Thursday, 27 November 2008

So much stuff happening

There is just so much stuff happening at the moment that any kind of prediction or even plan is inevitably flawed. On the material plane, the balance of power is moving from the rich to the poor, as the necessity for more simple lives becomes apparent. On the mental plane, new technology, and revelations of previously secret technology are making keeping up to date an impossible task. On the spiritual plane, understandings are broadening - more of what was previously considered as fantasy is being accepted as reality, and the whole foundation upon which man's mind has been based is now sliding away like a tectonic plate, meanwhile being replaced by another plate sliding into the same place. We will be the same people, but standing in a different land, just as the founding fathers of America were over two hundred years ago. We have the benefit of seeing what worked, and what didn't work, and we can start all over again in a similar, but very different manner. There will be leaders. These will be the great thinkers who will construct a plan that they feel is the most suitable for mankind, given all that we have learned so far. But there will be far more contributors. The people at the new era design table will be from all advanced walks of life, and will include senior politicians, senior academics, senior healers, senior scientists, senior monks and clergy, senior permaculturists, and representatives of our alien visitors, all of whom will be giving their time and experience to design a new societal organisation. They will not be promoting the same values as the previous modern era. They will be promoting the love of nature, and embodying the wonders of the harmony of nature into the harmony of society. There will be no need for activist protests, as everyone will be an activist. The aims at all levels of decision making, and at all points of the planet, will be to attain the most advanced levels of evolution that man can reasonably agree upon. Our new advanced educational institutions will be places for advanced thought. The copying, duplication, or even lengthy study of other peoples thoughts will be seriously discouraged. Any plagiarism of thought will be only on the basis of advancing that thought, if the thinker feels that the logical conclusion has not yet been reached. Our foundations of thought will have changed, making all previous thoughts irrelevant. This is where the present press reports are not yet encouraging. They spend considerable time, trouble, typing and trees discussing nit-picking considerations, but rarely extending those considerations to their logical conclusion. The present flock of journalists is significantly short of visionaries. It is because these short-thinking propaganda producers are unable to see over or through the wall, that the thinking of the general populace is so limited. When we have a truthful and sincere investigative press, then everyone will understand far more of what is happening around them. The different levels of understanding will be brought much closer, along with the differences between class and affluence levels. So many thinkers are still limiting their thoughts by institutionalised prejudices, that the really higher levels of understanding are struggling to bud and blossom. If we can adopt the kind of frontier thinking that has naturally pushed man's evolution forwards, we can see that the world is our oyster, and that we have a blank page. There is nothing to prevent us from copying from the previous page, but it must be done carefully, with full and due consideration of the failures of the past era. We will realise that we share this planet not only with several different species of earthbound man, thousands of species of earthbound fauna and flora, and at least 57 species of visitors from other planets, galaxies, and the hollow earth, but also with billions of spiritual entities about which little or nothing is understood.. It is only when this information is publicly clarified and understood that we can begin to consider the best way for us all to live together in harmony. We will have moved past the situation where we will allow a few mischievous individuals to take over our power, and we will have moved towards the situation where we are able to truly utilise a greater potential of spirit. The Tibetan Llamas will contribute their knowledge of the control of mind over matter, and the methods required to gain these abilities will become publicly available. All the secret technology that has been kept under wraps by the military, and additional alien technology, will become publicly available. All the knowledge regarding methods, chemicals and devices that can cause interference in the spiritual electro-magnetic interfaces will be gathered, and certain "conveniences' abandoned. With less tension and less pressure, due to greater harmony and less power in more hands, fear will be removed, and we will slide comfortably into the era of love. It is only when a majority of people realise that not only is this a possibility, but is the most likely scenario, that we will begin to let go of our old fashioned ideas. Our new ideas will most likely include: No war. No armed forces. No central governments. Everyone understanding that they are a spirit. Ego and desire are being brought under control. The natural desire to help and be helped being fostered. The longevity of the human race being extended. Comments and criticisms please
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