Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pandering to the unenlightened - Do you suffer from Pttu?

 by David West
Known as Pttu, the disease of Pandering to the unenlightened has spread amongst many people blessed with an IQ above room temperature.

There are even many partial sufferers who do not realise that they are already enlightened. If they did realise, they would understand the futility of trying to purvey the wide-awake truth to the unenlightened.

When trying to help others to think more deeply, one tends to speak in terms that the other can understand, but unfortunately this causes some speakers and writers to identify with the listener or reader, who is unenlightened.

Enlightened people generally agree on several fundamentals, proven by science sufficiently well to indicate that there is no proof or evidence of any reasonable alternative, or that such an alternative is invalid, These fundamentals are  strengthened by huge quantities of intuition, achieving an understandable and logical basis that is agreed with by hundreds of thousands of others who are themselves enlightened. For those who have the ability to be aware that most of reality lies outside science, and that science precludes itself from examining these areas because of several fundamental flaws in scientific principles. The first sign of onset of the Pttu disease is to insist that everything be proven by science.

If we envisage an acquaintance who appears a little slower than average, then we can easily observe the differences in consciousness or awareness between ourselves and the slower acquaintance, and we immediately know that in order to communicate with the slower one, we must speak so that third parties cannot hear, carefully mouth our words, speak slowly and clearly and keep it short, sweet
and simple, as if trying to get a date in a discotheque.

A similar  difference of awareness arises between enlightened and unenlightened people.
A thing that appears as obvious logic to an enlightened person will be vehemently opposed by unenlightened people, to the extent that communication on the topic may become impossible, or even considered offensive.

As enlightened people do not wish to offend, this can often cause them to change their manner, and doing this repeatedly can place the enlightened one in severe danger of reducing the level of thought to that of the peers thus contracting the very confusing disease of Pttu. In some people's terms this is a fallen angel, and would be a fair representation of today's public. Very few are able to achieve their full potential due to blockages created by erroneous beliefs.

All enlightened people develop reasonable foundations to their belief system, but then some destroy their beliefs as if using thermite, as in the Twin Towers in 9/11, the public hoax of which is obvious to any awakened person.

It's called peer pressure - when all peers are unenlightened, it is essential to protect one's own thinking by omitting the thoughts of the unenlightened. With a little practice, this becomes very easy, with the benefit that the input of unenlightened material can be avoided, this saving much energy and time.
Another discovery is that all enlightened thought conforms to an understandable level of honesty and understanding, with no attempt to create a spectacle or pass on rumour.

Agreement between enlightened people is evident on many topics, such as:

 - We are much more than a body.
 - Material reductionist science knows very little, and is a severe restriction to open thought.
 - The political world has been controlled by an elite cabal for thousands of years.
 - The elite cabal has an agenda of dumbing down its subjects, and reducing their numbers.
 - The average citizen demonstrates no signs of enlightenment.

There are many more factors that are agreed upon, many of which are disputed by the general public, but eventually after further evolvement they will agree also.

Then Pttu will have been cured, naturally.