that it's worth encouraging others to try it. It's often not a very good road. We often come across mud-holes, and broken rocks, and severe undulations, wet leaves, animal excreta, and all manner of things, but somehow, we manage to steer around all the problems, and life keeps rolling in a very hopeful manner. There is definitely hope. Then sometimes we are on a 6 lane highway, speeding as fast as our radar detection mechanism will allow us to, driving extremely dangerously because we have to place excess concentration on the rear view mirror. We have learned that once we are moving, we should take our spirit with us. The old idea of leaving the spirit behind, so that the mind could be constantly dragged back to remorse and sentimentality, has itself been left behind. It doesn't require an inordinate amount of practice to remember to keep our spirit and body closely coordinated. If our thinking is body orientated then, as we check for our keys, money, fags, doobie, lighter, make-up, condoms, tissues, bottle opener, wallet, phone, toothpicks, address book, lucky-charm, hat, umbrella, raincoat, clean underwear, napkins, spectacles, pen, notepad, toothbrush, nail clippers, passport, tickets, plasters, spouse, kids etc., then we just remember to take our spirit with us. The post-modern idea is that we should stay as close with each other as we possibly can. And who is "we"? "We", my dear sir or madam (you decide), is my body, my mind, and my soul (sometimes called spirit) - that's who 'we" is. If "we" are all agreed, then we write "we". But if we are not sure that we are agreed, then we write "I", because "I" is only a part of "We", and often indicates absence of Spirit. Of course, when we are operating as "we", we can achieve amazing things. Let's say that we are walking down a street or road that has a few dozen people wandering around doing various things. We can walk down the street, and see how many people we are able to look in the eye, how many cut the contact immediately they realise it has been made, and how many actually enjoy the contact. Those who enjoy the contact are our brothers and sisters, and they come in all shapes, sizes, sexes, and moods, but very few of the deceitful ones are able to look us straight in the eye for lengthy periods. It can be a real test of a person. If I was to interview someone for a job now, I would sit them down, make them comfortable, and look at them. I would say nothing, and just see what happened. So what do you think?