Friday, 17 December 2010

I didn't know he was in a closet

I didn't know he was in a closet
(with no apologies to Pete)

A friend of mine was house-sitting for me, and when I went round to see how he was getting on, the nosy neighbour button-holed me and asked

"What was all that noise last night?"

I said "I'll find out", and rang the bell.

Well we did what friends do,and I forgot all about the neighbour, but she was there again when I left.

She insisted on knowing about the noise.

I had to think quickly, so said:

"Yesterday my friend decided to come out of the closet."

She said "Oh! - I didn't know he was in a closet"

I continued
"Having made the closet-exiting decision,
he found it necessary to first climb into the closet. "

She said "That's unusual........."

I interupted "Surprisingly, he found his wife in there.
What is a man supposed to do when he finds his wife in a closet?"

She was silent and looked aghast, so I continued:

"Well, unfortunately, the closet started rocking, and eventually it fell over.
That was apparently a small problem. "

"Small problem?" she whispered
The bigger problem was that it landed with the doors downwards,
so there was no way out."

By now her lower jaw had fallen so far below her upper, a tennis ball could enter with ease,

I concluded:

"The noise you heard was unfortunately the only way to save two lives.
You will be pleased to know that this will not happen again,
as he no longer has a closet."

Monday, 4 October 2010

A report by visiting aliens of an observational tour of Earth

The humans are the dominant planetary race, yet they show little or no respect for their home.

A small group of extremely evil people has everyone by the balls, and their hearts and minds appear to have followed.

The beliefs of the general public are a total mirage created by those with many secrets to keep, adeptly supported by Press and TV, (also owned by the evil people, along with most Reserve banks and most governments).

These evil people decide what will be omitted from all education curricula, what will be included in the movies, what music will become popular, what drugs will slowly and deniably kill people, what are the best way's to reduce the nutrition in food, how the human mind can be controlled, how can people be herded into undesirable places to do undesirable things, and several other methods of reducing and debilitating the population.

The basic object of education, as far as non-adults are concerned, is usually to prepare the person for adulthood. In advanced civilisation, the first consideration is based on a need to know for the position most likely or most desired to be adopted in adult life, and then the knowledge required for that position is provided, by enabling the student to spend time with the kind of people who vibrate in a similar manner.
The human system is the polar opposite of this. In the human system, the students are herded into a room and forced to sit on a chair for most of the daylight hours of their early life, ensuring that they are kept away from discovering anything that might help them in later life, and guaranteeing that the only profession or skill they learn anything about is teaching.

The most popular movies are those in which people die. The fear of death is the human's greatest fear, and this fear is constantly enhanced at every opportunity. Once the people become accustomed to death all around them, they become more flexible.

Music is vibration, as is the over-riding force on the human body. The human body's vibrations can be enhanced or stunted, depending on the vibrations of the immediate environment, and any music that becomes dominant in the environment will also dominate the human body. If one wishes to enhance the human body vibrations, then the music will match human vibrations, as occurs in all indigenous music.
However if one wishes to stunt the human vibrations, then the music will be of a less natural vibration, and will interfere with natural growth and evolvement processes. Music in recent human history has been of the latter nature.

Mainly as a result of the distorted education process, the general public's knowledge of drugs has been totally subverted. The average human mind classifies the most dangerous drugs as medicine, and the most helpful drugs as dangerous, exemplified by the fact that the most dangerous drugs are usually legal, and the most helpful drugs are usually illegal.

The food which vibrates most with positive human vibrations is fresh, raw natural food. This is the diet least likely to be chosen by the human, whose ideas of health and nutrition are either totally distorted, or have been deprioritized as a result of mind control.

Most humans have been herded away from the natural vibrations of the trees, rivers, mountains and peacefulness of the countryside and into the negative unnatural vibrations of re-formed concrete, steel and noise of the city, almost guaranteeing an unfulfilled life.

Mind control.
The vibrations in the atmosphere are the carriers of consciousness. It is through natural vibration that we develop and evolve. The mood and health of the people can be adjusted by adjusting the atmosphere in which the people live. This includes not only the physical atmosphere of air and water, but also the less physical atmosphere of electro-magnetic vibration, which is the prime input and output of the human mind. Subliminal distortions in electronic transfer of sound and vision have become a major factor in the armoury of the evil people, which when combined with the creation and dissemination of
imaginary information, causes the species to operate in a less than optimum manner.

