Thursday, 2 October 2008

Weggie's World - Lesson Three

Weggie's World Lesson Three
Thou shalt not commit adultery (and be found out)
Weggie once told me a story about what they did with blokes who f***d other blokes'wives, and got found out. These blokes would disappear, somewhere down the pit - the coloquial term for the coal mine - where Weggie had worked. It was considered as protection for ones own wife! As a consequence of the amount of food Weggie ate, he had been named "Wheelie bin", - the colloquial term for the trash can - and one of the locomotives that ran underground, which was under the care and maintenace of Weggie, had painted in large letters on its side "WHEELIE BIN". Once he had been up to some mischief, and an official called, asking for his name and number. As Weggie disappeared down the tracks, unidentified, he called back "Hastings, 1066". That was probably the limit to his knowledge of history. He didn't have a wonderful reputation as a scholar. Not of the academic style anyway. But teach him anything outside school, and he was soon right on it. There was a different rule applied to those who had either left their husbands, or who were not being satisfied by their husbands. In the latter case, it is not adultery, it is helping ladies out of distress, and out of dat dress too. He didn't seem to try to hide his main mission in life, which appeared to be to have sex as often as possible. However, the time between sessions was never wasted. There was a colossal amount of beer unnecessarily stored in various places, and help was required with the storage problem. And all those poor cooks. People leaving bits of this and half of that and maybe all of those, when the cook had put his/her heart and soul into providing the very best food that current conditions allow. They need some help too! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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