Sunday, 26 October 2008

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This film has been on YouTube for about a month, but has only just been brought to my attention. It is a very convincing and I think a very important film. Was the Moon Landing faked? Did Stanley Kubrick die a natural death? Did General Walters die a natural death? Why was Ronald Reagan selected to run for president? You might KNOW when you have watched this film. .
Part 1 tinyurl Part 2 tinyurl Part 3 Tinyurl How could the flag flutter when there's no wind on the moon? During an interview with Stanley Kubrick's widow an extraordinary story came to light. She claims Kubrick and other Hollywood producers were recruited to help the U.S. win the high stakes race to the moon. In order to finance the space program through public funds, the U.S. government needed huge popular support, and that meant they couldn't afford any expensive public relations failures. Fearing that no live pictures could be transmitted from the first moon landing, President Nixon enlisted the creative efforts of Kubrick, whose 2001: a Space Odyssey (1968) had provided much inspiration, to ensure promotional opportunities wouldn't be missed. In return, Kubrick got a special NASA lens to help him shoot Barry Lyndon (1975). A subtle blend of facts, fiction and hypothesis around the first landing on the moon, Dark Side Of The Moon illustrates how the truth can be twisted by the manipulation of images. With use of 'hijacked' archival footage, false documents, real interviews taken out of context or transformed through voice-over or dubbing, staged interviews, as well as, interviews with astronauts like Buzz Aldrin and others, Dark Side Of The Moon navigates the viewer through lies and truth; fact and fiction. This is no ordinary documentary. Its intent is to inform and entertain the viewer, but also to shake him up - make him aware that one should always view television with a critical eye. Dark Side Of The Moon is written and directed by William Karel and co-produced by Point du Jour Production and ARTE France
This will be a real wake-up call for many people. If you want to know what kind of things really happen in this world, this is a must watch. All and any comments appreciated.
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