Friday, 24 October 2008


Well.. i read somewhere that everyone has 7 types of intelligence, and probably have a finite number spread between these different areas. David Beckham, for example, is a genius in a couple of the areas, but then I wouldn't trust him to tie my shoe laces nor summarise an essay because he is lacking in the others. Definitions of intelligence alter, but I've been telling students that intelligence is actually the ability to use what you've learned. Most education systems just continue filling people with crap (information) so that they are so busy to ever have the chance to use any of it... and thus people's intelligence is (obviously intentionally) limited... so hmm... some people could be construed as being less intelligent than ourselves (Beckham), but are in fact more intelligent in some ways. Also 99% of the population's potential intelligence is purposefully limited anyway (so someone cleans the streets etc)... maybe it's only the lucky few that ever have some time to develop their own intelligence. I like talking to homeless people - the lucid ones who haven't become too addled by drugs, disease and poverty. They can be very wise. One guy compared himself to a shark, and the suits to the good job snorkellers: Yeah the snorkellers have a great time at the top, but they can see little of what's below them. The shark, resting on the sea bed, can see everything above him, including the snorkeller, who never even notices him. The shark/ homeless man can thus become much more learned about society and mankind, if not the workings of the schtock market er.. don't know where i'm going with this... but we're lucky to be thinking, and to want to think. People fill their lives with so much crap they never stand a chance! Posted on behalf of Mark Evinson
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