Thursday, 2 October 2008

Weggie's World - Lesson Two

Lesson two
Thou shall not beg, borrow, or steal.
Do not forget that begging is classified the same as stealing. Many people seem to be unaware that begging is just as immoral as stealing. It would also appear that almost everyone has made another minor adjustment to the moral code, to suit convenience. Borrowing is classified the same as begging, and stealing. So if you have been borrowing, then your Karma looks like it is about to activate. Maybe you had better wake up and find out about cause and effect. What is the true effect of you so cleverly manipulating everything so that you could borrow that money? Thanks a wunch. You, personally, have had a huge hand in contributing to the destruction of my planet. I'll call it mine, because nobody else seems to want it. Everybody else seems to think it is a very useful rubbish dump, with often rich pickings here and there. So now , I'm here to tell you. From now on, this planet has a new name. It's going to be called Weggies world. And its not going to be full of lying cheating bastards, who want to be boss, because I'll punch their lamps out. We are not having any of that stuff. We are all going to be mates. Anybody who steps out of line will be told.....once. Now, let's get on, and have a happy life. PS Wunch is a collective noun for a group of bankers. As in "A wunch of bankers"
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