Sunday, 26 October 2008

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel

A channelling from Weggie's Archangel.
What a load of bollocks!
I know a man who started computer programming long before Bill Gates was out of nappies (diapers), when disk was spelt disc, and 8k was a huge memory. What does this man know about computer programming? Absolutely nothing. Java wasn't invented, colour screens were one colour only, graphics couldn't move, there was no music, Internet wasn't dreamed of, and a small computer cost almost half a year's salary. So a few things have changed a little bit, in just eighteen years. But one thing is unlikely to ever change, and that is logic. I feel that even when the paradigm completes its changes in 2012, then logic will remain the same. The thing about logic is that it is based on facts. And the thing about facts is that they often turn into fiction, as Galileo proved. And as soon as a fact turns to fiction, then the logic fails, and we have to find some new facts to fit our fiction. We will try anything we can to hold on to our belief system, even as the building blocks of that system are crashing around us. Things can get very complicated here. We know that our belief system is not static. It is quite usual for our belief system to grow a little each day. This is only made possible by the vast array of choices of data. Each individual person is able to arrange his daily information input so that only the topics in which he is interested are presented. This is a very convenient method of remaining ignorant of many important factors lying outside our belief system. We hardly hear about them, certainly don't study them, and our opinion on them is almost certainly misinformed. By the time that any significant event outside our own monkeysphere comes to our attention, often by relay through the general public, there has already been a long and convoluted history. We have all witnessed conversations between friends, some of whom have only recently become aware of a controversial topic a few hours ago through national TV or rumour, and some who are hearing their first inputs on the topic. It is most interesting to listen to their opinions, especially if we have been trying to study every facet of this topic for the last twenty years. The first half hour is spent in listening to a parroting of the various news broadcasts on the topic. Then we come to the opinionated part. Now we have four or five guys, none of whom have the slightest personal experience of anything in any way to do with the topic they are discussing, getting irate with each other because they are just not paying attention. Day after day this happens in thousands of establishments in hundreds of countries, all around the world. What a load of bollocks - we call ourselves civilised? Is that enough yet? No! Now, a new guy joins them. He has been studying the topic for the last twenty years, so he sits and listens to their parroted story, extended by the weirdest logic we can imagine - demonstrating yet again a potentially severe problem with insanity. We see him attempt to set about presenting an alternative picture. His camel-hair has not yet hit the easel before his hand gets brushed aside, he is declared insane, and rejected from the group. But there are some folks who don't join in these conversations. They sit alone at home, and have identical discussions over the Internet. The brushing aside is easier here. All we have to do is put a block on a few email addresses, and change our Favourites, and a whole portion of the world can be made to conveniently disappear. This helps, because there is far less to think about when trying to solve complex problems, like "where did all those trillions of dollars go", or "will the human species survive the environmental destruction?" And this is why everyday we hear half-baked ideas, where the speeches of the government party members and the presentations of the mass media are echoed. As I said before. What a load of bollocks! If we closely examine any area in which we have a detailed personal knowledge, such as a lifetime hobby for example, and ignore all hearsay and public opinion, our research will begin to turn up anomalies - always. If we follow these anomalies, we come to an unthinkable thought. We retreat, five or six times and try different approaches. Every approach ends up at ---- -the same unthinkable thought. After much heartache, pain, and often severe illness, we grudgingly consider the possibility of examining this thought. Immediately we are stumbling and nearly drowning in information that attacks our belief system, and we have to step back. We reject the thought again. Until finally, when absolutely everything else has reached a dead-end in suffering, sickness, poverty, personal mental turmoil, near death and all the things that happen to everyone - every morning, we roll up our trouser legs, and try again. We feel it is better to prepare this time, so we take a boat with us. We push the boat out into the gentle calm waters, and smoothly float away from the beach, surveying everything with utmost wonder. Suddenly, a storm blows up, the swelling waves pick up our boat, and dump it 50 yards up the beach. We escape relatively unharmed, physically, but by now our mental turmoil is becoming very difficult to hide. We are declared crazy for attempting such a stupid thing, and we resolve never to try again. Our life is now a total disaster. We have nowhere to go. We can read road signs like any capable blind man in the dark. Yet somehow, we are pointed back in the direction of the beach. We board an unsinkable ship, and set sail. We plough passed all those who are shouting "You're bloody crazy", and wonder if they've looked in a mirror lately. We break through the storm, and suddenly find ourselves ---------------- in amazingly calm waters, with beautiful caring people, and we know that every one of them has also broken through the storm. ---------------- After a short rest, we start to miss our mates. We resolve to go back through the storm, and tell them. We try to prepare the story so that they don't have to go through ALL the trials and tribulations that we have suffered. We board another ship, which fights through the raging storm, almost capsizing in the process. Yet we manage to reach the shore, where our friends are waiting. But we are rejected. Absolutely, totally, and flatly rejected by almost every one who has ever been a friend, with our own family amongst the first to reject us. We despondently resolve that we cannot help, and struggle back through the storm to the beautiful people, who tend us, heal us and care for us, and try to resolve the problem for us. We sit and think. Is there ANY way to help these people who don't know what they are missing? Then the beautiful people ask us to watch "Chicken Little", and "Dreams do come true" and we really begin to understand.
What do you think is the best way to help these people?
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