Friday, 17 September 2010

9/11 misconceptions

In the nine years that have passed since the horrors of the destruction of the twin towers, with the associated deaths, and many hundreds of hours of research have been conducted. An even greater number of hours have been spent on disseminating disinformation, the latter being the most likely to reach the eyes and ears of the public.

For those remaining few who are still labouring under the misconception that unqualified Arabian pilots were able to fly these planes into the twin towers, then I can provide something to ease your mind.


for a detailed explanation.

This misconception is important, as many other faulty belief system elements are constructed as a result of this faulty base thinking. Understanding the facts is important.

Take a look, and be ready to believe.

Best regards


Saturday, 31 July 2010

Blog that now!

Just do a little better today than we did yesterday.

Only we know what is better for us.
Sometimes the best thing is to forget ourselves, and make someone else happy, but we must never forget ourselves for too long.
If we forget who we really are, then we lose direction - as John Lennon so wisely said "How can I go forward when I don't know which way I'm facing?".

We must set ourselves some kind of ideal, which becomes our distant shining star, unattainable, but constantly leading the way.

If every step we take is in the right direction, then we will progress more quickly than those who are speeding in the wrong direction. So we can afford to smell the roses on the way, and to intentionally take the time to appreciate the wonders of the creation that surrounds us. We are at last able to see that the journey is more important than the unattainable destination. For the first time, we are able to appreciate the power of now. We can let go all of our fears, hopes and aspirations for the future, unburden ourselves of the guilt and conscience of the past. and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

US Patent office holds over 4000 patents related to Free Energy

In light of the latest environmental disaster, being the river of oil about to engulf and destroy the east coast of USA , it is time for a reckoning.

I would hope that this message is circulated far and wide, and that someone can contact David J. Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

An insider has reported that the US patents office is sitting on over 4000, yes four thousand, patents related to free energy.

If these patents were made publicly available, we could very soon rid the earth of the need for filthy oil, and disasters like the present one would never recur.

If as many people as possible publicise this small secret, and lobby for the release of Patents, we still have a chance of maintaining human life on this planet.

Details are available in Joel Garbon's and Jeane Manning's book "Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World" and Brian O'Leary's "The Energy Solution Revolution"

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

There is another way.

There is another way.

This article is written from the background of a successful business owner who went in search of more - and believes he found some of it.

Whilst many of the trials and tribulations along the way were probably necessary as some form of wake up alarm, nevertheless, with a little more information and understanding, some of them could have been avoided.

I'll share the punch line now.

We could be kind. To ourselves, others and any form of nature.

If we accept that we are not perfect, then we can accept that mistakes are inevitable. This is how we learn.
one possible step/stroke/thought/achievement/profit, (use your own values)
is to dispose of some grief.

If we are genuinely trying to do our best (and who isn't?), then at any one time we make the best choices available to us. We can all look back in history, and, in the light of today's knowledge, we can see that many decisions could have been improved upon. This is merely a mark of our progress, and definitely nothing to grieve about.

We all have the wonderful abilities provided by 20/20 hindsight, but few of us have mastered the technique of alchemising this into foresight. Yes, if we set our sights that high, we could consider ourselves as a failure. Similarly, if we compare ourself to the truly influential people in our society, we might also consider ourselves a failure.

But not everyone wishes to spend their lives trying to influence others, despite all that we may have been indoctrinated to believe, by our parents, schools, employers, churches, friends, governments, media and society in general who are mostly indoctrinated with the same same set of imaginary beliefs.

If you would like some help towards punch-line, please respond.


Saturday, 13 February 2010

A suggestion of how to enable survival of the human race.

Environmental destruction MUST CEASE NOW.

I don't mean in an hour's time, I mean NOW.

If it was possible to throw a switch that would massage every person's psyche into seeing through the smoke and mirrors provided by media, government and corporations, then we would realise that we are in a desparate situation.

Imagine a car accelerating towards a cliff. When we first notice it, it is moving quite slowly, and quite a long way from the cliff, so no danger is sensed, but a note is made to do somethin about it soon.

That was 1972.

Now, when we take our second look, we are horrified. The speed of the car is ten times faster than when we last looked, and we know that even if we hit the brakes hard now, a significant distance will be travelled before that car stops.

Question - is that distance sufficient for the car to stop before going over the edge?

In my estimate, it's definitely 'touch and go' which makes any further period of negotiating or delay, or watering-down definitely insane.

Please re-read the foregoing - no-one else is going to tell you.

What must we do - NOW?

The first thing we can do is forward this to EVERYBODY in our mailing list. We have to work as if we we are all one (which we are) for this to be successful.

