Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Weggie's world 6

The American revolution starts here There has been a coup in America, as of 1st October 2009
Naomi Wolf is calling for a revolution, to arrest the coup leaders, and to form a new government. I agree with her completely, except the forming of a new government. Yes we should encourage the Americans to stand up and be counted, and to take serious action. Ghandi would have been proud of Naomi. She is suggesting that we dismantle the private homes of the perpetrators, brick by brick, and that we should burn their property. She expects that they will flee. However, my proposal is that, yes, we should get rid of the criminals, but that we should NOT encourage the formation of a new government. We do not need governing - we are now sufficiently evolved to be able to govern ourselves. We need to free ourselves from the strangulation and corruption of government.Any Central Government, if one is formed, must have minimal powers, more as an advisory and assistance role that anything else. Take a look at the brief video. It will motivate you. Best regards David
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