Wednesday, 14 March 2012

You are evil

You are evil.
by David West

That's the starting sentence of the 'modern' paradigm that we find ourselves enslaved in, written over two hundred years ago.   (The Rothschild Plan)

So we have advice for all evil people.
1 - Stay indoors - you offend and trouble less people that way.
2 - Eat a toxic diet - you will have less energy for offensive things, and will die sooner.
3 - Watch TV and videos as much as possible, and believe the mass propaganda served as news - you will slowly lose any shred of reference to reality
4 - Consume alcohol profusely - when you remember nothing, you have learned nothing.
5 - Refuse to exercise - see 2.
6 - Enhance the pharmaceutical companies coffers in return for toxic ingestants.
7 - Avoid deep thinking, and never practice mental arithmetic or play logic games - the mind becomes familiar with the slow place of life, and almost impossible to change, even as disaster approaches.
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You are love.

That's the starting sentence of the paradigm that we find ourselves at liberty in.
Many people have changed paradigm already. It's not as if we need to wait for a 2012 catastrophe, or for our pension to come, or the
next holidays, or even for the next visitor the wash room.
(See The Awakening)
It's just the different perception of the world when we see with a positive eye instead of a negative eye. Somehow, with a loving eye, we are able to see a little deeper, as if the evil eye blocks our view.

We know the way the world has been in the view of the evil eye, and we know the way it can be in the view of the loving eye, so if we ignore all that has been, we can become one of the first few million to set foot into a loving world without evil insanity.

It really is as simple as that, and we can all see it.

It is insane for a government to profess to represent the people, and then keep most of what it is doing as a secret.
It is
insane to invent bogey men, and then spend vast fortunes on hunting them down.
It is
insane to continue with old destructive technology when new non-destructive technology has been available for several decades, but is kept secret.
It is
insane to believe that there are too many people on the planet without volunteering to be one of those that must die.. It is simply that there is too much insanity on the planet.

There are hundreds of thousands of people whose hearts go out to those troubled folk that we see and hear about every day, and we each do our bit to try to help them. But our bit is usually misdirected and squandered and results in helping an oppressor to oppress even more.

There is a balancing line between the one percent of governors and the ninety-nine percent of the governed and the imbalance is now self-rectifying. Hence the paradigm change from fear and evil to a paradigm of love and tranquillity.

So we have advice for all loving and lovable people.
1 - Stay outside  - meet as many  people as you can, and pass on your love.
2 - Eat a healthy diet - you will have more energy for loving things, and will live longer.
3 - Play with other people as much as possible - you will benefit more from the company of people than you will from TV and video
4 - Moderate or eliminate all unhealthy habits - when we clear our mind, our body needs energy.
5 - Exercise moderately, every day - see 2.
6 - Avoid ingesting artificially preserved and flavoured foodstuffs, or food containing MSG, aspartame and other toxins - see 2
7 - Meditate often, and  play logic games - the mind becomes familiar with the transition  pace of life, and and adapts easily to rapidly changing circumstance.