Friday, 24 October 2008

Only for intelligent people

Service to whom?

If we get some more replies, this could be fun!! I feel a change in the air. I think more people are jumping off the fence, and realising that they have to make THE CHOICE. Service- to- self, or service- to-others. I remember reading what was at the time the most advanced channelling available. It was called The Law of One, channelled in 1972, starring an entity called Ra. Ra explained that this incarnation was the time when we have to make the choice between Service- to- self, or service- to-others. Ra went on to explain that, in order to be harvested. (my translation is "survive the shift"), we have to achieve a certain amount of proficiency. For service-to-self people, 95% proficiency is required, and for service-to-others, then 51% proficiency is required. What we are seeing now in the financial and political worlds is the efforts of the few who have chosen service-to-self to achieve 95% proficiency. In order to do this, they need to control 95% of the money, the land, and the people. The job of the service-to-other people right now is to limit the proficiency of the service-to-self type folk, by persuading more of the fence-sitters to jump, one way or the other. To help them to do this, we provide the above information, Free will is not affected. I doubt if the laws of karma will be broken - people will get what is coming to them - unfortunately or otherwise. But I have a distinct feeling that the numbers of service-to-others people will soon reach Critical Mass. As one of my mates said "Bring it on" All t'best David PS. I'm going to stick this up on Weggie's blog, along with any other replies I receive, up or down the line. By the way, I reckon you will enjoy this short but beautiful presentation
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