The rest is easy.
All we need to do is to make sure that we personally do not contribute in any way to environmental destruction. We must research the things we buy, and avoid eco-destructive products and organisations. We must cease buying destructive products - TODAY.

We must think about each of our actions. If there is any way an action can be environmentally destructive, or even eventually lead to environmental destruction, then we just will not do it.

If we work for an environmentally destructive company, we will try to change our job - TODAY.

The level of destruction is not yet truly known, but all predictions are that many of our earth's natural systems have already been permanently disrupted.
Precious metsls were not spread around our planet for no reason, and also not for our own glutony - there is much more to this planet than people!

There is only one way to treat this message, and that is - very seriously.

Of couse there will be millions who will ignore the message, and still more who will never receive it, but I believe there are now enough intelligent people on the planet to be able to save ourselves.

I am sure that as soon as you read this you will feel that it is true, and you will feel that you would like to help.

You can.

Doing nothing is better than doing something destructive. So, if you are unable to make any positive contribution, then help by desisting from negative contributions.

We don't have to invent anything new - we just have to stop doing some of the things we do now. If we succeed, the lessons learned will result in a total reorganisation of society - with egotism and greed removed from our new paradigm.

We have reached a situation where:
"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

In our reorganised world, we will now realise the danger of allowing a few huge entrprises to manipulate our lives.

We will divide the earths surface into tiny units of five hundred people or so, and we will allow each group to manage itself in its own ubique way. Neighbouring groups will learn from each other and a new and better system will rapidly develop.

If a group finds it suitable to combine with an adjacent group, then so be it. Groups will gradually adjust themselves until suitable sizes and areas are found.
We feel that groups within similar bio-regions will often co-operate with each other.

For this to work, we need to be rid of all the trappings of war.
We must rid the planet of all weapons and dangerous devices. We are not going to kill anybody, or anything, so we do not need guns. Also, we no longer need a military for defence, although we do need some kind of disaster recovery unit, which is run totally independently of any central organisations.
Local help is best - note how China handled the huge earthquake in 2009.

We would also hope that the psychotics who currently devastate the earth's resources can also be rehabilited, and that through the power of love we can overcome the love of power.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Era

We all have differing views on UFOs and aliens, and for sure the information available is confusing. There is obviously a considerable amount of disinformation distributed as a result of the necessity to keep the whole topic under wraps. But it appears that the wrapping has run out, and we are all about to look inside.

This is ironically being called 'Disclosure'.
It is quite likely that there will be an announcement within a few days that UFOs and aliens do exist.

There is unlikely to ever be an announcement that the aliens are superior to ourselves both mentally and spiritually, and have grown out of their earthbound childhood days long ago. It is very doubtful that our illustrious leaders will kowtow to these far-superior beings, and no kowtowing will be demanded.

However, the superior logic and infinite love that these beings demonstrate will make most of our current efforts appear absolutely pathetic.

Once our eyes have opened, we will no longer be able put up with the childishly egotistical stupidity that has been controlling this planet for far too long.
War is peace..I ask you?
Unfettered killing of fellow beings is the factor which limits the ability of humans to progress - the vibrations are far too low. No-one can take off and fly when they are wearing concrete boots.

We have to clear the air - we have to know the truth - we have to allow our journalists to show us what they have seen.

The first thing that is required is a new TV service, which uses present technology, but totally ignores the old ideas. Anyone wanting the old ideas can stay with the old TV stations.
On these new TV stations, there are no regular presenters, no superstars, no hourly news, no actors, and literally millions of channels.

And all that is required in investment is a few dollars worth of switching machinery and software.

What am I talking about -

Yes, the ability to select from your own home, any one of the millions of on-line video cameras that now line our streets, and watch what is happening right now anywhere in the world. No need to listen to twerpy hustlers presenting their theories - we can form our own once we have the facts, and can get round all the photo shopping and video fakery, and get back to real life.

When we wish to observe aliens, we will have 57 channels to choose from, one for each alien species on earth, and each channel will automatically circulate through several hundred different cameras until one is selected. When we can see people being abducted from their own beds, see cows actually being mutilated, see a crop circle as it is actually being formed, see the technicalities of a UFO, watch aliens mating, ride in a UFO, and have a conversation with a kind and loving alien, then there is no need for all the propaganda and rabbitting that goes on in today's media - we no longer need to constantly have other people's views rammed down our throats. We will actively reject the mind control overtures, cut our ties completely with the regular propaganda channels, and only turn on 'Truth TV'.

Happy New Era.