Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Seeing Eye To Eye

Seeing Eye to Eye. It is unfortunate but true that there is an awful lot of deceit in this world. Sometimes I feel that the whole world is deceitful, so I may as well be deceitful too. But then I realise that the deceit road is the no hope road. Do not Enter - trespassers will be severely disappointed. So I decided to follow the non-deceit road, and found that there is a great deal of hope. In fact, there is so much hope that it's worth encouraging others to try it. It's often not a very good road. We often come across mud-holes, and broken rocks, and severe undulations, wet leaves, animal excreta, and all manner of things, but somehow, we manage to steer around all the problems, and life keeps rolling in a very hopeful manner. There is definitely hope. Then sometimes we are on a 6 lane highway, speeding as fast as our radar detection mechanism will allow us to, driving extremely dangerously because we have to place excess concentration on the rear view mirror. We have learned that once we are moving, we should take our spirit with us. The old idea of leaving the spirit behind, so that the mind could be constantly dragged back to remorse and sentimentality, has itself been left behind. It doesn't require an inordinate amount of practice to remember to keep our spirit and body closely coordinated. If our thinking is body orientated then, as we check for our keys, money, fags, doobie, lighter, make-up, condoms, tissues, bottle opener, wallet, phone, toothpicks, address book, lucky-charm, hat, umbrella, raincoat, clean underwear, napkins, spectacles, pen, notepad, toothbrush, nail clippers, passport, tickets, plasters, spouse, kids etc., then we just remember to take our spirit with us. The post-modern idea is that we should stay as close with each other as we possibly can. And who is "we"? "We", my dear sir or madam (you decide), is my body, my mind, and my soul (sometimes called spirit) - that's who 'we" is. If "we" are all agreed, then we write "we". But if we are not sure that we are agreed, then we write "I", because "I" is only a part of "We", and often indicates absence of Spirit. Of course, when we are operating as "we", we can achieve amazing things. Let's say that we are walking down a street or road that has a few dozen people wandering around doing various things. We can walk down the street, and see how many people we are able to look in the eye, how many cut the contact immediately they realise it has been made, and how many actually enjoy the contact. Those who enjoy the contact are our brothers and sisters, and they come in all shapes, sizes, sexes, and moods, but very few of the deceitful ones are able to look us straight in the eye for lengthy periods. It can be a real test of a person. If I was to interview someone for a job now, I would sit them down, make them comfortable, and look at them. I would say nothing, and just see what happened. So what do you think?
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