Friday, 14 December 2012

Be your own nurse

If you are in pain or discomfort, only one person in the world can have a true understanding of where and how it hurts. That person is not your doctor - that person is you, or the 'I'. 
If you become able to distinguish the 'I' from the body, then you can use the 'I' to be your personal full-time nurse, and to provide advice on healing the sick body. I often use mine that way, and she always gives the best advice.
 Please relax
 The first thing she says is "Please relax, and get into a comfortable sitting position with as straight a spine as is comfortable."
My body rebels against this, and wants to do all sorts of other things like playing with the computer or going out with my mates, or getting some exercise, but then 'I' tells my body that it is sick, and the most important thing is getting rid of that problem. Eventually, my body listens.

The nurse asks "How did the pain occur?".
Sometimes I can answer, and sometimes I can't - some things seem to spring out of nowhere while I am sleeping.

Five essentials
  The nurse reminds me of the five essentials.
1. Diet - have I been putting any stupid things into my body?

All that is necessary for a healthy body is:
- fruit, which should form the bulk of our diet.
- vegetables, preferably - green-leaved vegetables
- seeds
- nuts
- water
Anything else is unnecessary, and may lead to poor health.
2. Exercise - have I been doing a reasonable amount of applicable exercise? For those in pain, exercise is often impossible. But we can all move a hand or a foot OK, so we should do our best to exercise what we can without hurting ourselves.
3. Sleep - have I been getting sensible and regular sleep, at least six hours and preferably eight per night (nine or ten for teenagers) with some of that time before midnight?
4. Sunshine - have I been receiving a reasonable amount of sunlight, and not over or under-doing it?

5. Love - have I been generating any hatred or fear - am I failing to forgive myself?

If we have taken care of these, the problem will gradually go away of its own accord.
Ceasing to call it a problem
If it doesn't, then ceasing to call it a problem, and accepting it is the answer. This is a  difficult solution, but far more practical than filling ourselves with all sorts of weird untested medications. 
 Go with the flow
If we  cease trying to change things and go with the flow, we reduce our stress levels, and hence improve our health.
Remember, no matter what we think of any situation, it is the only way it can be, and is always perfect. 'Twas meant to be.

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