Friday, 24 October 2008


Universal Truth Knowledge
---Opportunity is knocking on the door...Whoope! Please post this on your Weggie's blog...send to all on our email list. I have written of this many times...briefly mention again---- 1) 10,000 earth years ago Special Messengers from God presented to human that which is known as the Universal Truth Knowledge---God's intent and desire for human's daily thoughts and live in Joyous Harmony with all of God's creations and to live in Loving Harmony with all other humans...and...the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws that teach the easy, pleasant, manner in which human can learn to do so. This Universal Truth Knowledge applies to all intelligent life forms thruout the entire Universe...human is one of the Intelligent Life forms. Remember my 3 emails entitled Trilogy one, trilogy 2 and trilogy 3. In # 3 I wrote the definition of Joyous and Loving Harmony and the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. If you have saved Trilogy # 3...please post in Weggie's blog...send to those who are on your email list. If no have, I send it to you. Please note Universal Spiritual Law # 2 says each human possesses a talent unique to that human...when used to be of best benefit, service to other humans...human is at his/her best and is most pleasing to God. Law # 7 says all humans are an embryo waiting to be born into best benefit, service to all other humans and to God. ...this says it all! I remember Ra's the same message---Ra is like of many Minor Messengers from God. I was relieved of my duty some 10 years ago when God finalized the I send the Destroyers as I did once before...very Negative and most displeasing to God...or do I just leave human alone...if human is left less than 100 more years human will self destruct. The decision was leave human alone! I know of this...I was a part of the events that led to the decision. Perhaps I should again write a story of this happening. Human needs to understand...with Special Gift # 2...Free Will Choice...human has the authority and power to do as human pleases...human is entirely in control of human's fate! And if such results in self be it! God will not withdraw...and God will not interfere with Special Gift of Free Will Choice. If God did withdraw, interfere with Free Will Choice human would be no more than an animated robotic life form...and such is not the purpose of human life on planet earth. Humans know not that the Spiritual Entities assigned to manage planet Earth have used a number of different Spiritual powers to manage Earth's physical properties. Much of that management has been withdrawn...notice the serious changes in Earth's warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. Yes, human has this one last opportunity---change from what's in it for how can I be of service to others...precisely as is written in the 7 Universal Spiritual Laws. Please know that God will not interfere with Free Will Choice and the Universal Law of Karmic response will also never change! God's work is perfect...shall never be changed! As you sow, so shall you reap! Every human thought, every human deed...sends into the Universe a spiritual energy signal which provides a pathway for the same kind of energy to flow back into human's life. Send out Positive, kind, caring,sharing spiritual loving...each day human life be joyous and happy. Send out Negative, mean, nasty, discriminating, prejudiced, deceit and lies of many kinds, desire for revenge, do the angry, etc...human's daily life be one of emotional turmoil, distress, misery...and if in amount sufficient will cause physical illness to the human physical body...such is the manner in which the Karmic Law functions!! Each day...with Free Will Choice...human creates for self...that which is known as heaven or hell. And so it is!! And human should also know...even if he changes to be a service to others human, and he is among the minority...and the majority change not and humans will self destruct...there is everlasting benefit to those who change. Maybe, I should post that story also...maybe it would be an incentive, motivation to change. Please note I possess no duty to present this knowledge to human...I do so only out of love of God and desire to "save" as many humans as I of best benefit, service to humans. And like all communications human does with human's Guardian Angel or with Spiritual Realm...there is never a request for compliance...human has Free Will Choice...believe or do not as you Please. I say sayonara...He who is known as Lee.
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