Thursday, 22 November 2012

Death of the Ego

When I began to study in order to try to better myself, I came across this concept of "The Death of the Ego", and it took me many years to come to grips with it, and then many more years to put those grips into action.

Simply put, the ego is an obstacle to be overcome.

The modern world promotes the ego as if it was of some benefit. The Buddha told us there was no self, but I believe what he called "self" two thousand five hundred years ago, we now call ego.

Most of our troubles in life are created by the ego. Many people build up the ego to such a point that it is impossible for them to live up to it, and then they suffer from mental problems, which in turn create other medical problems. If we were able to dispose of the ego, then all of these problems automatically disappear.

The personal problems created by errant egos are reflected in National and International problems. We have all witnessed the inflated egos of some nations, reflecting the minds and bodies of its citizens. Is an ego-less government a pipe-dream?

When we begin to ask ourselves "Why do I think like this?", and we begin to get answers, most of us feel self-humiliated, as our past behaviour always appears crass. Detailed examination of any of our own behaviour is humiliating, until the penny drops, and we realise that 'twas meant to be.

Once we have worked our way around or through the ego, we become free to listen to our inner voice, without self-created obstacles. Having surmounted our ego, we are able to keep it under control, and prevent it from interfering.

Whilst individualism is essential, mind-controlled individualism is undesirable, and unfortunately this is the type of individualism displayed by most people.
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