Monday, 19 November 2012

The idea of government is over.

End of Government
Many people have studied or experienced what might occur at the time of bodily death, and they feel they have a good grip on it. We know that life goes on, and that the body can be discarded like old clothes.

We were born to evolve, and this can occur only while the soul is manifest in a physical body. Time outside the body is wonderful, but never gets any better, so we become bored and decide to progress by reincarnating and taking further lessons.

The vibrations of our soul before conception seek a compatibly vibrating mother, and she chooses the father. The vibrations of our soul do not register pain or ill-health, so physical appearance of the body is a painful experience, completely misunderstood by today's forceps wielders.

 After birth our vibrations draw experiences of people and events towards us which provide answers to unasked questions. This increases our awareness, and continues to do so up to the point of death of the body. We can consider it as 'the little voice in the head', and can hear it urging us towards the highest vibration available within our present lifestyle. Some souls avoid this natural process by ignoring the voice of the higher soul, even though it speaks whenever asked.

Our incarnation is naturally drawn towards similar vibrations to our own, and when consciousness again becomes available, we find that all around us is helpful to us, though some are a little misguided. Rapid adjustment on our part is necessary to make a perfect fit within the environment into which we are born. We have spent nine months forgetting all that we knew, and now try to recall through childhood and adolescence.

Millions of individual earth-bound soul vibrations are adjusting and becoming more subtle each day as each individual begins to listen to the inner voice more frequently.

As more souls are now listening to their own inner voice, then more souls are realising that the time for the idea of government is over. Many little voices are now vibrating with the same song, the song of freedom. These voices know that freedom is not available whilst others try to take control of our lives.

These freedom-loving individuals have developed beyond the childish world of politics and war, and are ready for a life of love and cooperation. They are ready to leave the society of the insane, and to live a more sensible life, totally aligned with nature, and devoid of the machinations of socio-paths.

These people are not afraid of death, but would prefer to experience these new vibrations whilst in the same body, but the politicians, institutions and their cohorts are preventing this from happening.

So soon those who like to control the lives of others will become redundant with no redundancy pay. See self government.

When more people have raised their vibrations sufficiently to expect total freedom, we will laugh at the pretence that we are born to be governed by others. Once we have gained sufficient gumption to govern ourselves, we need no further government, thank you.

This will take a few months to come about, but is already in progress. The recent US election may not seem humorous to the inhabitants of US, but for sure the rest of us think it was one of the best comedies available. So much money spent on such tiny thinking.

If we end this incarnation as a loving person, we will be amongst loving people, and of course the corollary applies. This is where the concept of heaven and earth comes from, and the so-called judgement day that goes with them.

The problem with the judgement theory is that it precludes heaven from being here now, whereas we are told by Lao Tze in the Tao De Ching from four centuries before Christ in his infinite profundity that: "Eventually all people will speak of following nature".

Any judgement that is done is by one's own higher self, the little voice in the head. The more often we follow the advice of the 'voice', the higher our vibrations become, and again the corollary applies.
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