Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Hierarchies There are two types of hierarchy 1) Natural hierarchy. 2) Man-made hierarchy. Most of man's problems are created by the fact that the two hierarchies are not aligned. As man's consciousness increases, he becomes more aware of how the natural hierarchy works, and so he makes greater efforts to align his persona with the natural hierarchy. We are all aware that there is one source of all-there-is. How we visualise or feel about that one source is a personal thing, but we realise that no matter what we personally feel, we are all feeling the same basic thing - that we - our mind, body and spirit - are closely related to each other, through this one source. The Yogis call this one source "The All" or 'The Absolute", and I shall adopt the same terminology. We can therefore see that the top of the natural hierarchy is The All. If we are to align ourselves with nature, as surely we must, then we must adopt a similar attitude to The All. How we perceive The All is how we should behave - thus our outward appearance becomes a direct reflection of our inner-most feeling. If we feel that the hierarchy provided by The All is a kindly, loving, evolving kind of environment, then we should try to be a kindly, loving, evolving kind of person. On the other hand, if we feel that The All's creation is a fearful, hateful, static kind of environment, then our persona will reflect this feeling. It becomes immediately apparent that those of the latter feelings are in need of help from those with the former feelings. This creates a serious problem, because those who feel fear are not aware that they need help, and so rarely or never ask for it. Many of us have learned through bitter experience that providing help when it is not required is in fact totally unhelpful. The discovery of the existence of an evolutionary path, or a co-learners path, is a step that has to come about naturally - it cannot be taught. It is not possible to point someone in the desired direction, and help them to open the door and step outside, unless they are seeking that help. While they are convinced that they are walking their own path, that leads to a different destination to the path of others, then they are unable to accept that anyone has walked along the path before them. Therefore they are unable to see the signposts that naturally exist to point them in the evolutionary direction. Their evolvement is static until they find the door, and open it themselves. I think that the simple understanding that we are all co-learners, and that we all live on the same planet, under the same sun, created by the same source, is a good foundation for life. No matter what our managerial status might indicate, we are no better or worse than any other person. In our hierarchy, there will be a few people who have already walked through the door, but the vast majority will not have yet discovered it, and most are not even looking for it. If we recall our own behaviour and attitudes before we discovered the door, then it will help us to understand the behaviour of the majority in our hierarchy. Our hierarchy consists of every single person that we come in contact with in any way, physically, mentally, or spiritually. If, as is written in so many books, we treat each individual acquaintance in the way that we wish them to treat us, then we can be assured that our hierarchy is in line with nature, and that we are doing our best to accelerate our own evolvement. We know that every person we become acquainted with has a message or lesson form us. So, having discovered the evolutionary path, we are in a better position to communicate our findings with each other. For those of us who have already walked through the door, and discovered that our reason for being born is to evolve, we are in a position to give and receive help without the involvement of ego, which we soon learn how to suppress. We become far less emotional, with fewer ups and downs in life, the calmer environment being provided by increased knowledge. We learn how to take good care of our body, mind and spirit. Through our own experience, we gain the ability to become a good teacher, and we become able to pass on our knowledge and experiences to all those who ask. Do we feel that we are responsible for the lives of others, and must therefore try to control the way they act and believe, or do we feel that we should allow the same freedom to each individual that we require for ourselves? Through this process, we learn that there are others who are further along the path who can become our teachers. And so we, too, begin to ask. We truly realise that we are all teacher/learners, or co-learners. We are then able to ensure that our own hierarchy reflects our own feelings.
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