Saturday, 4 October 2008

come on - wake up

Weggie says (4) "We have reached a stage in the evolution of society where the majority of people in the world are not happy with their government". The people feel that they are not represented by their government. This is another way of demonstrating insanity! If the government is supposed to represent the people, but the people feel that they are not being represented, then what exactly is government doing? It seems that those who form the government, overt and covert, consider themselves to be different to those whom they purport to represent. It appears today that government represents government, and there is absolutely no-one representing the people. The truth is that government has absolutely nothing to do with us. So we should all get together, and actively ignore all forms of government. If we work for the government, we must find other work, immediately. But meantime, we must take as much holiday and sick time as is possible. We know that our job will be gone soon anyway, because governments are no longer needed, so we should take all the time we can to make an effort to do something useful for the our planet and its inhabitants. If we are due to pay money to the government, we should put it off for as long as is outrageously possible. We must not fund unnecessary things, like governments. I say that governments are unnecessary, because as a result of increased communications, education, and a general rise in the levels of human consciousness, most planetary inhabitants have gained the amazing ability to govern themselves. So they do not need any other form of government. For the few who are unable to govern themselves, I am sure that the combined intellect of the Brotherhood of Man can find some way of supporting them. So come on - wake up If you are awake - you can govern yourself, and need no other form of government! Can you argue with that logic?
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