Friday, 24 October 2008

Interesting Conversation

Definitely an interesting conversation here David....In response to it and the one below, sometimes I wonder about the luckiness of being able to think. Is luck involved at all? does the 'luck' of being able to think help us or hinder us?

Thinking creates, so watch what you think.... and at the same time that I understand that my thinking creates my reality, I have also experienced magnificent creation when I am not thinking...when I am in states of flow.

I am an artist and I find my most creative inspiring pieces are those that came about when I let go of thought. So, then I come to realize this, maybe intelligence lies beyond thought. When we experience another person as being intelligent or not, what are we really perceiving? What judgments are we making? What stories are we telling ourselves about this other person?

The other day I was watching the squirrels as they dug up the remains of my garden devouring the heads of the last remaining flowers, eating stems, gathering nuts and seeds and burying them in the pots scattered around the patio. I watched as they prepared for the long (or maybe short) winter that is coming. I considered them to be intelligent, more intelligent than I in this moment, as they were paying attention to the season, to the need to prepare in order to stay alive during the hard months ahead. I don't particularly think of squirrels as being intelligent, but here they were more intelligent than I because they knew more than I about gathering food and supplies.... I rely on the grocery, and if the grocery fails what shall I do?

Intelligence has brought us many amazing technological advances that make living so much easier, and at the same time some of these technological advances harm us considerably. But maybe intelligence has nothing to do with right or wrong, up or down....As we have come to understand in this diverse Universe that what is good for one may not be good for another, what serves one may not serve another, and maybe that is intelligence after all.....teaching us something about getting along, about our connection to each other, to all that we experience!

kara freeman

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